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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: The Watch the Throne (Jay- Z and Kanye) concert last night was GREAT!!

  • me

    Rant: Husband is going out of town this weekend to visit his parents down south

    Rave: I don’t have to go with him, and so I get to catch up with some friends that I’ve been sorely neglecting for the past couple of busy months 🙂

    Rave 2: It’s FRIDAY! Happy Friday, PoPVille!

    Rant: I’ve been having some crazy-ass dreams lately, causing me to wake up a few times and therefore not be quite as rested as I’d like. But, there’s always time for a nap this weekend.

  • Rave: It was a beautiful morning today! Nice and mild which made for a pretty and peaceful walk with the dogs-my favorite way to start the day 🙂

    Rant: Saw a guy cursing and obviously very angry by his car. When I got closer I saw that his car had been broken into. He told me it was the second time in a month that it had been broken into and that he “thought this was a safe neighborhood-obviously not”. Felt bad that his morning had such a crappy start. Never a fun feeling to have someone violate your space.

    • Not to place blame on the victim but he sounds ignorant to an unfortunate reality, people/ a crackhead will break in your car for the littlest thing that may be of value; is he leaving something in plain sight? Did they steal anything? People normally just break into cars just to do it and not take anything (normally that is). Leave nothing in your car. That does suck though.

      • Not cool to blame the victim.

        • don’t pay into that game.

        • I am not blaming him. I am simply saying, take steps to protect yourself and your property. Don’t be stupid. If you don’t want your laptop stolen, don’t leave it in the front seat while you aren’t there. That is it.

          • And the original post had no indication whatsover that he did leave things in the car. Your post was not nice. If anything, you added to the destructive nature of the crime.

          • Please note that I asked “Is he leaving anything in plain sight?” How was my post “not nice”. DC isn’t nice. I am a very nice person and trying to hip you/him up on what it is. Take it or leave it.

            LOL @ “not nice”. I guess that wasn’t very nice either. Oh well…

        • +1 — not cool to blame the victim, esp. since we don’t know anything about:

          1) whether he left anything in plain sight
          2) whether he didn’t leave anything in plain sight but there were suction-cup marks on the window
          3) whether there was nothing in plain sight AND no suction-cup marks on the window

        • Don’t “Herman Cain” the victim

      • I wonder if they take a chance based on the very likely possibility that there’s something of value in the glove compartment. I don’t leave stuff out, and I always remove evidence of it (wiping the suction cup mark off the windshield and hiding the iPod cable) but I still leave my GPS and iPod hidden inside the car. A savvy thief would proably know that’s what most of us do.

        • I would guess that most would move on to easier targets but to your point, I am sure if it is a nice car in a nice neighborhood a theif may very well take that chance. But I can tell you this, if they had to choose between the two, they are taking the obvious. Sucks that we live in a society like it is but it is what it is. One has to smart about what they do.

        • austindc

          You should always put your car in an airtight container and hang it from a tree at least six feet away from the trunk and 15 feet off the ground. Or, wait. . . okay, I’m thinking of bears.

    • What was stolen? Did he leave something out? Or maybe it was the airbags? It doesn’t matter how safe your neighborhood is, thieves do not discriminate and will break in anywhere. I once lived in a gated condo community and someone broke into our parking garage and stole everyone’s airbags.

  • Hey, the old Giant on 9th and O is all fenced in now. Does anyone know if there’s going to be a dramatic implosion or something really cool, and if so when? and if so, who’s up to tailgate it?

    • me

      Ooh, I am! I tailgated for the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium years ago in Pittsburgh. I know this wouldn’t be on the same scale, but I’d be a lot closer this time around. Fun stuff!

    • As cool as that would be, they don’t do implosions in DC. Something about the FBI and Secret Service not wanting that much dynamite trucking through town. I was sorely disappointed a few years ago when I was invited to a demolition ceremony and it was only a backhoe and a bulldozer.

      It totally sucked.

  • Revel: Leaving for China tomorrow for business trip. Wondering, where is the best biergarden in Beijing?

    • The best outdoor beer garden is in Haidian District, just off the wudaokou stop, behind the French looking Korean bakery. Might not be open if the weather turns cold.

