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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Couple of lost and founds from readers this morning:

“I was walking to the Red Derby tonight, and a block and a half away, to the East, on the North side of Quincy, I found a nice small backpack sitting on the sidewalk, all zipped up. I checked the house it was in front of, and they had no ideas. I opened it up, and found no ID or clues. It was packed with a down jacket, a warm looking hat, and maybe some gloves.”

If you think it’s yours the folks at Red Derby will keep it for a week.

“Walking home from work this evening and found keys at 14th & V St. N.W., on the Reeves Building side, across from the empty take-out place (potential Mexican restaurant). The fob looked like the one for my building at Union Row, so I grabbed them just in case. Fob doesn’t work here or for the Flats.

If someone’s lost keys and can describe them, I am happy to return them.”

If you think they’re yours email me and I’ll connect you with the reader.

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  • andy

    the key thing is kind of funny, because just yesterday, someone in my not-to-be-named government department lost a key fob and somehow found a way to email every single email address in the Department asking if they had seen the key.

    And then jokers from across the country started replying-to-all!

  • Rant: I might have to give up my kitten because our other cat just doesn’t want to get along with her. I’ve tried everything (yes, everything) and am NOT willing to pay $400 for a pet behaviorist, who will just put both of my cats on Prozac.

    Ugh, I don’t know what to do.

    • We had a moment of doubt too when we were introducing our newest cat (younger, not a kitten though) to the more established one (middle aged). Have you already tried the usual procedure – like keeping them in separate spaces for a week or so, then slowly doing supervised introductions or switching their spaces so that they get used to each others’ scents? We basically followed this plan – http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/introducing_new_cat.html

      I hope it works out for you!

    • Can you give some more details on the kitten? My boyfriend and I are looking to adopt a kitten after the holidays. We think a kitten will get along nicely with our 7-year old lady cat.

      We recently had to give our cat back to Homewards Trails because of behavioral problems (the cat despised living in a 2 bedroom apartment with apartment living noises, and liked to show her anger by peeing on everything). I know its a hard thing to do, but I know she’ll be happier in a quieter home with one person.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry. I had to get rid of a cat I got as a companion for my cat a few years ago. I thought she would be ok with a kitty friend because she’s had kitty roommates in the past. No dice. My cat is now old and set in her ways and not willing to share anything (she gets pissed when she has to share the couch with me!).

      I tried for months, but the new kitty’s quality of life was awful, so it was in her best interest. It’s difficult and sad, but think of what’s best for the cats.

      • Something to be aware of for anyone who is looking to introduce a new kitty into the family that already has cats: two female cats in the same household generally do not get along (unless they are from the same litter). There are of course exceptions to this but the majority of the time, one female will try to beat the hell out of the new female no matter how long you try to integrate them. For most of my childhood we had “upstairs” kitties and “downstairs” kitties that had to be kept separate. We had to juggle them around the house to make sure one female would not be near the 2nd female or else the fur would fly.

    • You should definitely give Feliaway a try. It worked wonderfully for us.

      • As for your responses:
        – To clarify my earlier response, this is not the first time I’ve introduced cats to one another. This time around, I have kept them in separate rooms for over 4 weeks, with declining success. I’ve swapped their food bowls, blankets/towels/bed, did nose to nose meetings, put them into the opposite living situation, everything.
        – I would love to give you more information about our kitten, but I am not going to be keeping her for that much longer. It’s not fair to her or us, if it is not working out now. I’d recommend waiting until January to adopt a cat because the holidays are too hectic for introducing someone new into your home.
        -Feliway was recommended by the doctor, but does not affect the kitten one bit.

        I don’t want it to end this way, but it might have to and I have to live with knowing we/her just could not adjust to each other. It kills me inside to know I have to give her up, but it’s probably for the best for everyone.

        • Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t work out. I’m currently in the process of introducing a foster cat to my resident cat. They are both shelter cats with different personalities, but over the past few days I think we’ve made strides in getting along. However, I could definitely see how bad things could be if no progress was made. I’ve heard it is even worse when the resident cat has had the home to himself for a long time. ASPCA and others say that sometimes cats are just not a good fit for each other- that can be a hard reality to face, but it is no one’s fault.

          • me

            Agreed… sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I had two lovely sisters and tried to introduce another girl, but no dice. I tried to introduce a little boy cat, and they’ve been a happy little family since. I guess it’s just chance, really.

