Do People Still Have Doctor’s/Dentist’s Offices in their Homes?

On the cusp of a big holiday weekend allow me to ask a completely random question: Do people still have Dentist/Doctor’s offices in their homes? I passed this sign and it got me thinking – when I was a kid I went to some in homes but I wonder if they still exist. This one from Capitol Hill looked like it could be current. If it’s not common when did it switch from homes to office buildings? And when did it switch? Did it switch because office space became cheaper or because doctors/dentists wanted to reclaim their homes?

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  • There’s one in Petworth I think! Just east of Georgia on Quincy, I believe.

  • There are a bunch of dentists on Capitol Hill that still do this but it’s a fading practice it seems, many are closing up. My wife goes to one. I tried going to a guy too a few years back, very near the LoC on 2nd Stree, horrible experience and never went back. I tend to think these doctors are the old-timers that have been around forever and are not up with the times (or modern practices or equipment), but she seems to enjoy her doctor.

  • There are also some in Southwest, in the privately owned (i.e. non co-op) row houses along G St. and 4th St.

    I went to one once and agree, he was a little behind on technology…

  • Our pediatrician is in Georgetown and we go to her house where she has an office in her basement. I was skeptical at first but she is so incredible with our daughter that it is more than worth it. Plus she has parking!!

  • Yep, there’s one across the street from the Takoma (DC) Library at 5th and Cedar.

  • ah

    Lots of psychiatrists do this as well (and psychologists, but they’re usually not MDs). They tend not to place signs so prominently however.

  • yep. i live down the street from an ob-gyn. the office is on the first floor of the house and she lives upstairs.

  • One right down the road at 14th and Shepherd.

  • Ha – I kid you not… I grew up on the block with that yellow building! 8th and E NE, right? I always believed there was a dentist there, but never actually saw evidence other than that sign.

    On another note, I know that this guy lives in the same building as his practice on East Capitol Street. He was my childhood dentist.

    (ps: the ob-gyn one sounds creepy…)

    • “(ps: the ob-gyn one sounds creepy…)”

      I know, right? But I think I’ve been watching too much American Horror Story.

      This random question from PoP brings back some memories! My childhood dentist (who lived two doors down from us) had his office in his home. Very convenient. The guy who lived across the street from the dentist also had a medical practice in the basement of his house, which we would go to. That house was eventually bought by a family, so the neighborhood kids had this whole warren of empty offices to play in.

      Today I would find it weird to go into someone’s house for a medical exam.

    • Yep, I’ve been to the dentist in the picture. Definitely an old-timer though. You don’t realize how infrequently people call you by name until you spend an entire office visit being addressed “Ms. [last name]” every time you’re spoken to.

  • andy

    There’s one at 16th & Varnum. I definitely have seen the Dr. working there, coming in and out in scrubs. It also appears to be a residence.

  • I’m a little surprised that such a thing is still allowed.

  • They’re all around Howard U. If you drive there, you’ll see lots of smallish signs on houses. Dentists, especially. No idea how many are still practicing.

    I went to a dentist once whose office was in an apartment building, in a converted apartment. Not a residence, but still laid out like one. So as I sat in the living room/ waiting room, I could see across the hall to the bathroom. She stored supplies in the tub. I did not return.

    • +1 on this. There’s definitely one on T Street, at like 4th, I think? Maybe 5th? Purple-colored place. I walk by it on my way to the metro every day.

  • Looking elsewhere, a friend of mine grew up in a brownstone the West Village in New York City, and her Dad runs his dermatology office downstairs under their apartment. Sweet commute.

  • seems like a great way to save on fixed costs and keep healthcare affordable…

  • Plenty of doctor’s offices in residential homes in Tenleytown. There was a recent renovation/addition to a single family house off of River Road (basically across from Friendship Animal Hospital) and it turned out great. Dental offices on the first floor, residential on the second and (new) third floors.

  • I go to my husband’s dentist who works out of his home in Spring Valley off of Mass Ave. The office has two chairs in the basement of the home. My husband went to the dentist’s father growing up and now he has carried on the family business with his wife as one of the receptionists. I had never had an actual dentist clean my teeth (usually the hygienist) until this experience and it was awesome. Really personalized service and although he doesn’t take insurance, very reasonably priced.

    He mentioned that for more invasive procedures especially involving putting people under, he would recommend someone since his office is not set up to do that.

  • There are two dentists-in-homes for sure around the Petworth metro: one on Rock Creek Church across from Sweet Mango and one on 8th just north of New Hampshire. I looked into going to them but they did not take my insurance. Whould have been nice and convenient. So I go to one in Takoma on Butternut bewteen Georgia and Piney Branch. Its a home and the office is in the basement but I don’t think he lives there.

  • There’s one at Georgia and Buchanan and one at 9th and Crittenden. There was one further NE of Sherman Circle that was no longer in use and was for sale for a ridiculous asking price. Sorry I can’t remember the exact locale. It had a red porch, if I recall.

  • I pass that place in the pic daily on my way to work and always wondered. I’ve never seen anyone come in or out of the place.

  • Yup – the strip of G between 4th and 7th in SW has multiple dentists, oral surgeons, etc. Most have signs like the OP on their walls.. these places have English basements that I guess facilitate them working down there and then having two levels upstairs for living.

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