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  • andy

    and that is some nasty graffiti not to cover up.

  • Atleast the store owner didn’t take the popular way out and spend 6 months emailing the city to have them come take care of a private property issue.

    High 5 for some personal responsibility!

    • Isn’t that a public service that we all pay for? If there wasn’t a program for it, i get your point, but why would you fault someone for using the service?

      • Because this program didn’t exist until 2005, when the city in its 5th consequetive budget surplus (despite massively blowing every yearly budget they set), decided to spend some of its orgy of dollars beautifying peoples personal property.

        If there is any remote justification for this ridiculous use of tax payer money, it is that it is a program purely for economic boon times. Not for when the city has to dig its way out of yearly half a billion dollar budgets.

        And really, it is your private property. Be an adult and deal with it yourself. Using this service is the height of laziness and self obsession.

        It isn’t my responsibility to clean the graffit off your house, any more than it is your responsibility for you to pay for the replacement of my car window when it gets broken into on the street.

        • Actually there’s a great justification. When an entire neighborhood looks like shit from neglect and petty crimes like graffiti and broken windows, property values go down and crime goes up.

          You’re a damn troll every time this argument comes up, so screw the civility policy. If you can’t figure that out, you’re a fool.

  • I have to give the owners credit for trying to keep that wall clean over the years, but the way it’s set up it’s just a graffiti magnet. I’d suggest tearing the wall down and replacing it with a nice cast-iron fence. Also, I don’t understand how this store stays in business just a block from Giant, where you can get everything and more, cheaper. There’s a lot of space on that corner. Would make a nice restaurant with outdoor seating right there by the wall.

    • Because they are pretty liberal with their “Checking” of id’S.

    • When people want one or two items and don’t want to spend an hour of their day getting them, probably

    • it’s because they carry a wide range of beer that giant doesn’t. from 40 oz’s of various malt varieties to actually some half decent stuff that giant should be all over (even though both could do better and put a squeeze on d’vines.)… overall, that place could step it up a little more and do booming business. but that graffiti job is weak, probably a better idea to paint the whole wall.

    • a better idea than removing the wall is to put up a mural or some actually cool graffiti art.

    • I think the Oscar Wildeian interpretation of art ends at the point that it involves illegal action or property destruction.

      Art isnt art. Sometimes what someone says is art is really immature rebellion and destructive behavior masquerading as art, so as to win over the simple minded and irrational extreme of the moral relativists.

  • The graffiti/vandalism sucks for sure but I would be more concerned about MS13 being around. They are no joke.

    • I’m guessing MS13 isn’t really around and this is just some puffed up kid bluffing.

      • Ehh, I don’t know about that, granted I don’t know exactlty where this is but MS13 is pretty ubiquitous. You might be surprised.

      • MS is 100% very much around. I don’t at all mean this as an insult, but it really worries me that folks who live in this city might be this unaware of their surroundings…

        • +1,000,000

          EXACTLY!! Very well said.

          You can apply this comment to many posts on this blog.

        • Agreed, and well said.

          a few years back an MS13 house was busted in Columbia Heights on Irving, and it contained pounds of pot, guns and tons of machetes. I had just moved off of Irving, and cracked “that’s my hood!”.

          Good times. Ain’t we lucky we got em.

  • I bike up 14th St. and I’ll be damned if that’s not MS13 at the corner of 14th and Shepherd. A bunch of Central American young men seem to be hanging out there every night outside the corner store. The cops seem to have tried to get them to leave. 2 nights in a row they were lined up along the wall and being frisked at about 6:30. They are still there though and there usually aren’t any cops in sight. I’m willing to bet money that the string of crimes in that area is related to those guys.

  • The owner should be thanked, not chided, for doing his/her best to remove the tag.

    I used to live in a San Francisco condo that got tagged a couple of times a month, and I’m here to tell you that nothing sucks harder than having to cover up the pathetic scrawling of thugs and so-called artists.

    • I think the point of the post is that when it’s completely obvious what the original tag was, the owner can’t be said to have done his/her best.

      If the original paint color wasn’t available, the owner could’ve/should’ve painted over the whole rectangular area, instead of leaving “MS 13” clearly visible.

      • …the owner could’ve/should’ve painted over the whole rectangular area…

        Easy to say when you’re not the one who has to do the work.

        It’s hard to tell from the photo, but depending on the color of the tag, the owner might have painted the whole wall only to find that from a distance the tag was still visible.

      • Actually don’t blame the owner. Something very similar happened to me and I called 311. The city “removed” the graffiti on my garage door by painting over it with a completely different paint color. I wish I had never made that call.

  • I know this is a serious issue, but this picture made me laugh. Might be a good candidate for a caption contest.

  • The topfloor unit in the brick building behind the wall has the SWEETEST roofdeck. I walked past there a lot over the summer and there were always a ton of people partying up there on the weekends. Mega-jealous.

  • I live right by this place and I hate to see it defaced. The owners are pretty nice. I come here almost every Friday to grab a quick 6 pack of beer (they have a pretty good selection) and a paper on Sundays. The owner is always all smiles and sometimes slips me a free peppermint candy.

  • I live right at that corner and frequently go there for odds and ends when I don’t have the mental energy to run the Giant gauntlet.

    The shop has a great location but that wall is a magnet for graffiti. It is regularly tagged, not only on the wall, but on the store itself. I’d say a new one pops up every 2 weeks or so. I can imagine that painting some portion of your business every two weeks would get a little cumbersome.

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