Six Shootings All Over DC Halloween Night

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

Not a good night.

From MPD:

“Around 9:15pm, units responded for a call for a shooting at Ga Ave and Decatur St NW. Upon arrival, two victims (one male juvenile and one adult female) were located suffering from apparent non-life threatening gun shot wounds.
Around 10:15 pm, units heard the sound of gunshots in the area of 9th and Crittenden Sts NW and responded to find a female victim (age not yet determined) suffering from an apparent non-life threatening gun shot wound. There is no lookout for either shooting. If anyone has any information, please call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).”

From @DCAlerts:

“Police Alert-Shooting Shooting in the 100blk of M St NE. No lookout given.”



From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting/4402 7th Street, SE/Adult male/2816″

Not many details but you can see the report from the Washington Post here.

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  • There were shots (5 rapid succession) fired yesterday on the 600 block of Orleans PL NE following a DC Police alert for Robbery (Gun) 1856 hours, 600 block Orleans PL NE. Street was blocked off for > 2 hours with yellow crime tape and a maroon Ford Taurus had its window shot out (VA License Plate tags).

    • From the CHNNA listserve:

      “At approximately 7:00 p.m., there was an armed robbery (gun) on Orleans. Police mostly cleared the scene at approximately 7:30 due to another priority call. Within a moment or two of most of MPD clearing the robbery scene, a shooting took place in the alley between Morton and Orleans (the N/S alley on the 7th St side). No apparent “victim”, though a car on Orleans had every single window shot out, and the adjacent home had rounds enter the house and nearly strike an innocent child who was inside the residence. “

  • Does anyone know what happened in the Gallery Place metro around 6pm? I got off the train and people were yelling and screaming followed by transit police stopping an X2 bus.

    • Maybe it is because there was a bear in the metro. 🙂

    • I was there around 6pm. Saw a bunch of teens in Halloween outfits causing a ruckus, but generally harmless. Lots of 6 foot guys in mini skirts which could explain the screaming.

  • there was a robbery involving 20 men last night too.

  • There’s no halloween party like a DC halloween party.

  • This is absolutely appalling.

  • Shooting at 9th and Crittenden and at Decatur and Georgia? At least the children with guns in Petworth are not the best shots. Whoever is in charge of juvenile crime policy in this city should be fired immediately. They do a worse than bad job at managing the children with guns in this town. They almost seem to sanction their little criminal enterprise crews. Absolutely pathetic.

  • I heard the shots on Crittenden. I saw a little car speed down the street and about 10 kids wander quickly away. I bet no one saw anything. I also find it amazing that it was not related to the shooting on GA.
    It’s very frustrating. Our neighborhood is better than that.
    Way to keep it classy, Petworth. . .

    • As annoying as it can be to hear somebody say, “It is what it is,” that is much preferable to hearing, “It is what it isn’t.”

  • So are all these crimes committed by hoodlums coming in from Prince George’s County?

    • Yes, if it werent for PGC, there would be no bad drivers and no crime in DC.

      • You would think that’s the case based on some of the posts around here.

        • I’m sorry. I take it back. There would still be bad drivers, because of the commuters from MoCO and NOVA. And of course, taxi cab drivers.

          Amazingly, anyone with DC plates represent the top 1% nationally of driver aptitude, and therefore, are rarely spotted doing anything unsafe or aggressive on the roads.

    • No one mentioned anything about PG County from what I can tell. Any particular reason you’re bringing this up here?

      • Usually a number of Neighborhood Crime Apologists will show up talking about how the crimes aren’t indicitive of their respective living situations, that it’s an outside influence, etc.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Tenallytown not cool. Don’t troll. It’s really not necessary.

  • There were also a lot of robberies last night, at least according to MPD alerts.


    Anyone know what this was about? This is in Woodley Park behind the Marriott on Connecticutt.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That’s a good question. I wonder if they made a mistake and that is really referring to the Georgetown one at “Shooting/2D/2800 B/O Pensylvania Avenue, NW/Junvenile Male/2816” which I accidentally left off.

    • I think this is a typo – the 28th St shooting was in Gtown.

  • Last night was my first night on DCAlerts and I could not believe how many I was seeing. I began to think that there were always this many and just a few got reported; glad it was unusual last evening.

    I will insert my usual “I hope the shooters are shot & killed by each other and/or the police, because opening fire on other people with intent to kill in populated areas means you are a worthless person” sentiment here with space below for people to suggest that I am terrible and that hugs will correct the situation.

    • Let’s put aside the issue of whether or not wishing somebody’s death makes you a terrible person. What you’re asking for isn’t even remotely realistic. Juvenile thugs are an end product of their environment – poverty, culture, upbringing, etc. Until that environment changes, there will be a neverending supply of these guys.

    • I’d rather just hug you for saying exactly what I believe too. It’s terrible that such a small segment can cause problems for so many others.

    • Hugs may not be the answer, but neither is having cops just opening fire on people.

