Judging Modern Buildings – Cleveland Park

This house has received House of the Day honors in the past. I freaking love it. It’s on Newark St, NW. I wonder how much the color of the copper will continue to change? Any other fans?

And nice sculptures to boot:

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  • clearly the copper bandits that were stealing copper all over town haven’t gotten an eyeful of this place

  • I’d want some more windows on the sides, unless there are skylights for the interior . . . but, otherwise, I love it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like this one.


  • I totally dig this one too. Especially this time of year; I feel the copper accents play well off the changing leaves. It is definitely a fan favorite if I go for a walk in Cleveland Park. As for the slit-like windows I think many people are mislead into thinking that they do not afford one much light. In fact because of their location you get optimal light that floods down from above and does not cause glares to screens or has the light streaming directly into your eyes.

  • yeah, I walked by this some time after it was house of the day. gorgeous… and bonus that it’s right across the street from some beautiful park I’d never seen before.

  • David B, what say you?

  • Just ran by this the other morning – put a smile on my face. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • I freaking love it, too.

  • love this one. It looked even looked awesome before the copper oxidized.

  • It should age well. There was a house like this near me in Atlanta. It had more normal windows in one side–they were shattered one Halloween and replaced with something more like this.

  • andy

    reminds me of the Italian embassy, how it has big copper walls with something diagonally in the middle.

  • I love this place. It was designed by Travis Price Architects with pre-weathered zinc cladding on the outside. All of their designs are fantastic. The fact that they got this by the Cleveland Park Historic District was a miracle in itself. Although this house looks different it maintains the scale of the surrounding homes. If you’re going to go modern in a traditional neighborhood this is the way to do it rather than that horrible cement thing on Rock Creek Church Rd.

  • Butt ugly. The copper was aged;when the place was first built it was shiny and I thought how much it would suck to live next to it and have to deal with the glare. Then a couple days later it was green. I don’t get the windows facing the street,I would never want the world looking through my house.

  • It is one cool looking house, but completely out of character with the rest of the neighborhood. I would not be happy if I lived in a nice neighborhood like Cleveland Park and someone built that house on my street. Yeah, it’s nice and expensive, and pretty, but it just does not work with the rest of the architecture. Move it somewhere else!

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