        • I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I hope you get to rest assured that your kitten will be going on to a loving home just like your own!

          • I do hope that with all my heart. I’m going to miss her terribly. I’ve had enough shit going on at work that doing this is just going to devastate me.

  • Rave: Ceilings! Pretty ones that aren’t lumpy or falling down! I never thought I’d get so excited over something so mundane, but I am. Our contractor team is full of mudding magicians.

    Rant: I’m not built for a contractor’s schedule – otherwise known as being up, coherent, and coordinated enough to move a room full of furniture at 7 AM. I need sleep!

    • Congratulations! The only thing that excited me more than pretty, white, flat, new ceilings in my house was a big new shiny gray breaker box in the basement with bright shiny new electrical wires coming into it. What a relief.

  • Question: We are considering moving into the Highland Park apartments above the Columbia Heights metro. We’re hesitating due to the building’s reputation as a constant frat party. I’ve heard rumors that it has gotten better recently but can’t substantiate them. Are there any current residents (or anyone else who might have insider knowledge) around who could give us their perspective?

    • hispanicandproud

      I moved into Highland Park apartments in July and I love it. I live on the sixth floor and it’s very quiet. My neighbors are all professionals and very friendly. It is a very secure place and the place is built well. Prior to living at Highland Park, I lived in the Allegro apartments for two years and I was miserable there. That place was a huge frat house and the walls and floors are made of paper so I could hear all the parties all the time.

    • I live across the street and have never been invited to a frat party there!

  • Rave: Started my new job yesterday and I love it.

    Rant: My foot still hurts and I haven’t been able to run for over a week. I need to get new shoes and see a doctor!

  • Rant: Packing, packing, packing. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you live alone. I know I should live a simpler life, but that doesn’t sound as much fun as having tons of clothes and lots of furniture.

    Rant: Doing it all while almost seven months pregnant. I’m crazy. CRAZY.

    Rave: Moving on Saturday. Very excited for our new house!

    Rant / Rave: Cooking Thanksgiving for the first time ever this year, which is AWESOME but it’s for 13 people (more people than I’ve ever cooked for) and my energy supply is dwindling by the week. That said, I’m looking for “flavors of Washington – area.” Old Bay is one. Anyone else have any ideas of locally-themed dishes, preferably appetizer stuff?

    • We packed while super-preggers. I agree that it is fun for nobody. As a tip, I’d say give yourself time if you can and seriously weed out as much stuff as you can. I think we gave away about 50% of our stuff, and it was so satisfying.

      • Totally agree. Unfortunately, I only moved into my apartment 8 months ago, so I had already whittled down most of my belongings prior to moving. Also, I have clothes that are pre-pregnancy and maternity clothes, so basically I had to double my clothing stash. It’s a serious hassle, this moving business. I’m crazy, like I said, but this is for a good cause.

    • Virginia peanuts? An Ethiopian dish–something like spiced lentils? Mambo sauce?

  • Rant: Husband suffers from chronic depression, and he’s in a low point again. It’s difficult for us both. I feel like no matter how what direction our life takes, he’ll still be unhappy about something.

    Rave: We have a beautiful 4 month old daughter that we both love. Her smile brightens our life.

    • depression blows.

    • claire

      Depression is the worst – it still sneaks up on me every once in a while (though vitamin D has mostly quelled it, thank god). When I get into a spell, I can see that it really negatively impacts my relationship (has been a constant theme through all my relationships, actually); may I ask what helps you guys deal with it? Anything that your husband does that makes it easier on you or any particular coping mechanisms that you’ve found?

      • Well, sex, honestly. lol. But our 4 month old makes that less spontaneous than it used to be. He also plays music and that used to help his mood. But I dunno, lately, he hasn’t even seemed that interested in that. When we talk, I’m never entirely sure how much his unhappiness is all mood, or there really are fundamental things in his life that are making him unhappy. I suppose it’s both.

        • claire

          Haha, as it turns out, sex is a big part in stopping me from getting too grumpy too! I can definitely see the 4-month-old putting a damper on that though…

          He probably doesn’t know himself how much of the unhappiness is mood vs. actual life things so that can be really tricky. Best of luck in working through it; he’s lucky that you’re there and (from the sounds of it) trying to help him out.

