Reader Reported Shootings/Shots Fired at 14th and R St, NW

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“Dear PoPville,

There were 4-6 shots fired sometime around 3:18 am this morning on the 1400 block of R St and Johnson Ave.

I am a resident of the block and heard the gunfire. I called it in and it looked as if there were some eyewitnesses outside, but since I only heard and did not see anything I stayed put inside. Anyway, units arrived around 3:22 and stayed for a while, but considering the shooting on 11/17, this seems like a new pattern of violence and crime on the block (one that already has a bad rap). Any additional information?”

I have put in an inquiry with MPD to see if they can share any info. Did anyone else hear/see anything?

Ed. Note: I believe MPD is close to making an arrest re: Thursday’s shooting at 14th and R St, NW and
MPD says they have “no record of any shooting at Petworth Metro” Saturday night.

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  • is thee some feud going on between these two neighborhoods?

  • One step forward, two steps back.

  • I, too, heard about 7 gunshots around 3:15 this morning and also live on the 1400 block of R Street. In fact, I was coming here to see if there was any more information. I heard sirens a few minutes later, but did not see anything outside of my window. Please keep us posted if you learn anything more.

  • I was walking my friend home after work last nigh., At the intersection of 15th and r st, I heard (what I counted) five gunshots. then witnessesed a newer model mustang (orange with white racing stripes, and md tags) fly up R st, then head north on 15th. I told the cops what car it was

    • I don’t have too much experience as a criminal, but this seems like a foolish vehicular choice for an inconspicuous getaway…

  • I wonder if this recurring crime hot spot will impact the pricing of units at the new PN Hoffman project at 14th & R.

    • you don’t really think that it will, do you?

    • Yeah, I’m slowly adjusting to DC after having lived in more established urban centers (Bos/NY). I have slowly learned to convert everything to DC standards when talking to people here.

      I can’t think of a comparable neighborhood in Bos,Chi,SF,NYC, where you see as much yuppie hype/excitement amid such high crime/blight. People in those cities would talk about 14th Street the way people in DC regard H Street. An up and coming neighborhood, that has a lot of good things going for it, but hasn’t quite arrived yet. Not the prime area for high end condo development.

      • welcome. i hope you come to like.
        dc is unlike any other city.

      • Huh?

        NYC has a bunch of nice neighborhoods with tons of sketchy public housing nearby. SF – heard of TenderLoin? Even the Mission to a lesser extent, very expensive housing and people are always getting stabbed or shot there.

        • I’ve never heard anyone call the Tenderloin a “nice neighborhood.”

          • lol true. I guess i meant more there are really nice neighborhoods nearby and it isn’t cheap to rent in the loin itself…

        • The difference is nobody would call the Tenderloin or Bushwich one of the premiere urban streets in their cities.

          14TH street/”Mid-City” is often hyped-up as an example of the new, exciting, vibrant DC (the SOHO of DC, etc). If you compare to comparable yuppie areas in NYC or Boston (SOHO,Greenwich Village, South End, etc), you will find a lot less violent crime (on a per capita basis) then 14th and U Street. Now there are obviously far worse areas in Bos and NYC than 14th and U. But, in general crime is more of an issue in DC than those other cities.

          Just an observation based on my experiences in 3 different cities.

      • I can think of a number of neighborhoods in NYC – Bushwick, Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights – where the yuppies have invaded but the sketchiness and crime remains. If you venture beyond the confines of Manhattan below 96th St. these areas are pretty easy to find.
        The real difference between people in NYC and people in DC is that people in NYC don’t consider a couple of low-rise Section 8 buildings to be “the projects.” If you think the area of 14th and R is “blighted” you really need to get out more.

        • Bushwick, Bed Stuy, and Crown Heights don’t have anywhere near the saturation of businesses catering to gentrifiers. In fact those three neighborhoods put together have exactly one restaurant that attracts wealthy people from other areas.

        • +1 Exactly!

          “The real difference between people in NYC and people in DC is that people in NYC don’t consider a couple of low-rise Section 8 buildings to be “the projects.” If you think the area of 14th and R is “blighted” you really need to get out more.”

          That is what I was trying to say on this topic last week but I got accused of bigotry (still scratching my head on that one)

      • Interesting to hear an outside perspective.

  • It’s so weird…I’m still kind of new to the area, and even still more new commuting from MD, and I drive through this intersection everyday. You would never guess from the way it looks that it’s dangerous (or at least has recently been a hot spot of shootings).

  • Still one of the better articles on this intersection even though it’s a year old. There’s another interesting one on 17th and Euclid in the City Paper archives.

    • OMG, just makes me want to vomit at my desk. “Our neighborhood?” Makes me want to move anywhere but DC, or refuse to pay my state income tax.

      I actually work with a chinese guy, same thing happened to him when he tried to live at Fort Totten. Punks broke his nose. Ended up moving to Maryland.

      Too bad there isn’t more interest in large protests outside these places to send a strong message that we won’t tolerate violence like this.

  • You can blame Jim Graham for working really hard to keep the section 8 buildings here.

    Don’t kid yourselves – if the owners of those crime magnets were able to go market rate the crime rate would drop like a rock on the block!

    • The shootings? Most certainly.

      Embezzelment, bribery and insider trading would hit unprecendented levels however.

      Crime is not a poor mans game.

      A poor man who steals your money is a mugger. A rich man who steals your money is a banker.

  • yah…Section 8 housing is the reason….if you go on craiglist they are advertising for apts with $ restrictions

  • Bammers from PG at it again. So cool that a PoP reader (aka secret agent) got the details on the perp’s car! Hope you got the license plate number too. Wonder if some sort of cross boundary gang task force will even take the report seriously and investigate….

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