Bacio Pizzeria Opens Today in Bloomingdale

Back on Sept. 26 a reader asked for an update on Bacio Pizzeria coming to 81 Seaton Pl, NW in Bloomingdale. At that time we learned they’d be opening in about six weeks. And they were true to their word! Thanks to everyone who sent emails about the opening. According to their Web site initial hours will be:

“Monday thru Friday: 4pm – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am- 10pm”

You can see their menu here.

We’ll come back for a proper judging after they’ve been open a bit.

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  • Is this a delivery only joint or sit-down as well?

  • I am fortunate enough to work with the wife of the owner, Antilla, and had a sneak peak of their food yesterday. Did not grab any pizza, but the arugula salad I had was delicious (walnuts, cranberries, blue cheese).

    Like the understated logo, too.

  • I am excited about it, but I will say I am thrown off by the the prices.

    A 14″ 2 topping pizza will be 14.00. Italy Pizza DC has a take out special for a 16″ pizza, 2 toppings, is 9.95. Thats almost 1/3rd more pizza for 4 dollars less.

    I’m going to give this place a chance, but they better be pretty impressive for such a significantly higher price.

  • claire

    I like pizza and I’ll definitely be checking this place out, but I have to admit I’m a little bummed we couldn’t have gotten a little more variety in the neighborhood.

  • I am crossing all of my digits that their pizza is better than Rustick’s.

  • Yay!! We have been waiting for a decent pizza takeout to open near us. I walk by this place all the time and it looks adorable. I can’t wait to try to food.
    I’m a little thrown off by the guy who’s thrown off by the prices, frankly. We’ve been stuck ordering from New York Pizza and Italy Pizza, and the prices I see on the Bacio menu are much cheaper. Also, those places stink. Italy Pizza especially has gone way downhill since we first started ordering from there. Anyway, can’t wait to try Bacio out & report back!

    • Not true on the prices… Both ny pizza and Italy are far cheaper than here if you pick up. For delivery baccio seems cheaper.

  • Italy Pizza tacks on a $1.50 delivery charge too. Their pizza is good, but I noticed they changed how they make their pies. Did they get new management? There seems to be less crust, but still better quality than I expected.

    I cannot wait to try Bacio! As a wise man once said “Pizza is like sex; even when its bad, it ain’t so bad!”

  • houseintherear

    Yay 🙂

  • Hi, folks! Thanks so much for interest in Bacio Pizzeria. We’re really excited to finally be opening our doors this afternoon, and hope that you enjoy it! We’ll be only take-out for the first few months as we build up our business, but we’ll make an announcement as soon as we’re set up for delivery. And fingers crossed, by the spring we’ll also have our outdoor seating permit!

    Please follow us on Twitter @BacioPizzeria for news and updates, and we look forward to feeding you!

    Atilla Suzer
    Owner, Bacio Pizzeria

  • I want to be excited and will give this a try, but I wish it were something other than pizza. When I do want pizza, I get it at Rustik and think it’s fantastic there, namely cause it’s not run-of-the-mill. I’m still hoping the owner of Bacio will add a gelato case and serve cones and cups in the spring, summer and fall.

  • As a Seatonian (Seatonaire? Seaton Placebeau?), I couldn’t be happier and I will gladly pay through the nose for anything decent this close. I moved from NJ Ave & Q the week before Beau Thai opened, and I have not even dared to try NY pizza over here yet. Hooray for Bacio!

  • Thanks Anonymous & Eckingtonite! We also think Rustik is fabulous and are great fans ourselves. We hope you find it in your hearts (and stomachs!) to try us too.


  • I’ll be trying out tonight. Perfect night for pizza.

  • Report back ChrisOnSeaton 😉

  • houseintherear

    I tried two different Bacio pizzas last night, and they were *fantastic*. The crust is wonderful- thick and delicious. It’s very different than the thinner crust style at Rustik. It actually reminded me of the yummy pizza over at Utopia.

    Bravo, Bacio!

  • So excited to have Bacio in the neighborhood!

    Wanted to let you know that the new Pizza D’Oro will deliver to Bloomingdale/Eckington too–they are at 8th & T NW. I ordered from them earlier this week. Delivery was about 30 min (they arrived early), pizza was really good and well priced.

  • Well, for me it’s official: yum! My partner and I had the No. 81 & it was delicious. The different cheeses melted together really well and tasted great, the crust was crunchy outside, chewy inside. Also I’m a sucker for anything with garlic, and the roasted cloves just rocked my world. The wait was about 15 minutes, and there was a little bit of confusion when the orders came up about who had which pizza — but it wasn’t a big deal and I’m sure they’ll get their system worked out. The owner was really friendly, and I thought the price was great for what I got.
    Thanks for investing in our neighborhood, Bacio Pizzeria!

  • Got a pizza from here and it was just ok… My husband and I each found hairs on our slices!

  • I got pizza from there tonight. It was awesome.

  • Friend and I tried the Eckington pizza and a salad tonight. Both were excellent. Arugula + walnuts + cranberries = aMAZing.

  • got the common good pizza. fantastic! reheats well too.

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