Info on Gourmet Pizza Coming to Barracks Row at 415 8th Street SE

More good news for Barracks Row. 415 8th St, SE (next to the coming Chipotle) will become a Gourmet Pizza spot. Following is a letter and rendering from the owner explaining his vision:

“I am writing today in response to all of the much-appreciated feedback that I have received with regards to my intentions of opening a dining establishment at 415 8th Street SE. Your comments will continue to play a critical role in my pursuits of joining your neighborhood.

My vision for this concept involves a fresh dining experience at a very affordable cost. Patrons will be presented with the ability to create a customized gourmet pizza using a variety of carefully sourced, fresh ingredients including gluten free, lactose free, and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. This is not a pizza slice shop, therefore delivery service will not be offered. We are simply looking to provide a top quality product, while focusing on time efficiency and affordability, where the average family of four can enjoy a healthy meal for approximately $30. In addition, I have taken into account socially responsible environmental practices with regards to packaging, store build-out and design.

Aesthetically, the restaurant will embody a clean, simple and inviting feel deriving inspiration from the fresh produce that we offer. With 35-40 seats in our dining area, Capitol Hill families and professionals will be able to enjoy their personalized product on location.

Capitol Hill & Barracks Row exudes a vibrancy and sense of community that has piqued my interest in launching the business in this neighborhood. I have had discussions with other restaurant operators currently on the block regarding neighborhood sensitivities, and have already put forth action in addressing operational concerns, such as: pest control and trash management. I look forward to presenting my plans for handling these issues to your community in the near future.

Attached is a rendering of the store; please contact me at [email protected] with any questions and/or concerns. I look forward to opening my doors to you this coming spring.”

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  • If this is true and they are actually good, this could mean competition for Seventh Hill, another gourmet pizza place a couple blocks away from here. I love Seventh Hill and its head chef, so I hope they do alright in spite of this. Seventh Hill’s disadvantage is limited seating.

    • SouthwestDC

      I don’t think 7th Hill is very good. Yes, they use high-quality ingredients, but it’s not like the customers don’t pay for it with the prices.

      A place that just makes good pizza and doesn’t charge a fortune for it would be welcome on the Hill.

      • I’m indifferent to their pizzas, but their Italian sandwich (made with the pizza dough) is excellent. I think this is going to leech customers away from Matchbox. The last two pies I had were poor. The crust was indistinguishable from frozen pizza.

        • SouthwestDC

          Thanks for the recommendation– I have been meaning to try their sandwiches. Of course, coming from NJ I’m hard to please when it comes to pizza. I still think the pizza I make at home is the best I’ve had in DC, which isn’t saying much.

      • Thanks for the support Caroline.

    • This isn’t really a threat to 7th Hill (which btw is currently expanding) but their edge is quality. That will unlikely be matched here..

  • You could argue also competition for matchbox as you can call ahead and pick up pizza. However, this guy still has to get exemption from the anc to open up the restaurant much like chipotle did.

  • The true test will be if it’s any good, a common issue with Capitol Hill area pizza. The price point sounds way too good to be true, but we shall see.

  • “This is not a pizza slice shop, therefore delivery service will not be offered.”


    • i think it means that they don’t know what they are talking about, and in the end, they don’t deliver.

      • Dining experience at a very affordable cost of approximately $30? For pizza?

        Especially with Matchbox and apparently 7th Hill (never been)nearby. Not to mention We the Pizza not far away.

        Good luck.

  • Yawwwwn. Sounds incredibly unexciting and sterile.

    Quick poll: does anyone actually take advantage of the customize option at pizza restaurants? Personally, I never do. Seems a little silly when you’re dining out.

  • Really? Have they not walked up and down the street and gone to Matchbox and 7th Hill? Both with loyal followings? What about sushi. I think a good sushi place would explode.

    • SouthwestDC

      There used to be a sushi place– Jodran’s 8– on Barracks Row. A lot of people complained about the slow service but I never had a bad experience and thought their sushi was decent. Unfortunately, they abruptly closed their doors in August and haven’t opened them since.

      • We’ve got a great sushi place under construction right now – Nooshi Sushi, of Dupont Circle fame, is opening a second location in 524 8th Street, SE, two doors down from Senart’s Oyster & Chop House. Look for them in a few months!

  • Whatever happened to the rumor that Nooshi was coming to Barracks row?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Last I heard Nooshi is still supposed to come to the old Chateaux Animaux space – I promise to update all retail/restaurant news on barracks row as progress is made.