  • On a late night stroll through G’town last night I noticed small stars (8in by 8in?) attached to the side of a lot of the homes. Anyone know what these are?

  • Rave: NoMa as a neighborhood name/metro stop. Mostly ’cause I find it kinda funny.

    Rant: When people say CoHi instead of Columbia Heights. Eww.

    Double Rant: CaBi instead of Capital Bikeshare or just “bikeshare.” Bleh.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Agree and add Rant: AdMo for Adams Morgan.

      • For some reason AdMo doesn’t bother me. I think because it somehow sounds like a more intuitive abbreviation to me. Who knows.

        • I was planning on ranting about NOMA. I think it’s completely stupid since most people–ok, me, myself and I—don’t really have a clue where/what that is. I bet most tourists don’t. Not saying that someday the area will not rise to the occasion of being a SoHo. I hope it does.

          • tourists and many washingtonians don’t necessarily know where eckington is, and yet it still is.

          • But it’s not the name of a metro stop, which I think should give some indication of a landmark or well-known street.

          • soozles,
            ah. like van ness? or congress heights? how about morgan boulevard?

            all places people know very well.

    • What is NOMA? I always think of Northern Maryland and well, it’s not northern….

    • I’m not crazy about NoMA, but “Northern Massachusetts (Avenue)” is really long and awkward to say, so a nickname of some sort if needed.

  • Rant: “Slow down! You are posting to Quickly”

    Rave: I get to find out the gender of my baby next week!!!

    • Sex. You get to find out the sex. You won’t find out the kid’s gender til he/she hits puberty.

      Oh, and congratulations! Very exciting.

      • Ehh, cut Anonymous a break. In common parlance, people use “gender” to mean “sex” (in part because people sometimes feel uncomfortable with the word “sex,” as it means “sexual intercourse” as well as “biological sex”).

        Only in academic circles (and in the LGBT community, to differentiate between biological sex and self-identified gender) do the two mean something different.

        • “Only in academic circles (and in the LGBT community, to differentiate between biological sex and self-identified gender) do the two mean something different.”

          And how do you know the baby won’t be an academic and/or part of the LGBT community? Or that the parent isn’t already (save for the misuse of the word gender)? Never too early to make someone feel at home in their own skin! I mean, why not?

        • Yeah, the point, as CHSC made, is that respecting LGTB individuals in their own identities will require a little bit of adjustment on everyone’s part. Recognizing the difference between sex and gender and using the terms correctly is one of those little adjustments. The common parlance assumes that everyone’s gender is interchangeable with their sex. That is not the case, and as a society, we’re moving closer to de-stigmatizing the fact. Let’s keep that ball rolling!
          As for not being comfortable with the term “sex”… what are we, 12? We can talk about every other aspect of sexuality in increasingly vulgar terms, but we can’t use the right word for the physical fact of genital arrangement? *giant eyeroll*

          • The dictionary still defines gender and sex as interchangeable. I’m all for acceptance, but perhaps you’re over complicating something that ultimately the child will unlearn (if they ever understood it at all) when they are among their peers who are saying “boys have a penis and girls have vagina.” Life is complicated enough for kids, and I’m pretty sure they’re not going to understand anything above that.

            That said, however my child wants to indentify themselves when they’re ready to make that decision, I’m ok with.

        • austindc

          I too use “gender” to mean “sex” (as in,”I had mind-blowing gender last night”).

      • You’re right. She totally should’ve said “We get to find out what the 23 chromosome pairing of our baby is.”

      • Thank you, thank you, and thank you! As a former women’s studies major this oh-so-common incorrect use of gender drives me batty!

        That said, I understand that most people were not women’s studies majors, so when every media outlet that exists misuses the term it is quite understandable that everyone else does too.

        As the World Health Organization so eloquently puts it:

        “Sex” refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women.

        “Gender” refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.

        To put it another way:

        “Male” and “female” are sex categories, while “masculine” and “feminine” are gender categories.

        WDC – Will you be my friend???

        • ^ Why I dislike women’s studies majors.

          If my kids turned out to be transgendered I’d say “Sorry we’ve been calling you the wrong gender all this time!” I don’t think he/she is going to care if we’ve been using the correct terminology.