        • You know, having a new kid may play into it. It’s a huge adjustment, and parents really have to find their own way and figure out how to make it work. Where do I fit in as a dad/mom? How do I ensure this darling wiggly baby we’ve just brought into the world has his/her needs met? How do I also meet my needs (for sex, down time, friend time)? For one thing, you’re all of a sudden not free to just go do whatever you feel like. (Hey, let’s go get a drink after work with our pals! not.)
          Best of luck. I hope you’re able to get into counseling.

    • Anonymous, is your husband getting any kind of treatment (talk therapy and/or medication)?

      • This. There are things that really, really, truly do help.

      • No. I’ve suggested this in the past, and he’s open to it. But then life gets in the way and his mood hits a high point and he doesn’t go. But I’ll bring it up again. I really do think we’d both benefit.

        • i’ve dealt with depression on and off for 15 years. yes meds can be overprescribed, but i am okay with taking them. i am one of the ones that does a million times better on them. best of luck to him and you both. depression is an ugly battle.

  • Does anyone know how the pay by phone parking meters work? Yesterday when I was walking home, I saw a guy argue with the parking lady about a ticket she gave him and he kept yelling “but I paid by phone”.

    • I assume you mean how does parking enforcement know whether someone has paid for parking by phone? That I do not know, but I am also curious.

    • When you sign up, your credit card, phone number, and license plate number all get linked up in your account. After you set it up, then all you have to do is call from the same phone you set up the payment with and type in the zone number that is posted on the meter and how long you want to park. Then the credit card is automatically charged. My guess is that when the parking ladies type in your license plate, they can see that you have paid by phone. My hunch is that the guy thought he paid by phone but that the transaction didn’t go through – it has happened to me a few times where it seemed like everything was settled and I nearly hung up but then I had to press a number to confirm and then wait for a confirmation number. You get charged more to use the pay by phone system but it has come in handy for me a few times.

      • claire

        They charge you more for pay by phone?? I feel like that shouldn’t surprise me, but that’s annoying.

      • There’s also an app you can download, then instead of calling, you just open the app, enter the zone number and how much time you want to park. It sends both an email and text confirmation and warns you when your time is almost up so that you can extend it. I love it, even with the minimal extra charge.

  • Rave: Quick and fair verdict in the Lululemon trial.

        • i don’t understand why people type ” this” either.
          maybe it seems hip or something.

          • houseintherear

            It’s akin to the tweets that say, “In which I sit on my couch and watch Jersey shore,” or, “In which my boyfriend takes me to dinner at Ruth’s Chris.” STUPIIIIID.

          • Ok, I feel weird for explaining it, but the “this” thing, like the “+x” phenomenon, has been going on for awhile. It’s just reiterating agreement. Such as, “(I agree with)This,” or ” This.(is important to note)” Maybe we should just ban all colloquialisms you don’t get.

          • I dislike a lot of colloquialisms, but in the context of an Internet thread, “This” to mean “Agreed” seems fine to me.

          • Houseintherear, although I haven’t personally seen tweets along the lines of “In which I do XYZ,” I can see how that would be annoying.

            It sounds like it ought to be a chapter heading in a nineteenth-century novel.

          • no, i understand what is trying to be communicated.

            i don’t understand why typing “this” as agreement caught on like some groupthink drug.

            you’re free to do it. it’s just a curious social thing you see online. there’s always a lot of things that people have seen before, they think is cute, so they copy it kind of stuff. it’s just one of those things.

            you see something funny on the photo caption pictures too. more people will quote someone, or use someones elses storyline as reference than make up their own humor.

            we all do it in our own way, unless we’re insane.

  • claire

    Rave: Three day weekend starting tomorrow!
    Rave: Boyfriend back from business trip tonight!

    Rave: I’ve been craving chili and I’m finally going to test out a chili powder recipe tonight and then use it for a veggie chili (and a meat chili at some point in the next week)! Never made my own chili powder before, but based on my past experience making fresh spice mixes, I’m really excited!

    No rant today!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do you live upstairs from me? The couple up stairs were discussing his travel plans and possibly sort of fighting about it.

      • claire

        Haha I’m pretty sure I don’t – on the same lease with the basement apartment and we’re all buddies. Luckily no fighting over the travel plans (it’s work after all), just get excited to have him back around!

      • Emmaleigh504

        It occurs to me that I completely misread your post. Please disregard.

  • Obervation: The girl on the tightrope is HOT!!!

  • Rant: Dog got into leftover chili last night, sleep was not had.

    Rave: On the train to NYC to check out (and hopefully purchase) what looks like the perfect antique engagement ring for the lady!

