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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

And congrats to Hannah who wins the Mellow Mushroom $100 gift certificate! Thanks to all who entered.

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  • Rave: Miss Representation last night on OWN!
    Rant: Nothing


  • me

    Rant: Sitting in a freezing office.

    REVEL: Leaving for vacation tomorrow morning! I’ll be sunning myself off of the coast of South America for 9 days, WOOHOO!

  • Rant: Woman screaming at (her?) maybe 5-year-old, including dropping the F bomb this morning on 14th street.

    Rave: I was included on the interview process for a new team hire this week. So many great applicants, it was ridiculous.

    • When I see women like that I seriously want to bash their heads in. You don’t want kids? DON’T HAVE THEM. Abortion is legal (thank god).

      • nice, simplistic view. do you think they were raised any other way? it doesn’t absolve them of responsibility, but the problem is much more complex than you seem to think.

      • A mother losing her sh*t is pretty horrible, but I don’t get the jump to her really not wanting kids.

        And saying that any kid should have been an abortion simply because their parent isn’t the greatest is disgusting.

        • Then you’re being willfully blind. Walk the streets for a few days and you’ll see plenty of mothers treating their children like hated and unwanted burdens.

          You are also twisting my words. I said that if a mother doesn’t want the child, then she shouldn’t have the child. Acknowledgment that one is incapable or unwilling to raise a child is a very valid reason to have an abortion.

          • Sure, but then your argument is based on the false assumption that those who do want kids can parent them properly.

            I’m all for abortions. heck, i think the gov’t should hand them out for free, but a woman being a horrible mother is a hugely complex problem. she wouldn’t otherwise be doing everything right in life if she never had that kid.

          • Incorrect. The reasons are not inextricably linked. Someone may be perfectly capable of raising a child, but not want it. Or she may be (emotionally) incapable of raising a child, but still want to have it (e.g. to fulfill her own emotional needs of having someone love her). In either case, I firmly believe that abortion is the better option. N.B. – I specify emotionally incapable. Finances are not relevant here.

            How she lives her life if she never had the child is immaterial, and of no interest to me. The complexity of a problem is of interest only inasmuch as work may be done to remedy it. The notion that these women will somehow change and be loving, caring mothers “if they were just *educated*” strikes me as the height of 1970s naive idealism.

          • when on earth did I say that it’s because they weren’t educated? you’re simplifying the argument was my argument. (though, really, find me a harvard-educated mother who drops the f-bomb on her child.)

            anyway… who cares.

      • i think this is an exceptional advice “You don’t want kids? DON’T HAVE THEM”

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: It’s Friday!!

    Rant: I’ve thought every day this week was Friday. 4 days of disappointment.

  • rave: friday
    rave: weather
    rave: rangers!!

    rant: ready to go home, but have way too much to do to justify leaving anytime soon. maybe if i focused on work rather than posting on pop, i could be out of here in the next few hours. 🙂

  • Rant: Cruel and judgmental e-mail from my mom’s best friend about my supposed shortcomings as a loving daughter.

    Rave: Incredibly supportive husband and dad who helping me digest and move on.

    Rave: Great evening with friends/co-workers last night!

    • your mother’s best friend needs to mind her own business

    • Tell her to kick rocks!
      On the bright side at least she nor your mother didn’t plan an exorcism for you during Christmas Dinner and have the priest and church deacons come over to remove the evil ‘non supportive’ demons from your body.

    • Thanks guys- at least I know I’m not crazy, right? And Peaches- I hope your post isn’t from personal experience!!

  • Rant: Flyers taking runs out Vokoun last night.
    Rave: Capitals!

  • Rant: The INS taking forever on my citizenship application

    Rave: the new DC Street Tree Map! http://www.caseytrees.org/geographic/maps-tools/tree-map/index.php

    • pablo .raw

      I went through it; my green card process took like a month, the citizenship took like 3 years. It happens.