        • I would simplify even further:

          Sex is biologically defined, whereas gender is culturally defined.

  • Rant: Bieber Baby-Gate

  • I think I may know why so many alleys are home to abandoned mattresses: the city requires that they be wrapped in plastic for bulk pickup. Which is stupid. They’re just going in a landfill; why do we need to add a bunch of plastic, too? Do we care if landfills get bedbugs?

    *Sigh* Where am I going to get appropriate plastic wrapping for this old mattress??

  • Rant: My boss. I’ve simply become resigned to her passive aggressive ways. That sucks.

    Rave: Still love my clients and the work that I have chosen.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Coffee I bought this morning isn’t very tasty.

    Rave: Caffeine is good.

    Rave: The place I ordered books from yesterday (Popek’s Used and Rare Books) is throwing in a bonus book!

    • I always thought caffeine wasn’t good (for health reasons), but wikipedia suggested that’s not the case. Maybe I’ll start drinking coffee one of these days…

  • Rave: Spicy Mocha from Caribou Coffee.

    Rant: Made the mistake of looking up the nutrition information beforehand.

    Rave: Moving tomorrow!

    Rant: Way too many nice cars on the roads during my commute. A few days ago I was driving behind a Maserati. All I see when sharing the road with those cars is me hitting one, dollar signs and a comic image of me pulling the empty liners of my pockets. Don’t need that stress in my morning! 😛

  • got into an argument with a coworker this week and I said to her “instead that the kettle calling the pot black?”

    she emailed me later w/ a cc to her supervisor stating I had made a racial comment to her. When I sent her info on what the term meant (wikipedia) she informed me that I was harrassing her.

    Really? Honestly this is the first time I have been called a racist (btw I’m hispanic); and I am shocked that she went there! The accusation does not make me feel good, especially when what I said has nothing to do w/ race.

    • welcome to america.

    • me

      Oh for pete’s sake. Political correctness has gone a little too far, if you ask me. I once commented on how pretty a coworker’s necklace was (she is about 45 years old, I’m a married 30-something woman) and she complained to my supervisor that she felt uncomfortable with me saying that, since it meant that I had stared at her cleavage. Um… what???

      • whoa, seriously?!

        • me

          Yeah. HR told me that it has nothing to do with whether or not something is objectively offensive, but whether or not a person is subjectively made uncomfortable by something. So, I could smile at someone and say “Good morning,” but if that made the other person uncomfortable in some strange way, I’d still be on the hook for it. Which I think is absolutely ridiculous. I know that people are offended or made uncomfortable by different degrees of things, but that’s a little bit too much. So, I just avoid her now.

    • Didn’t this also happen on a season of The Apprentice?

    • I really can’t stand it when people claim that because they are a minority, they are incapable of racism. No, your comment was not even a little bit racist, and your coworker is an idiot (or at least ignorant of an everyday turn-of-phrase), but who cares that you’re Hispanic? How is that relevant? I know plenty of Hispanics who are racist toward black people and certainly vice versa. White folks don’t have exclusivity on racism.

      That said, watch your back. People have been fired from their jobs for using niggardly in the correct and proper sense because it offends some moron who doesn’t know the word means cheap or stingy. If your coworker makes a big enough stink, I bet it won’t matter to HR what color your skin is when they fire you because an idiot was offended.

      • What All the Bacon and Eggs said (pretty much).

        Using the expression “that’s the pot calling the kettle black” isn’t remotely racist, but logic doesn’t seem to apply when accusations of racism come in. People can get fired/disciplined/reprimanded for bogus things as well as valid ones.

    • Cover your ass now. Document every interaction with this person. Save e-mails and keep a log of conversations (time place, content, and include as many quotes as possible). Seriously, if things come to a head, you will need to protect yourself. I have done this at work on more than one occasion, and I have advised my wife to do the same.

      Many workplaces have become minefields of political correctness, and it doesn’t take much for someone to take offense and claim harassment.

      • I know it sounds crazy but I carry one of those digital voice recorders around in my front shirt pocket, one of those tiny USB flash recorders that records a couple hundred hours of voice. I turn it on when I go to work, off when I leave. I then upload the files to my PC at the end of the week.

