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  • Decent food but the owner is notoriously stingy with the toppings. I don’t like to beg and plead for my pickled beets.

  • I love this place. I go there all the time and I really like the owner. The platters are enormous, and I always finish it off with the traditional coffee.

  • I live around the corner from this place and it is great. Friendly owners and great food.

  • The owners are total sweethearts. Brought us free grape leaves when we said we weren’t sure whether wanted them. Food is tasty. Stays open late. Great spot.

  • Super tasty shwarma AND super-great owners (and I’m a sucker for hard-working mom-and-pop immigrant owners).

  • I agree! great food and super friendly owners. Sumac on fries is my new favorite seasoning.

  • Ditto, good reasonably priced food with friendly owners

  • While it is good and close-by, $12 for chicken kabob is far too expensive. Even for DC.

  • Decent shawarma in a nice friendly atmosphere, but way too expensive. When I’m in the mood for Middle Eastern food, I always find myself at Amsterdam falafel instead. This should be more of a volume business.

  • The first time I went to this place i got violent food poisoning. Even the thought of shawarma now makes me wretch. Awful.

  • Its disgusting. The WORST. Elis, Max’s, Roti all have better food.

  • I live around the corner and only go to this place to buy a juice/soda when its late at night. I usually get the stink eye from the owner for not buying any food but in my experience, Old City Cafe down the street on Columbia has wayyy better sandwiches and you can take as much as you want from their topping bar.

  • Meh food and overpriced.

  • LOVE Shawarma King! The food is great and the owners are super-nice.

  • This place is fantastic! And the owners are the best. Compared to other places in DC, I would not say that the prices are too high. I would argue that prices are too high throughout the city.

  • Shawarma King! Shawarma King!

    A little overpriced, but the name is so fun to say..

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