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  • I have my Sat. AM planned now.

    • Yeah, that “Superfriends” bagel creature is scary. However, so very glad to have another bagelry in the area.

    • We are sorry that you don’t like our logo. That was never our intention. We have had a logo for about 27 years or so and it’s very outdated. We had this done and we thought he looked pretty cool.

      On the other hand come on in to the shop as I can promise you a DELICIOUS bagel always made fresh in the store.

      See you all soon we hope.

  • That logo is just creepy.

    • Kind of reminds me of a grown up version of the Eraserhead baby.

    • Bagel City in Rockville has a mural painted across a couple of the walls showing anthropomorphic Bagel People (bagel head on a person’s body like this logo) doing things like playing baseball, eating at a picnic, etc. All the while you’re biting into the heads of their distant cousins and ripping off chunks of their tasty flesh.

    • Agreed on the creepiness of the logo.

  • So excited! And ever better – they have bialy’s on weekends!!

  • The regular hours may be from 6:30 on, but the opening tomorrow is at 7am, if I recall the sign correctly from when I walked by this morning.

  • Can’t wait to try the Cinnamon Apple w/ Butter.

  • Does anyone here remember when Dupont had two bagel spots (Chesapeake and Whatsa Bagel)? I found my first DC apartment on the bulletin board at Chesapeake Bagel back in 1988.
    Can’t wait to try this one.

    • jburka

      When did Dupont have a Whatsabagel? I worked at the Cleveland Park shop for a while in the early 90s and thought that was the only district store they ever had…

      • We actually had 6 4 dc locations, 1 in Bethesda, and 1 in Chevy chase. Sadly due to many reasons we closed down all but Bethesda and Cleveland park. Cleveland park closed down a few years after those as we opened up a wholesale plant in gaithersburg to cater to all of MD, VA, and DC.

        Now we’re opening our 2nd retail location and who knows where is next……

      • I forgot to mention. Bethesda Bagel / Whatsa Bagel Inc. are both owned by the same person. Stephen Fleishman who if you ever go into our Bethesda location you’ve undoubtedly seen him
        behind the counter.

      • The Whatsabagel was in the space now occupied by Shake Shack. Shake Shack (a burger joint) replaced Fudruckers (a burger joint) which replaced Whatsabagel. Bethesda Bagel now in turn replaces Johnny Rockets (a burger joint). Some balance to that I suppose. I believe the Johnny Rockets replaced a Quiznos which replaced a Burrito Brothers which replaced Conran’s (a furniture store). There might have been a couple of other incarnations in there some where along the line as well. It would seem the location is a bit of a dead spot. Hopefully Bethesda Bagels has better luck.

  • Was so excited when I saw their sign lit up this morning.. but had to settle for the Cosi Squagel (TM). Sigh… maybe tomorrow.

  • My favorite Saturday morning tradition! Big fan of the cinnamon chip with honey raisin walnut cream cheese or cinnamon butter. Or the orange cranberry with honey butter. Then it’s off to DD for coffee (no offense, BB).

  • I grew up eating these bagels and so excited for the dupont location! Also have always loved the logo! 🙂 Welcome to the neighborhood!

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