      • They are severely understaffed (and backlogged). If you’re from China/ Phillipines/ Mexico/ India then there is a multi year —> decade backlog. Just be patient and don;’t get in trouble. My girlfriend immigrated here when she was 7 and now works for DHS/ICE.

        • I had to contact Norton to figure out my citizenship application. They got back to me right away and they had a special person assigned just for those questions. Now, this was 3 years ago, so maybe the staff got cut. But worth a try.

        • The woman that interviewed me for my citizenship interview/test actually tried to recruit me to work there. Looking back I probably should have taken her up on it. A grade 12 job working with the Feds.

  • Rave: PoP has been sooo on his game the last month. Consistently scooping the mainstream media and other blogs alike. Congrats on being THE force for neighborhood news in DC, PoP!

    Rant: Hungover

  • Taken off salary, put on hourly. Potential for OT is good, still feel like I was demoted somehow.

    Looking forward to housework this weekend, only chance to get outside!

    • I can understand the “feeling demoted” part, but much of me wishes I was still hourly. Oh how much money I made…

      • Emmaleigh504

        Technically, I’m salary, but really I’m hourly. What does this mean? No overtime pay, but if I leave early, I get in trouble. Drives me nuts.

        • This is the definition of ‘salaried’. You’re asked to put in a minimum number of hours per week (which is why you get in trouble for leaving early).

          Sure, you don’t get OT, but theoretically, you are compensated more than an hourly person would be, so that’s the trade off. Potentially better benefits and security than an hourly worker, too.

          Also, your “OT” should count as comp time. That may be small consolation, though.

          • I’m with Emmaleigh on this one. While theoretically this is how it should work, practically many employers have no comp time and just because you work through your lunch hour doesn’t mean you ever get that hour of *your* time back. And god forbid you miss your bus in the morning and arrive 15 minutes late.

          • Emmaleigh504

            It doesn’t count as comp time. It used to in a weird off the books sort of way.

            I’m just annoyed b/c this salaried job does not work the same way as the salaried job I had before it, where we were allowed to leave early without using vacation time if it was under X amount of time.

            I also may be grumpy in general.

          • HAHA

            “I also may be grumpy in general.”

            Made me laugh.

  • rant: people who insist on using speakerphone at full volume with their office doors open. really?

    rave: it’s friday.

  • Rave: Ghostbusters last night on the big screen. “Where do these stairs go?” “They go up.”

    Rave: Making what looks like super easy Thai Pumpkin Soup tonight for dinner. Unsweeetened pumpkin, light coconut milk, red curry paste and lime. What could possibly go wrong?

    Rant: Have to pack this weekend, and carrying this baby is sapping up my energy. Ugh. Little bits at a time, I guess.

  • Rave: The replacement “Emergency No Parking” signs I put up last night (after the ones from Wednesday night had been torn down) were still up as of this morning! Hoping they stay undisturbed.

    • Did the Wednesday ones get blown off by the rainstorm? That happened to me once when I though some jerk had torn them down, only to find them tattered and wadded up near the gutter.

    • They appeared to have been torn down.

      I did wonder if maybe the rainstorm had torn them off… but a friend who was looking at the re-posted ones last night said he didn’t think a rainstorm could’ve done it. (I’d tied them with string, rather than just taping them.)

      As long as they stay put and my mover can get his van into the space, I’m happy!

  • Rant: I’ve had three ideas turned down for a final project for grad school.

    On that note, anyone want to throw out some ideas to get the wheels turnin’ in my brain? Something that could be spatially analyzed in the city.

    • Ugh…try and figure out the wonky street system in the district and how to improve traffic flow.

      Sorry, that was the first thought in my head.

    • The creation of bike lanes, CaBi, accessibility…
      -How it has changed the city landscape and made streets narrower?
      -How it has made an impact on short-distance commuting?
      -Created a new type of ‘city-dweller.’ (since the advent of CaBi, you’re able to travel farther and maybe try new things?)

      Hell, if I were writing/creating this, I would totally make it into a photojournalism project.

      I don’t know…I have biking on the brain.

