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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: At work
    Rave: At least I can get caught up on stuff since no one else in the office.
    Rave: Nice weather
    Rave: Gravy

  • Rant: Just went to my bank to cash a check and get twenty ones; the teller said he had only enough ones to give me five. A bank with only five ones? Seriously?

    Rave: BEAUTIFUL weather at the end of November!

  • Rave: empty streets, quiet office.
    extra rave: made that sweet potato gratin from smitten kitchen that someone wrote about here, and it was truly amazing.

    Sad: found an entire, uncooked, naked turkey sitting in the alley on Thanksgiving morning. i guess someone was having a bad day. i hope their day ended better than it began.

  • Shared raves/rants with What and Early-Byrd:

    Rant: At work
    Rave: Hoping I can get caught up
    Rave: Unseasonably nice weather! Must remember to go outside today at lunchtime.

    Other raves:

    Rave: This site is up and running today! I was worried PoP would be taking a vacation.

    Rave: Great food and company yesterday! And I didn’t have to cook.

    Rave: Tasty leftovers awaiting me today.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Uh-oh it’s def. an abbreviated schedule today! 🙂 Back to a normal schedule on Monday. Hope everyone had a great meal!

  • Rant: I too am at work.

    Rave: I’m not really doing much work.

    Rave: Still two days off after today.

    Rant: Verizon Internet. You’ve been so good to me until this year. Now you’re awful.

  • Rave: Everything is nice and calm at the office – a great day to not use up leave!

    Rant: The office is too quiet – of my three office mates who are here, one is the one who demands near-silence at all times; she can’t stop us talking about work stuff of course but anything else is pretty much verboten. Though somewhat bullying, it’s manageable on a normal day, since technically we aren’t here to chat (and it’s a little hard to complain about to the boss: “Waaaah – she won’t let us sit around and bulls*t and tell jokes!”) but on a day like today, it would be have a little fun and be a little nore relaxed. Oh well.

  • Rave: Not at work!
    Rave: No traffic in town today!
    Rave:70% off a Michael Kors purse and 80% off a Coach purse for my sister at the outlets today but most other sales were just meh.

  • Rant: Travel office dropped the ball – big time.
    Rave: Embassy that opened just to release my passport and give me a visa!!!
    Rave: Glad I came in today.

  • rave: DC during holiday weekends and the great weather!

    rant: My boyfriend’s family is visiting him, and they are annoying. I swear it’s like they are living in the 1950’s.

    rave: I don’t have to see them anymore the rest of the weekend

  • Rave: Planning to spend the long weekend finally getting caught up on a long list of things, from work projects to laundry.

    Rant: Having a hard time getting going, thanks no doubt to eating pumpkin pie for breakfast.

  • Rave: Met the boyfriend’s family for the first time yesterday – I actually had a great time!

    Rave: Tried the new Meatballs spot in Penn Quarter today. The lentil meatballs are delicious and we practically had the place to ourselves!

    Rant: The sun is super bright today and I forgot my sunglasses while I went out for lunch. I feel a migraine coming on. Does anyone else get a killer headache from bright lights?

  • saf

    Raves, all raves today:
    Lovely dinner yesterday!
    Kitchen is all clean!
    Lights are going up!

  • R&R: A couple days ago, heater blower died, no defrost no heat. After scouring the internet finally found the ancient service manuals in a zip file with the detailed troubleshoot checklist and circuit diagram. After tracing the circuit on this fine autumn day, checking fuses, monitoring for voltage, I diagnosed it as a problem with the ignition switch. Sure enough, jiggle the slightly loose ignition switch and, boom, blower motor working again. Seems odd they’d connect a blower motor wire directly to the ignition.

  • Rave: Gorgeous walking weather, peace and quiet in the hood (no leaf blowers, honking, etc.), tons of parking and Thanksgiving leftovers that taste even better the day after. Bliss.

  • Fabulous bike ride with my little one from Peirce Mill to the zoo today! We may do this every time from now on, and avoid the zoo parking scrum.

  • I just moved from DC and miss the hell out of it. Too much loss this year, and that includes my city. Just got too expensive and too hard to find work.

  • Rant: The trots!!!
    I knew I shouldn’t have eaten those damn stuffed shrimp appetizers!!

  • RANT: The new National Christmas Tree is UGLY.

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