        I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years. It started when this crazy loon chick at the office decided she wanted to hit on my (happily married guy who is also a dept director). She was not taking my gentle “no” very well and a coworker warned me to start saving all the emails/communication she was sending me in the event it went poorly. I’m glad I started recording everything because 2 months later after multiple “no’s” she decided to go to HR and file a claim I had been harrasing her.

        While the company lawyer told me privately the recordings weren’t admissable in a court of law, she turned white when told I had the recordings and immediately retracted her claim and quit the same day after he played her a few clips.

        Seriously folks..they cost like 40 bucks and hold weeks worth of recordings. The world has become a ridiculous place and you have to be prepped for it.

        • You realize you may be breaking the law by recording people without their knowledge, right?

          • Hence the “not admissable in a court of law”, but if it is between me losing my high paying career and family over someone being “creeped out” that something they said in public was recorded, too bad for you.

            All women have to do nowadays is make a claim. It doesn’t require validation or proof and all of a sudden someone elses life changes forever.

            PS, I think Herman Cain is a lying d-bag.

          • I’m glad you said “may be breaking the law” instead of “are breaking the law,” because you’re incorrect. DC is a one-party consent state when it comes to recording if you’re the subject–which certainly as the victim of sexual harassment, he was.

            In the District of Columbia, an individual may record or disclose the contents of a wire or oral communication if he or she is a party to the communication, or has received prior consent from one of the parties, unless the recording is done with criminal or injurious intent. A recording made without proper consent can be punished criminally by a fine of no more than $10,000 or imprisonment for no more than five years, or both. D.C. Code Ann. § 23-542.

        • Creepy and illegal.

          • I have been in the same position as Recorder. A woman at work was interested in me, and I rebuffed her advances. Eventually, she went to HR and claimed that I had harassed her. Unfortunately, I had not taken the same protections that Recorder had.

            There are crazy people out there who will hurt you. You may get along with 99% of your colleagues, but all it takes is one person to screw you. And you cannot count on your company’s HR department to make the right decision. Beware.

        • It’s legal in DC, but a crime in MD. Don’t know about VA. Be very careful that you don’t ruin your career by facing criminal charges in an attempt to save your career.

        • this is illegal

        • This is a violation of U.S. Federal law, and the District of Columbia falls under Federal Jurisdiction. People may not realize that the District is the only place outside of the U.S. ilitary where Federal laws apply by default.

          The relevant law is 18 U.S.C § 2511. The Justice Dept. offers an abbreviated explanation here:


    • Hmmm well if you got into an argument, maybe she was just pissed and looking for retaliation?

      • Honestly, she makes the rounds of hating people. Just a few weeks before me she hated her supervisor and complained to ME about it.

        I agree w/ you all about racism and other races…it happens.

        She has been targeting me for about two weeks now. She screamed at me last week b/c in a data clean up page I send once a week I put a comment that she said was “personal”. Seriously the comment was something along the lines of “this person’s identification number is wrong”. She complained, my boss came to me I read the comment to her and she was “huh?”

        Yesterday I sat w/ her supervisor and went over some complaints she made saying I was targeting her; and I showed her the factual information. Her supervisor said “the facts are facts, she is wrong.”

        Even though I have proven myself, it still feels yucky to be called a racist. 🙁

    • I second what bacon and eggs says about the irrelevance of your background.

      That being said, if I were in your shoes I’d take immediate action to state my case . If you haven’t already done so, make the facts of this exchange known to your supervisor.

  • Rave: Got a call from a recruiter from a totally unexpected company about a cool position. Yay!!

    Rant: Now the forbidden dance begins…

  • Rant: I have gotten zero work done this morning because my husband is distracting!

    Rave: I have a handsome husband who is so damn distracting!

  • Rant: About a month ago DC put up new parking signs on the 700 Block streets in CH limiting parking to 2 hours 7am-10pm (zone 1 holders exempt). The idea was to deter students from using residential areas for parking and to keep drug dealers from other areas out of the neighborhood. The program only works if parking partols actually come by but they don’t even if you call and request it with 10+ out of state cars on your block for most of the day. Help!?

  • Rave: It took me less than a hour to change my MN license to a DC license.