  • Wait, what? That second to last one is like a block away from me in Woodley Park! Not a location you hear that often…

  • Enough is enough. Why do we, as citizens, sit back and let these goons run the city? If the police need to enforce martial law like they virtually did in Trinidad during summer of ’09, then so be it.

    We must DEMAND a response. We need to show that we actually give a damn. There are hundreds of kids, known to be involved in violent crime, who are roaming the streets

    • So, station a patrol car at every intersection and dark alley in DC? Lock up every kid for a minimum of five years on their first offense? Not really sure what response you’re demanding here.

    • I am just waiting for the Press Conference. Announcing DC’s new violence program – Don’t Shoot. Any child with repeated violent offenses, if caught with firearm, or even a bullet, will be prosecuted under federal law as a “Career Criminal in Possession of a Firearm.” That is after all what they seem to aspire to be.

      • They are good kids. They are just misunderstood. Let them all live in one house together in the middle of a normal neighborhood so they can break into cars and have gunfights on the street corners.

  • I live right next to the NY metro where one of the shooting took place….about 100 ft from my door. There were at least 2 other time that the cops were circling the block just east of the metro searching for something. Wonder if it was related. Also, I’ve heard of a couple of them being kids, were they all?

  • In my experience there’s a big difference between how charitable one is toward neighborhood criminals before and after, say, as in my case, you’ve had four shootings on your block in five years (and heard two of them), and had a stabbing murder a block away. Plus having two stolen cars set on fire in the alley in the middle of the night. Oh, and hearing a kid about 14 say to a kid about 10, “I’m not talking to you, you snitched to the cops.” Then there are the drug deals going down at the park down the block, the park DC is 13 months late in starting renovations on. Sorry for the laundry list of gripes, but you get one of these after living in DC’s less fortunate neighborhoods for a bit.

    • Hey! We must be neighbors. Let’s be friends. haha

    • Hey we must all be neighbors. I hope you two see the day when the neighborhood is truly livable, but I’ve been hoping for 5 years and I’ve decided to cash out in the spring…if anything, the attitudes and behavior of the under-18 set have declined since I moved in.

      Good luck. Yay Gray.

      • What neightborhood do you live in?

      • DC will break you if you let it. When people wonder why LTR are so jaded about the “hope and change” mantra of the newer residents, this is one reason – LTR lost hope in the 80’s. Ya’ll are just catching up. That’s why so many left to PGC/MoCo in the 90’s.

        Sorry that you are leaving – I am not intending this post as a smackdown post. I am just saying that DC really has improved – but it has yet to trickle down to the youngest of the millenial gen kids. It took 2 generations to break DC down, it will take at least 2 to bring it back.

        • Hey man, I know (cashing out #1 here). I’ve been in DC for over 10 years. The forces of good WILL prevail. It’s a matter of very simple economics: little thug-life’s grandma, provider of the basement, the last homeowner in the family, is very old and has taken a very large reverse mortgage against the house.

          But my financial position is a little different now and I just don’t have to settle for this shit anymore. So I’ll take my solid six figures 50 feet outside the DC border in any direction and enjoy better government services and higher quality of life. I just hope I’m here long enough to vote on Recall Gray…

          • I am kicking myself in the ass that I didn’t buy in MoCo. I know I could have found something that fit the budget and didn’t contribute to DC’s coffers. Once you grow up, have a family, and have to move out of the gentrified center of the city to find more space at an affordable price, you realize that the natives are split in half in terms of attitudes about the city improving, and that the negative half usually gets their way through petulance, thuggery and intimidation. It’s disgusting and you can’t reason with these people.

  • It’s better than last night in New Orleans – 11 people shot, one critically.

  • Hey Cashing-out Person: I’m the first neighbor, the one with the list of gripes. I forgot to mention two cars vandalized. Yes, we’re ready to cash out, too, hoping to be gone in two years max. And to the NOLA news person: we’re not looking to be in a city where body counts are compared. One shooting near your house is as traumatic as multiple shootings—and it all makes you want to get out.

    • glad to see someone else feels the same way I do. Comparing body counts doesn’t make anything “better”

  • I am just glad I wasn’t in my home town of NOLA where it sounds like it was a bit wild:

    In addition to two separate shootings in the French Quarter and Central Business District that left two men dead and 10 people injured early Tuesday, three other men were injured in two more incidents a short time later, New Orleans police said.

  • I just heard that the police we saw previous to the shooting involved armed robbery and drive-by shooting. Ugh!

    • core787

      My first week living at Flats 130 and this is my welcome.. YIKES! I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence around my building. Maybe I shouldn’t be going to and from my office with a laptop in my backpack.

      • No, you should not.

      • it’s not about you.

        • Anonymous 11:14 AM, what’s the impetus for such a snarky and dismissive remark?

          I doubt Core787 thinks “It’s all about me.” Presumably he’s just trying to figure out how larger crime trends in the neighborhood might affect him, and whether he should change his behavior. How does that merit snark??

          • it’s a not welcoming. it has nothing to do with core78. the likelihood of his safety is still very high.

            that’s the impetus for my “snarky and dismissive remark”.

