Last Vestige of ‘State of the Union’ Gone from U Street, NW

Nov. ’11

I suppose some part of me always knew this day was coming. First the removal of the Anna Maria sign and now this. A tough couple of months… Alas, it is not all horrible news. The gentleman painting the building said the iconic mural has been saved. It’s not clear to me if it will be displayed again in the future. More info when it becomes available.

Back in June ’09 we learned that a spot called Kindred Bar and Lounge has leased the space at 1357 U St, NW. It is my understanding that there have been some disputes with the landlord so it’s not clear what’s going on with the timeframe or even if the plans are the same (the kindred website is no longer live.) More info on that front when available too.

March ’11

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  • Thank goodness! What an eyesore that thing has been for the past 10+ years.

  • It’s good but damn I wish that place never closed.

  • who owns this building? It’s been empty sooo long. Perfect location for a butcher shop! ha.

  • DAMN, i miss me some State of the Union… great memories… just out of college, still in that Rasta, Jimmy Cliff phase when U street was still suspect…..LOVE it

    • Looong ago! I remember the glow in the dark murals in the back room, and how that chandelier in the front could drop at any time. I heard that MArk Barnes bought it around 98 and was going to expand Republic Gardens into it. I toured SOU around 1999 and it was on the market for $150k, for just the business tho, I would have loved to have bought the building. I would have kept the name.

  • Andalusian Dog.

  • Thank God the mural was saved – I initially thought the worker had painted right over it! I never stepped foot in SOU when it was there but I loved the mural associated with it.

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