    Rant: It took three trips to get it done. Didn’t know I had to go to M st. (I will eat that one), I get there and they are closed on Mondays. I come back the next day and find out that I need a utility bill or cable bill (I thought a federal paycheck would be enough but I was wrong). Would have taken a 4th trip but they let me slide without my SSC (they used the federal papers with my SSN on it).

    • Where are from, specifically? I have family in MN.

    • If you had looked at their website, you could have found out all of these things before you even left home….

      • Yeah, it’s not like it’s Virginia where you can bring in everything specified on the website and they’ll STILL reject it.

        And then when you come back you with three more different proofs of residency they reject all of those. A

        nd when you finally come back with a fake rental agreement, which they accept, you can’t get your license because their system is down.

        And when you come back again they say there’s a hold on your account for a Fairfax County parking ticket you never got, that Fairfax County confirms never existed and therefore cannot remove the hold on.

        And when you finally get that resolved they say that they need the electronic title from the bank who did your automobile loan, even though you paid off the loan years ago and have the paper ttitle to prove it, and the bank has no idea what they’re talking about and can’t provide it anyway.

        And when you finally get that all straightened out the VA DMV’s system is down again… but after 3 or 4 months and countless trips and phone calls to the DMV you finally accomplish a goal that would take you 40 minutes in DC.

        Getting my license/registration swtiched to VA was, hands down, the most painful thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

      • Yep. So you better eat all of them.

  • Rant: Next week I’ll be leaving DC. This town has kicked my ass up and down, and I’ve finally decided I just can’t make it here. I’ll be sad to leave my friends, but hopefully this will be a new, positive chapter in my life. I certainly need after what’s been hands-down the worst year of my life (seriously…you wouldn’t believe it if I told you).

    Rave: Won the caption contest. At least I’ll have a t-shirt as a reminder of The Beautiful Life. Will see you at Meridian Pint next week, PoP, and will be happy to meet you on my way out.

    • I know how you feel! I left my hometown last year for the same reasons. All signs pointed to me needing to leave. Not saying it was the best move of my life, but in the end it was probably an overall improvement.

      Where are you going?

    • I felt the same way about leaving Northern Virginia for DC.

    • stay! c’mon, DC can’t be that bad… you can make it… it’s NYC that has the song, “if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere” and NYC is a real kick in the ass.. DC isn’t so bad.. don’t give up

      • ABE has already given up.

        Mountain climbing isn’t for everyone.

        • but DC isn’t really mountainclimbing… a slight steep in the hill maybe.. good luck to ABE, DC will miss you even if you don’t miss her

        • No, I just realized this town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It has an inflated sense of itself and its own worth. It has mean-spirited people who root for the entire country to fail. It has redeeming people and redeeming qualities, but it’s toxic for me. I’m not giving up. I’m moving home to start a business in a part of the country that needs it more than DC. DC will get along fine without me, and I’ll get along better without it.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and I’m having dinner with my mom!

    Rant: I have a horrible sore throat, but can’t take off work due to lack of PTO/sick days and the fact that I’m covering for someone who is on vacation. Hope I don’t get anyone else sick.

  • Rave: Free hotel room this weekend in Hershey, PA. Never been there but have always wanted to check it out. I plan to eat nothing but chocolate for the next 2 days.

    Rant: We can put a man on the moon but we haven’t yet developed a tasty calorie-free, fat-free chocolate. Grrrr

  • Wow. Sorry that you have had such a rough year but here’s to you and the next chapter in your life. Hope it’s a Beautiful Life. Peace.

  • Rant: So, so, so sleepy after a night camped out on the living room floor while our bedroom is a dismantled construction zone.

    Double Rant: Cats and said living room floor sleeping arrangement. I know they love me, but why in the world of kitty rationalization is there a need to hang out near my sleeping face in the wee hours of the morning? Woke up in a panic around 3AM because kitty whiskers feel quite similar to the feet of creepy crawlers when you don’t know a cat is sitting 3 inches away from your nose.

    Rave: Construction should be done tonight and I know that it will look beautiful!

    Double Rave: Not having to wake up on contractor crew schedule tomorrow! Sleeping in will be amazing.