  • Rave: To the lady runners of Connecticut Ave: Seemed like all the ladies were out running last night on CT Ave. I commend your dedication and healthy choice. Keeps me wanting to pound the pavement as well. You looked great!!! Keep it up!!!

  • shipsa01

    Rant: That the mayor and CMs Evans and Brown were in Tampa EVEN exploring the possibility of getting our professional football team to come back into the District. And not only that, but trying to move ONLY their practice facility to the District and on Res. 13 no less, which has the potential to be a fantastic development.

    Rave: Saw Christmas cups in Starbucks yesterday.

  • rave: beautiful fall weather ysterday and today…to previous posters about depression, lots of sunlight, exercise and being outdoors can do wonders for mild depression.
    Rave/rant: waiting game to find out if I am pregnant, hope to be but hate waiting for another 10 days.
    Rave again: I have appreciated people posting what they are thankful for on FB lately, calling it the month of gratitude. It beats bitching about metro etc on a daily basis.

  • Rant: I might be catching a cold… Again.

    Rave: Daylight savings time ends this weekend! I know it’s a silly thing to look forward to, but I really need that extra hour of sleep!

    • Rave: I completely understand how DST works and am usually the one correcting people about spring forward/fall back, etc., but for some reason this year I was thinking we were losing an hour this weekend. Thanks to your rave for reminding me we’re gaining one!

    • Second the rave for the extra hour, but a huge RANT that it will now be dark long before I get home!

  • Rant: I live in a basement apartment, so you can’t see the patio in front of my place from the street. Came home from work yesterday (normal getting home time of about 6pm) to find two folks just finishing up having sex on said patio. At least, I think they were finished. They had to walk past me to leave. How awkward. Left their condom wrapper. Ew.

  • Rave: Had protected sex with a stranger in front of someone’s basement apartment yesterday

  • houseintherear

    Rant: Any picture of a woman posted on any blog or internet sight is treated as an invitation to comment on her appearance.

    Rant2: Any woman that exists is a walking invitation for comments on her appearance.

    Tired of it. Really, really tired of it.

  • tired?…try some sleep.they say it works

  • Rave: Just closed on the refi. 3.875% and no points for 30 years.

    Rave: first payment not till January!

    Rant: We’ll have a mortgage until we’re 80. : p

  • RANT – Closed in july @ well over 3.875
    RANT – Apathy LuLu Lemon case now this report…


    • The rates are back up over 4% now, but I would recommend Apex Mortgage Service (which is not the one I used this time, but used them previously and prefer them.)

      • And that video you posted is breathtaking! Wow!

      • houseintherear

        Thanks- I’ve seen their rates online when I check every morning. Anything is better than Lending Tree, which, after 5 weeks of setting up a refi, has screwed me over completely by admitting that they never actually locked in my 4.125% rate 3 weeks ago and are now expecting me to agree to 4.4%. 🙁 I’ll give Apex a call!

        • Wow, that totally sucks. I would really be mad about that. Give Eric at Apex a call. They’re really good.

        • 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Averages 4.00 Percent

          MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 3, 2011 Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), showing average mortgage rates declining sharply as investors rushed to U.S. Treasury bonds amid concerns over the European debt market. The 30-year fixed at 4.00 percent marks the second lowest reading since it hit a record 3.94 percent in the October 6, 2011 PMMS, the lowest in history.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: kind of annoyed with every one today, for no good reason.

    Rave: I ordered myself a little treat: replacements for 2 Douglas Coupland books I used to love, but have lost.

    • me

      I love Coupland. Have you ever tried Christopher Brookmyre or Ben Elton? Just as quirky and entertaining, in my opinion.

  • Revel: Last night had a chance to chat with local bike patrol officer about the shooting spree Monday night. As it turns out, this was the same cop who tried to save the stabbing victim at 9th and Quincy, by holding the wound and doing CPR, before realizing the sucking chest wound was fatal. They really don’t pay these guys nearly enough for their service, seriously.

    Rant: He too isn’t all that pleased with the way DYRS works out in this city.

  • Rant: Got a “street sweeping” parking ticket on 10.31.11, the day it was “officially” over. This is so D.C. Sure I can appeal but what a joke. Yet another (albeit minor)indicator of the ineptitude of pretty much every (yeah I’m stretching but I don’t care) municipal institution in this here DISTRICT. Know your own rules city workers.

