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Photo by PoPville flickr user theraspberryexpress

theraspberryexpress writes:

“A Virginia pig’s liver, belly, Virginia dairy milk infused with warm spices, eggs, salt, diced fatback. Wrapped in bacon. 1 of 2 for sale at AM Wine Shop in Adams Morgan.
Rich, savory and spreads quite nicely on warm, toasted bread. Accompanied by a Mâcon Village ($18) is a pleasant start for autumnal evening decompression.”

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Photo by PoPville flick user julianne’s

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  • Does not look kosher.

  • “a pleasant start for autumnal evening decompression”

    Ugh…someone is trying way too hard to sell something.

  • I think I just died from a heart attack via PoP.

  • I think you meant that to sound appetizing? Are you trying to describe a pate? If so, perhaps describing food is not your forte. I love all pork nose to tail. I love pate, but you make it sound pretty disgusting.

  • “Get your haggis right here. Chopped heart and lungs boiled in a wee sheep’s stomach. Tastes as good as it sounds. Good for what ales you.”

    -Groundskeeper Willie

    • I recalled this Simpsons’ moment as I had my first bite of Haggis last month in Scotland. He’s right. It tastes as good as it sounds.

  • Which part sounds disgusting? Liver?

  • Funny, the cold weather has me hankering for comfort food from home. Tourtiere and clam chowdah for tomorrow.
    Really has nothing to do with the above other than I need to remember to get ground pork. Thanks PoP!

  • It seems geared to a more tolerant palate than the burger, beer and fried crowd, and that is ok. For many outside of our borders, that kind of use-all-the-animal charcuterie is quite normal, even sought.

    Many of our excessive, highly processed eating habits aren’t as revered world wide as we think.

    • +1K
      This pate sounds delicious. Maybe it’s not a beginner’s pate (campagne) and maybe it’s a little over the top in it’s use of pork belly instead of a leaner cut to match the liver. But, all in all, this is eating to the weather.

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