  • Kids in some cities are content to smash pumpkins. Our try to kill and rob you.

  • can we cancel halloween? And 4th of July? and community festivals and parades? and university homecomings? 😉 kidding…but it is so upsetting that there is ALWAYS violence on holidays and during celebratory events.

  • We shake our heads when we see happy folks in Tripoli and Baghdad shooting guns in celebration, and think it’s quaint cultural behavior, but at least they’re genuinely happy and firing the guns into the air, not angry and firing directly at other folks. What does that say about the level of civilization in this city?

    • What goes up must come down, and those bullets aren’t coming down softly.

    • We can point guns as intended?

    • I don’t. I look at those people in Baghdad and Tripoli and think there is something very, very wrong with a culture that encourages the random shooting of firearms as a form of “celebration.”

      Rapidly becoming more conservative the older I get. . .now I understand my parents a bit better.

  • I am afraid to walk on the streets after dark in the District. It’s not that I’m afraid of Zombies, but I am afraid of hoodlums out to rob, hurt, or kill me. It will get worse during the holidays. Living in fear!

  • I’m amazed at some of these posts. It sounds like a lot of you bit off more than you can chew when you bought in your neighborhood. We all want safe streets and neighborhoods, but if you move into a city with a high crime rate, you’re assuming the risk that violence will occur close to your home. It’s unfortunate but it’s a reality. I pray and trust that it will change at some point, but it won’t happen overnight.

    As for the shooting in Gtown, I’m not surprised that posters aren’t clamoring to end the Halloween festivities in Gtown bc of the shooting. Many people on this board felt that the carribean parade should end after that shooting. If the Halloween festivities were in Petworth or certain other neighborhoods where the majority of residents were of a different hue and a shooting had occured, I’d bet anything the remarks from and tone of some posters would be remarkably different. The double standard and implicit (sometimes explicit) racial comments on this board are disturbing and unproductive.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That’s because most readers don’t live in Georgetown. If you polled Georgetown residents who live nearby I’m sure you’d see similar reactions. It’s not always about race. Residents don’t like trash strewn streets and other inconveniences associated with a street festival. This is also true in Mt. Pleasant with the Fiesta festival every year. Not everything is about race.

      For the record, I’m pro festival.

      • POP, I know you’re pro-festival. You were one of the few who posted in support of the parade. And you’re right, not everything is about race. However, imo many of the comments about the shooting during the Caribbean festival were overtly about race. I don’t know how many posters live in Anacostia or parts of NE, such as NY Ave or Trinidad, but some are quick to comment about crime in those neighborhoods and the alleged or perceived perpetrators. Not the same for the shooting in Gtown.

    • Yes, we did bite off more than we could chew. In an effort to move from small apartments in Dupont or Adams Morgan we bought houses “out” in Columbia Heights and Petworth, thinking we knew what urban crime was because we’d been mugged on our own blocks or heard of waiters being stabbed on R St late at night. But sadly our faith in humanity let us down, and we didn’t imagine that life in “transitional neighborhoods” could be oh so much worse than what we knew of urban crime. I heard the first drive-by shots days after moving in, and ever since have been dismayed by the electorate of this city, who for ages has voted for the slick person, the person who uses the most platitudes, who yells the loudest so seems to have credibility, rather than folks who can get something done, such as Rhee, Williams, etc. I want to leave the city as much because I don’t trust the voters to elect intelligent leadership as much as because I fear stray bullets.

      • A-freaking men. I’m ready to go back to the Midwest, to family and friends and neighborhoods with affordable houses where you don’t have to worry about letting your kids out to play. Counting down the time until we can get the eff out of this Godforsaken town. I’ll gladly leave the job market and career mobility behind to ensure that my children don’t grow up in fear or that they will be preyed upon or intimidated by thug children in DCPS.

        • core787

          you know you can solve that by just moving across the river into Arlington right?

        • If you feel this way, then you show move back to middle America in the midwest. Maybe you should move to a farm away from civilization.

          • In my book “civilization” does not simply mean having a subway, it means having a subway in which you are not at increased risk of being assaulted, mugged, spit at, pushed, ridiculed, etc. It doesn’t just mean having nice restaurants, it means you also are able to walk to those restaurants at night without fear of harm. It doesn’t just mean having lots of social opportunities on an occasion like Halloween, it also means having them without a bunch of a**holes running around shooting guns into crowds. One of the geeat and enduring myths of this city is that the never-ending and rampant crime is just the price you pay for “civilization.” And as long as its residents continue to buy into that myth, the crime will continue.

  • Exactly. How civilized is a city that let its school and social services structures degenerate to the point that, just as they were needed to help socialize children unfortunate enough to be in tragic settings, they were incapable of doing so, thus leading to a horrible cycle of school dropouts, illiterate adults, unemployable young folks, unbelievable crime, drugs, etc? There are plenty of small towns across the world that have great school systems–and yes, good restaurants–that would rate higher on the civilization scale than DC.

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