    • My understanding was that 10/31/11 was the final day of street sweeping. Either way, what a crappy way to end street sweeping season!

      • What Kyle W. said, though I think the District could’ve done a better job of emphasizing “Street cleaning runs THROUGH 10/31,” “Street cleaning ends AFTER 10/31,” etc.

      • Ditto, why would it end randomly on the last day of the month instead of the first day of the month? THough I did park illegally and was not ticketed

        • So that all of November would be a “no street cleaning” month.

          I think the reason the Oct. 31 date seemed weird this year was that it was on a Monday. It won’t seem as weird when it falls in the middle of the week.

        • Why are you attempting to use logic to explain a decision promulgated by the District of Columbia . . . you’ll learn grasshopper.

    • I posted on Monday about how clever I thought I was for getting a primo parking spot near the Metro because I was ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY ONE IN THE ENTIRE CITY who knew street sweeping ended on Monday. Someone responded that he thought that meant they would stop enforcing on Tuesday, not Monday. I disagreed. So guess who has the parking ticket?

      I was going to appeal using the DPW press release, but I know I’ll lose because the signs actually say “thru Oct. 31,” and my office mates read the release and understood it to mean Monday was the last day of the restrictions.

  • Rave: Coffee!

    Rave: The depression meds seem to be helping, and without much in the way of side-effects.

    Rant: No alcohol while on the meds. Oh for a manhattan!

    (Shout-out & much encouragement to all the other PoPians who are or who have loved ones who are dealing with the big D.)

    Rant/Rave: Thinking about getting a smartphone.

    • I had very mixed feelings about getting a smartphone, but I have to have one for work. I got tired of carrying two phones around so I bought the bullet and just got the new iPhone. I’m officially in love. I can’t believe it took me this long to catch up to the 21st century.

    • me

      That’s the thing….. once you get a smartphone, you can’t imagine going back to the older style. At least, I know that I couldn’t.

    • Rosasharn! So glad the meds are helping. I hope things continue to look up.
      I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again – ask your doctor about a lightbox and or a sunrise alarm clock.
      Both make a huge difference in my depression and are good ways to help the meds work better.

      I LOVE my iphone and can’t imagine how I ever lived without it!

  • Rant: Mother’s home in FL was vandalized this morning by her crazy neighbor, and the police are disinclined to even take a police report. Props to the cops aside, why are so many regular experiences with cops negative ones? This is coming from a person who’s never even gotten a speeding ticket, so it’s not like I hate them because I’m always being arrested.

  • Rant: Tired of cyclists who think they rule DC streets. Several bold cyclists have literally CUT ME OFF worse than any car has. It’s as if they dare me to kill them with my Japanese made monster. Though cars are meant to coexist with these cyclists, the cyclists shouldn’t be doing figure eights in the middle of a busy intersection (Looking at you Columbia Road and Connecticut Avenue) while a line of cars are waiting to make a left turn onto Columbia.
    Rave: Went to Bobby’s Burger Palace last night on K St. NW and enjoyed myself, especially since I didn’t have to pay for it!
    Rant: The burger was bland and overpowered by amazing toppings. It also gave me the bubble guts which caused me to make an emergency landing at an IHOP restroom.

  • Steel plates, they’re everywhere in NWDC. This is out of control. The pins stick out of the ground. Sherman avenue is a total mess also. Pretty much every major street through Petworth has several shoddy construction jobs going on with them. Whoever is approving this work should be fired along with the people tasked with inspecting these work sites.

  • Congratulations on the baby! Consider framing figuring out what’s up with the depression as something he does to take care of himself to be there for his daughter. He’d go to the doctor if his knee hurt so he’d be able to run around with her more right? And he might need surgery, or maybe just some advil or physical therapy, but he wouldn’t assume which one it was before going.

    As she gets older and her needs become more complicated, she’ll be able to tell when something isn’t right. And she’d want her Daddy to be happy! I have depression, and had it as a kid and it runs in my family. We all have much better lives and much better relationships now that we’ve gotten some help for it.

    That help might not be meds, although I can’t function without them. If it’s seasonal depression, it could be light therapy, it could be exercise or vitamins if it’s mild, or mindfulness based stress reduction, or yoga or talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy to learn what to do to keep a mild drop in mood from spiraling.

    It’s very common, there are lots of different ways of finding help and it will be good for the whole family!

    Good luck, and congratulations again! 4 months is a great age, they learn so much, so quickly!

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