    • Effect on traffic patterns and security risk by closing off streets around the Capitol and the White House? My guess is that by forcing more cars onto main arterials the security forces in this city have actually raised the risk overall since terrorists have a better chance blending in and attacking some higher-density areas. No idea how to test/analyse that hypothesis, however.

    • a wayfinding/ public art project.

  • Rave: Having brunch tomorrow with my uncle and cousins, whom I haven’t seen in over 5+ years.

    Rant: I am so tempted to put in my two weeks now. I am utterly bored out of my mind and loathe the job I’m in right now. I’m not happy or healthy working where I’m at now, but I don’t have any other jobs lined up.

    Rave: TGIF, no seriously. All I want to do this weekend is bake and play with my kitten this weekend. Any good recipes with apples other than apple pie, sauce or butter? I need a good apple cake recipe or something like that.

  • Rave: PoP’s recent coverage of the quirkiness and potential of Kennedy St.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: kind of a boring week.

    Rave: boring means nothing bad happened either.

  • rave: was at the flyers/caps game last night…

    rant: i’m so confused as to who to root for anymore. I grew up a Yanks, Giants, Rangers fan… lived in philly for college and rooted for the phillies cuz they were kind of sucky and don’t matter to the yanks, lived in the district for 3 years and rooted for the caps because heck the games are really fun and i like the fan base, and moved back to philly this year and I was so confused last night. I actually went to put my caps shirt on by habit and then realized, “oh wait I’ll probably get the crap beat out of me”.

    And in general, does anyone else have a hard time staying loyal to the teams they grew up loving (if you didn’t grow up in DC)? I feel so… wishy-washy.

    Rave: freaking friday! going to a haunted penitentiary tomorrow night with the boyfriend, my best friend, and her new husband 😀

    rantish: I really miss my job in DC 🙁

    • Are you going to Eastern State?
      I lived in Philly for many years and NEVER went!! I’m so bummed I missed out.
      Have a wonderful time- I’ve heard it’s awesome.

      • yeah! i went a few years ago (just realizing that few equals 7 years ago, holy crap) and it was terrifying! I get scared really easily, so we’ll see how this turns out :/

        • My boyfriend worked at Eastern State when he was in college (10+ years ago) and we went together when we were in Philly last month. He said that they had a lot more sections open now than when he worked there, so you’ll probably have a totally different experience than seven years ago. I thought it was great! Very interesting and it’s cool that they’re trying to continue to restore sections.

    • I’ve never had a hard time because DC teams suck. And my home town doesn’t have a NHL team, so I can adopt the one good pro team (aka the Capitals) as my own.

    • I have stayed completely loyal to my home town teams — Flyers (last night…ouch!), Phillies and Eagles — even though I’ve lived in DC for 30 years. It was so deeply engrained in me as a kid, it will never change.

      I do love hockey so I go to a lot of Caps games, but will never be a Caps fan, no matter how hard I try…

  • Mostly a rave: HOUSE HUNTING!!!!!! 😀

  • pablo .raw

    Question: Does anybody know when/if the rapture is really happening this time? I’m trying to plan a trip out of town for later today. Thanks!

    • I think NPR said a couple of days ago that it is supposed to, but if it doesn’t, we have to wait until December 2012 when the Mayans say it’s gonna happen.

      Perfect CAPTCHA for this topic: F8L8

    • Uh oh…all of my office mates are out to lunch and I’m the only one here. Have I been LEFT BEHIND?!?!?!?

    • From what I read when using the googles it looks like 6pm pacific.

      I told off my boss and quit my job.

      I am also planning to call my ex wife and tell her off in a bit.

      Then I’ll be 100% ready!

  • Rant: Bank employees at Wells Fargo that seem impossibly lost in the bureaucracy, even though it’s months after the buy-out of Wachovia. I’m seriously thinking about switching to a credit union and wishing that our mortgage wasn’t through Wells Fargo so that we didn’t have to deal with them again.

