Slaviya to become ‘A Taste of New Orleans’ in Adams Morgan

Back in May ’10 we learned that Leftbank (formerly Cities) would become an Eastern European restaurant called Slaviya at 2424 18th St., NW in Adams Morgan. The Adams Morgan Bid now tells us:

“A Taste of New Orleans will be at 2424 18th Street, NW (where Slaviya is currently). They hope to be open by October 19th.”

I briefly spoke with the owner who said they should be open by this weekend. I’m already hearing from some who’ve got some preview tastes that the the crawfish etouffee is excellent. I’ll post the menu when it becomes available.

My only concern/question is – will they be able to compete with the great New Orleans Cafe down the block at 2412 18th St, NW.

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  • I’ve never considered NOC “great” in any sense of the word.

  • PoP…I wouldn’t be concerned that the new spot will be able to compete with New Orleans Cafe, but I would be concerned that the new spot will siphon business off of New Orleans Cafe. Bardia and his restaurant are a real treasure for Adams Morgan and he works his butt off to stay open (unlike most places on 18th St. he’s actually open for lunch!).

    • Bardia is seriously amazing. He is so kind and he genuinely cares about his customers. I hope his business doesn’t get affected by this new restaurant. No way could A Taste if NO have as much heart.

  • New Orleans Cafe could have used a facelift about 7 years ago but it’s so great, and the owner is nicest guy- but I can’t really see them competing with a much larger venue that holds music DJs and nightlife.
    Hope there’ll be something that succeeds at 2424 18th.

  • Dear DC restaurateurs,

    Enough with the New Orleans themed places. Please invest in a place serving authentic Mexican food…Sonoran, New Mexican, Chihuahuan…etc. The Salvadoran food that attempts to pass as Mexican food and the Tex-Mex just don’t cut it.

    Or I’ll end up doing it myself.

    • Please do. God how I miss real Mexican food.

    • +1,000,000,000,000,000
      Couldn’t agree more, amigo/a!

    • agreed. New Orleans is not a “theme” and restaurants usually interpret the cuisine in a disgraceful manner… we don’t need two mediocre creole spots on the same block. I’d rather see only New Orleans Cafe.. not to mention, i liked the eggs at Left Bank/Slavia… oh well.

    • As someone who spent his teenage years growing up in New Mexico, you may not want to conflate New Mexican with “authentic Mexican.” Not the same at all. But I would love a real New Mexican restaurant around here…

      • His comment said authentic Mexican, but then listed regional Mexican cuisines.
        As such I’d assume the man is a genius and aptly referring to New Mexican – Hatch Green Chile, sopaipillas, carne adovada, blue corn enchiladas, breakfast burritos and bizcochitos.
        Could you imagine a Sadies, Gardunos, Padillas-esque place in that big Slaviya’s space?

        • Exactly — regional Mexican. Last I saw, Mexico hasn’t annexed the Land of Enchantment.

          Sadies — GOD yes. I live two blocks from Slaviya’s, and if a Sadies went in there I’d gain 30 pounds in the winter. Gardunio’s…meh, to me it’s kinda like the Lauriol PLaza of New Mexican (along with El Pinto). But I suppose beggers can’t be choosers!

          • NM and AZ where I went to law school is technically Old Mexico. Really it’s Indian Country/pueblo country…America was only the latest to steal it. Natives will get it back…eventually. We’re willing to wait.

        • Frontier…

          yes Hatch…but I’m a red guy myself.

  • When did Slaviya close? It can’t have been that long ago. How is it possible to turn around a new restaurant concept so quickly?

  • Good morning.

    I’ve followed Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe over more than twenty years at three address, the original on Columbia Road and two addresses on 18th Street.

    Bardia’s has always been good grub at an affordable price served by a most gracious and humble host whose been an enduring asset for all of us here in Adams Morgan like the Chauvets at La Fourchette, industrious tireless hard working folk serving lunch and dinner every day of the week when so many others come an go just passing through.

    I don’t really eat out all that much, but when I do I’ve never had a bad meal at Bardia’s, it’s been consistently good, always.

    This wide ample location of the old Ben Franklin 5 & 10 at 2424 18th Street has always had so much potential since Cities. Perhaps a more ample menu of both Cajun and Louisiana Creole can be brought to “A Taste of New Orleans” like Blackened Trout Meuniere, hearty paella-like fresh Creole Jambalaya, some real Oysters Rockefeller and sweet Bananas Foster.

