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I think we may have looked at this house for a “judging pop ups” post and I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to it but I’m really starting to like this one. It def. helps that the pop up is recessed. I kinda even like the formstone…

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  • I love this house. Everytime I walk by I am incredibly jealous. It is one of the only houses where I actually think the formstone looks cool and what they have done with it (pop up included) is beautiful and funky. Totally fitting in with the neighborhood.

  • ooo…my block!

    They did a great job. Although i cant say that about their tomato-growing prowess.

  • I like the decoration above the windows- it looks like the windows have eyelashes.

  • The pop up is fantastic, but I believe deeply and passionately that formstone is an abomination.

  • I usually agree with the Pop HoTD but I am simply not digging this one.

  • Would look much better if all the houses around it would put in roof top decks because it would look much less awkward.

  • The formstone came with the house; they didn’t add it. But the house on that whole block, while maintaining the original downscale façades, are popping up and back and turning into some very swank properties. It’s a fantastic neighborhood and only a block to U street metro.

  • the house to the right is painted formstone, right?

  • How much does that type of addition cost anyway? I’ve been thinking about adding a recessed addition similar to this but haven’t taken the time to call an architect.

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