    Rave: The weekend! Taking care of vet visits on Saturday, then doing absolutely nothing on Sunday. Can’t wait.

  • Rave: First raise in 3 years!

    Rant: I’m still the 99%

  • Bear

    Rant: This has been the most insane month I’ve had in a long time. Boss retired with 3 days notice. Led a $2m proposal. Sent to Uganda to kick off a pilot project with 4 days notice. Led another $2m proposal. Spent 10 days in Uganda. Got a new boss, have to justify my position/salary to him. Just took on another $5m proposal. Have two larger projects looming in the distance.

    I’m tired.

    • at least it sounds like you should be able to justify yourself. you should sneak in an argument for a pay raise while you’re at it.

  • Rave: Got my organizational approvals to fly to China!

    Rant: Not sure I have the time and energy to go, but f-it, I’ll do my freakin’ best!

  • Rant: This is embarassing, but I’m on the rag at work & just bled on my chair. How do I get the stain out??

    • Um wow. Maybe Resolve?

    • Hmm… try treating it ASAP with soap (even if it’s just a smidgen of liquid soap from a dispenser in the office bedroom) and warm water.

      What fabric/color is the chair?

      • Not warm water. Always cold water for blood.

        • That’s what my mom always told me… but in my experience, warm water works better for getting the stain out, even if (in theory) hot water is to be avoided because it makes the stain set.

          Maybe if it’s warm but not hot, it’s OK?

    • That happened to me once. And I used baking soda from the work freezer and warm water. It worked because the stain hadn’t set it. Don’t be embarrassed, shit happens.

    • This is my period nightmare.

      Any club soda in the fridge?

    • Hydrogen peroxide. And a leather chair next time.

    • Switch it with a co-workers chair

    • wait patiently for Postmenst.
      captcha code V (hh) 8

    • Thanks for the tips! The material is some sort of synthetic office-chair fabric. I scrubbed the spot with wet sudsy paper towels from the bathroom, and I’m still waiting for it to dry to see if it came out.

      Fortunately my contract is ending, so I can swap chairs with one of the already-evicted cubes nearby, or just ride it out for another week until I change locations. Still, I’d rather not leave behind a gross chair if I can help it. I wish someone would design a tampon that lasts more than 2 hours on a heavy day!

      • If you’re ever interested in suppressing your period completely, look into extended-cycle contraceptives like Seasonale, Seasonique, or NuvaRing.

        I went that route because of debilitating cramps, but if you’re dealing with very heavy flow, it might be appealing for that reason.

        • I get debilitating cramps sometimes too. I guess that’s why I’ve never had the problem– often I have to take a sick day because I can’t get out of bed. I’ll look into that!

          • I had just had a hysterectomy. Much easier. Glad all that’s done with.

          • I probably should just do that. At my sister’s wedding I bled through my bridesmaid dress– twice! Luckily then it rinsed right out.

          • Doesn’t having a hysterectomy mean you have to deal with full-on menopause all at once, and suffer from the side effects associated with menopause?

            (I figured “No tubes” was probably joking.)

            Seems like it would be easier to control the bleeding/cramps by chemical means rather than surgical ones.

          • actually, diet and exercise are the best options. after 15 years on half a dozen types of birth control, I realized how messed up it is that we take these powerful hormones all the time. it screwed up my health. at least I don’t have a kid, I guess.

      • what about your clothes?

  • Rant: I wore a new bra today that’s too tight. Sigh.

    • I feel you. Do you have any bras that actually fit? Because I don’t.

      • Me neither. My size is always sold out!

        • I just mean no matter what size I get, the bra doesn’t fit right. rides up in the back, falls off the shoulder, cups are too close together, etc. etc. I’m a very normal size too.

    • Go to Nordstrom or a fancy bra store to get fitted. It’s AMAZING. Life changing.

      I now pay a disgusting amount of money for each bra, but my clothes fit better, I look better and they last for YEARS!

  • Why do I feel like I’m reading the Lifetime Channel’s blog?

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