    • It’s simple. They’re cold, you’re warm. Or more specifically, you’re blowing hot air. I had a cat who loved to do the same…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your cat is smarter than mine. She loves to sleep by my feet, but I kick in my sleep. You would think that after 12 years of being kicked every single night she would learn, but she is stubbornly stupid.

  • Rant: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and it’s taking all my energy not to take it out on my co-workers.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I have very little I have to do this weekend so hopefully I can relax and come to work refreshed on Monday.

  • Rave/Rant: Setting a date to quit my job. This way, I can rebuild my self-esteem, my confidence and my sanity. Life is too short for this nonsense, so try and convince me otherwise as to why I should stay in this horrible place.

    Rant: I have some savings but not sure how long they will last as they will almost all go to rent.

    Rave: Going to the Big Apple this weekend. Halle-freaking-lujah.

    • I wouldn’t try to convince you otherwise. It’s obvious you’ve been pretty miserable at that job. Good luck with the self-restoration!

    • Maybe if you’re going to quit your job and must rely on savings to get by, you shouldn’t be blowing money in NY this weekeend?

      • Well, interestingly enough, I am not blowing money in NY this weekend. I am helping a friend pick out IKEA furniture as she just moved into a new apartment. I am bringing a nice bottle of wine to thank said friend for hosting me so we don’t have to go out and spend money to get drunk in the city tonight – we’ll just get drunk in her apartment. The only thing I may be blowing money on is a nice Sunday brunch in the city which will be under $20 for mimosas and an entree. But, thanks for the advice.

        • How are you getting there? Not denying that NYC can be a cheap trip if you do it right, but with the wine and transportation and brunch and so forth it’s still going to be more epxensive than a typical weekend in DC. Who needs help picking out IKEA furtniure anyway? It’s all basically the same.

          • not really. i’m sure needneewjob can take care of her own finances, people. she didn’t ask for opinion on that so not sure why y’all seem determined to give it to her… and maybe neednewjob just wants to get out of this city for a second and see her friend. Have a blast!

    • I totally understand wanting to leave your job given your unhappiness but please don’t set yourself up to learn the time-tested lesson that one should never quit a job without having another one to go to. Not a lecture; just sincere advice from a well-wisher. Extended unemployment will do nothing to restore your sanity or self-worth. Best of luck and I hope you find the right job soon!

      • +1. Best of luck!

      • Agreed.

        It’s bad if a job is sapping your morale, etc., and I was once very tempted to quit a job for this reason… but you don’t know how long it’ll take you to find a new job, especially in this economy.

        Also… not sure if you were planning on continuing your health insurance with COBRA, but that’s pretty expensive. IMO, another reason to stay put where you are until you can jump ship to another job.

        • I had to quit a job because they caught on that I was sneaking off to interviews all the time. I would try my best to schedule them outside of work hours, but most potential empoyers couldn’t accomodate that request. Really, you need a solid 40 hours (or more) a week to job hunt, if you’re serious about it, so you can’t really do that and work at the same time.

          That said, I was still stuck with a 4-month period of unemployment before I finally did get an offer. I was very busy with interviews, searching for openings, attending hiring events, and so forth, but it was a strain financially. And this was in 2006 when the economy was a lot better. So be prepared with savings.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Agree. If work sucks that badly, you can quit without a new job lined up, but you have to be smart about it. I did it in 2006 and got a job in 2 months, but I think it would be more difficult now.

    • Good for you! A friend of mine who got laid off last year has had a good experience working through a temp agency while she looks for a permanent job — it’s definitely something to consider if you’re worried about your finances. The people at her temp job also love her and occasionally fight over who gets to have her, so I think it’s also been a positive thing for her ego. I hope everything works out for you!

    • Not that you have any reason to take advice from a complete stranger, but here goes:

      Unless your current job is so horrible that it is making you physically sick, stick it out until you have another job lined up. I know how rough it is to be in a crappy job, but in this economy I would suggest holding on until you have something else. Being unemployed for a long stretch would be way, way worse.

      Put all your efforts into finding a new job and soon enough, you’ll find something.

      • Ok, but how do you justify mysteriously disappearing from your current jos for 2-10 hours every week for interviews? Even if it’s a phone interview, that still means stepping away to someplace quiet and discrete for an hour or two.