    A New Orleans breakfast of Grits and Andouille Sausage Grillades, Pain Perdu, and Cafe au Lait with Beignets are all good breakfast fare,

    but nothing beats a Sunday brunch of a warmed plate of New Orleans Eggs Sardou;

    Poached Eggs with Hollandaise, Artichoke bottoms, Bechamel Creamed Spinach with a drop of Tabasco, buttered salty Grits and a little crumbled Bacon on top with a couple Gulf Shrimp, sweet Calas on the side and sweet White Wine.

    • spoken like a true rep.

    • Can’t agree more. Bardia is a truly great guy and Adams Morgan is lucky to have him in the neighborhood. Love the food, too!

    • you are making me drool… “Poached Eggs with Hollandaise, Artichoke bottoms, Bechamel Creamed Spinach with a drop of Tabasco, buttered salty Grits and a little crumbled Bacon on top with a couple Gulf Shrimp, sweet Calas on the side and sweet White Wine.” BRING IT ON!!! That sounds SO DELLICIOUS right now!

  • Oh no, where will all the eastern europeans now go? Seriously bummed. Is this for sure? I’m still seeing tickets being sold for $30 for their Halloween party. No announcement of closing, etc.

  • I’m pretty sure this space is jinxed.

    • Adams Morgan? Yeah, probably.

    • If someone would actually invest in a decent restaurant and not a just another nightclub claiming to be a restaurant with overpriced “theme” food, it might have a chance.

      After going to these clubs and seeing how trashed they get every night, its hard to think about eating in the same place.

  • Nothing ever really lasts in this space for long. Salvia would’ve been cool, if it hadn’t managed to attract only the creepiest Eastern Europeans in town.

    • Salvia’s still cool, if you can handle it.

    • There are creepy people everywhere. The times I went to Slaviya there weren’t a particularly high concentrarion of creepy people, but a good mix of Americans and Europeans–though I did go for specific events like to see certain bands play and watch the world cup finals. I will say this, the creepy people that come to mind from Slaviya were the typical weekender Adams Morgan types that came to bump and grind to some village brass band music or Roma brass. Weird. Anyway, I for one am sad to see it close. Where can I go for yummy feta fries and to dance the Hora?

  • This drives me nuts. When one thing works suddenly there are 15 everywhere. Cajun is the new trendy burger joint? Bardia is the nicest guy on the block- a true neighborhood gem- everyone should go there when this place opens. Actually everyone should go there now. At least it’s not a GameStop…

  • andy

    The guy from Bardia’s is the nicest, absolutely. The food is pretty good, but not something I need to eat every day.

    And in terms of repetition: has anyone ever counted how many peruvian and pizza by the slice places there have been in Adams Morgan?

    At least it’s not gonna be a west African tchotchke or smoke shop.

  • Is it going to be owned and operated by the same people? It seems that’s what happened when Left Bank turned into Slaviya.

  • Mexican? Speaking of sales reps that’s a solid try to jack the thread and passively get somebody else to plug casa Oaxaca. Oops.

    Bardia! We got your back dude! Think There’s a diff Cajun spot near Lauriol and that place Bayou near foggy bott. Bon temps

  • Oh jeeze, another? There’s also the Cajun Experience down the block at 18 & S or so.

    Listen, having lived in New Orleans for several years, I’m all for seeing some of these places crop up… It just better be done right, and by the right person, with a real connection to the city, it’s scene, and the cuisine, for me to give a damn at this point.

  • Oh noes, where will all the platinum eastern european blondes go now?? Also creepy guys in sweatpants.

  • I miss Cities. Gawd I’m old.

  • That really stinks. I’ve been wanting to try out that place and never got around to it. I love eastern European grub.

  • Just finished lunch at Bardia’s. Very nice food and reasonably priced. Meanwhile, a few doors up, the Slaviya menu is still posted outside.

  • I’ve never been to any of the restaurants housed at that location – I agree that it may be jinxed. From walking past it looks like such a large, open space, must be a bear to maintain and heat. I’m not optimistic about this new iteration sticking around.

  • Nooo!. Bardia and NO Cafe really are the best thing on that Adams Morgan block. He is one of the nicest guys I know, I only wish I had more money to spend there. If he gets supplanted by some glitzy, flair-over-substance NO-themed crapfest, then all hope for this sleazeball lawyer/politician/wannabe city is lost and I’m moving.

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