  • OMG… They will make a killing. First, the state of pizza in DC is abhorrent, particularly in Capitol Hill. When I get off the metro after work there are plenty of nights when I just want to pick up a pizza or a burrito. We the Pizza takes way too long with slightly above average pie. I’m sure there are plenty of families and Marines who don’t want to deal with sitting down at Matchbox. Matchbox pizza is barely tolerable… and at those prices… ridiculous. Yeah, they will make a killing.

  • GiantSquid

    Ugh, not another pizza place. Not only is there Seventh Hill, Matchbox, and We the Pizza, but there’s also Pizza Boli’s right there. It’s better than an empty storefront but there are so many amazing cuisines out there.

    Regarding Nooshi, I walk past the old Chateaux Animaux store almost every day when I walk the dogs, and haven’t seen any movement on the property in months. If it’s actually going in, I’ll believe it when it opens.

    Someone should give the falafel ladies that are at the flea market on Sundays a store. They and their food are AMAZING!

    • SouthwestDC

      Ditto on the lack of movement at Nooshi. I walk by there often on the way to work and keep hoping I’ll see some sign of progress. A falafel place would be awesome.

    • Thanks for the feedback Giantsquid, are offering is quite a bit different than what’s out there, I hope to have the opportunity to show you soon.

  • Why not slices at lunch?

  • As a lucky taste-tester of this delicious yet healthy fare, I can attest 7th Hill has nada on Mr. Salis’ pizza – it is, in a word, amazeballs! How had this concept not been thought of before, I ask you? Now we just need one in NYC – Subway, eat your heart out! ~Elizabeth

  • I think he was referring to places like Pizza Bolis when he said it won’t deliver. That place puts out crap in a box that is only remotely appetizing at two in the morning. Matchbox has somewhat interesting concepts that fall short of expectations. And from the sound of it, 7th Hill is great but overpriced. If this guy can do a pizza that is awesome at a ten dollar pricepoint he’s got it made. I can’t wait for the Spring.

    • Thats correct Danny, and I am sorry if I was not clear in my letter. We will not be delivering as I believe its important to enjoy the in store experience. I can’t wait for the Spring either!

  • Matchbox is complete Hell. Getting in there is half the battle, I don’t like suffering from claustrophobia before I even sit down to eat. The pizza is meh. I’m not sure why people are willing to hand over mortgage payments for mediocre pizza at Matchbox. Pizza was created by God to be cheap. It is an abomination for it to break “regular people’s” wallets. I am glad this place seems to make more sense price wise but as others have stated, there is an over saturation of pizza places in this area that take themselves way too seriously. (Pizza Bolis does no, its delivery pizza, I doubt anyone expects a gourmet meal to ring their doorbell) Light a joint and enjoy the edible goodness of delivery pizza!

  • Thanks for your candid feedback Don, I will have house hold selections for those who do not want to customize, as I agree, some customers may not want to create their own product.

  • i’m moving out the area but I’m freaking pumped for the lactose free options when I come back and visit. I dont know of really any place that does that!

  • Thanks for the support clearbluewater! I hope you will consider us as a dining option when your back in town to visit.

  • I think this would be a wonderful addition to the area. The 400 block needs innovation, compared to whats there now. The other pizza options in the “area” are not as close as one might think. I, for one, (and am not the only one) do not cross Penn Ave to make my way over to 7th Hill pizza, “We The Pizza” is practically in a different neighborhood considering how far away it is from the Barracks Row area. Matchbox would be the closet “competitor” (if you would even call it that) and they seem to be drastically different. If you want to spend $24 for a crappy over priced pizza. People do not go to Matchbox for their pizza, they go for the bar scene and the broad menu options.,and then you have Boli’s, nuff said. On a side note, have we ever had an owner/operator go through the hassle of opening a business on this block like Mr. Salis has? Aren’t we relying on entrepreneurs to create job opportunities?

  • I think it would not bode well for a 1100 unit taco “chain” to garner an exception, but to not allow a local entrepreneur who wants to open next door the opportunity to do so. I understand we want to prevent legitimate fast food operations like say a Taco Bell from going on the block, which is why the exception exists. However, this is the “pear” to the “apple”. By no means, from the looks of the rendering above and from the sounds of the operation should this fall into the bracket of a Taco Bell. Fast food companies do not offer fresh ingredients or offerings for those with restrictions. Mr Salis does.

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