        • That’s why they invented doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, lunch dates, etc. Sure, you need a little autonomy at your job to make this work, but I’ve done it multiple times and no one was the wiser. That said, if you’re working a job where you punch a clock, it gets harder.

  • Did anyone by chance see a Jeep Grand Cherokee get vandalised betweeen Q and P on 15th St last night? I went to my car this morning to find my passenger window shattered by an attempted break-in. All for an iPod and a sunglass case… HAPPY FRIDAY!

  • Rant: The Halloween shootings. The kids involved in that Georgetown dispute need to start taking pride in something other than their neighborhoods. Education, athletics, extra-curricular accomplishments, whatever, but not over the few blocks where they live and where others don’t. That and there needs to be less access to guns.

  • rave: FRIDAY

    rave: FotoWeek

    rave: boss leaves town next week

  • Rave: My 35 year-old shwinn varsity. She’s probably been in DC a long time (Craigslisted), and I’m defeinitely not her first guy. She’s basically unbreakable, cheap to maintain, gets me around.

    Rant: The guys at Revolution Cycles in Gtown made fun of her for being old and not pretty, and said they wouldn’t let me buy the expensive brakes because my bike wasn’t worth the money.

    • Go to bicyclespace http://www.bicyclespacewdc.com/ They’ve been very nice to me and my 33+ year old Takara.

      • austindc

        Second the Bicycle Space recommendation. I will never go to another bike store in DC now that I have been there. They are unbelievably nice and patient and honest. It seems like their only goal in life is to get everyone on a comfy bike. Good prices too!

    • I’ve had two Schwinn Varsities in my life and loved them both. The first was bright yellow that I got in 6th grade. Then I got a bigger one that was green. I think the other color you could get was brown (this was in the mid-70s).

  • Rave: The Stress Reliever truck is at Metro Center. One of the best trucks out there when it comes to the food/value and taste. So gooooooood!!!!

  • Seriously, that ‘you are posting comments too quickly’ bug has GOT to be fixed.

  • Rave: FRIDAY! And Mr. On the Hill’s two weeks of crazy work hours ended yesterday — looking forward to seeing him while I’m actually awake.

    Rant/Rave: Heading to a friend’s wedding next weekend (rave!) and will thus be out of town for the PoP Anniversary Party (rant).

  • Rant: The increasing misuse of the word ‘concerning’ (a preposition) as an adjective.

    Incorrect: although the idea of it being a target for robbery is a little concerning…
    Correct: What happens a block or two away, however, is of great concern to me.

    I partly blame Sarah Palin.

    Rant : The people who excuse such things by saying that language evolves. Not on my lawn, it doesn’t!

    Revel: The English language is a beautiful thing and, yes, I realize it does change over time.

  • Rave: The Godleski family is suing DC for 20 million dollars in a wrongful death suit.

    • rant: this is a ridiculous lawsuit. And they’ll lose. And your tax dollars will pay for the legal fees.

      Godleski’s death was a tragedy and a crime. The city was hardly responsible.

    • How can you possibly regard this as a good thing? Bad things happen to everyone; such is life. If I took all my ills to the legal system, I’d have several cases under review, including my father’s death this year. Move on and deal with the cruelty and randonmness of life. I have.

  • Rant: Almost a full month of working 5 full days. C’mon! This is DC — shouldn’t we have a holiday or something?

    Super Rave-splosion: Yay! 4-day work week next week!

  • Rant: My dad is having open heart surgery next week and I’m really worried about it. Logically, I know that this type of surgery is almost routine nowadays (as my husband said, Dick Cheney’s had dozens of heart surgeries and he’s still kicking) but it still stresses me out to no end.

    Oh, and a PSA for y’all: No matter how healthy you think you are, get yourself checked out occasionally (annual physical, anyone?). My dad is a distance runner, eats pretty well, is not overweight, doesn’t smoke, and doesn’t drink.

    • My dad had emergency open heart surgery a few years ago — came out of nowhere. Valve replacement and a single bypass. The doctors and nurses were great. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! And make sure your dad follows through with his cardiac rehab post-surgery. He’ll be much more sprightly and active, I guarantee it! Sending you good thoughts — please keep us posted!

  • Thanks, On the Hill! You just made me feel so much better! Will definitely keep you posted…

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