Mt. Vernon Square Neighborhood Happy Hour to be Located at Strip Club

“Dear PoPville,

Attached is the events section for the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association. Please pay particular attention to Tuesday October 18th, right underneath Playground Night. Am I getting old or is this one of the dumbest moves ever. Maybe they are being ironic but I don’t know how you go to a strip joint ironically.”

The announcement is also posted [though note at the top of the page there is a line that says “The views expressed on this blog are of the individual posting and are not official positions of the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association (MVSNA)”] in the Life in Mount Vernon Square blog:

“MVSNA will be meeting at our usual day & time, Tuesday October 18th, 7:30pm, at the Yale Loft Condo Lobby, 437 NY Ave NW. This will be a VERY brief meeting with a presentation from the NY Ave Playground Group. (the playground is located at NY, Kirby & N Sts NW).

At 8pm, we will head over to Louis’ Rogue at 5th & K Sts NW for a neighborhood happy hour. Please note that this is an adult establishment and thus not suitable for children.

One commenter notes:

“So the meeting about a playground shooting will be “VERY brief” in order to allow everyone to rush over to the all-nude strip club? This is a sad and pathetic statement about this organization’s priorities.”

There is also a Facebook Page for the event titled Happy Hos Happy Hour.

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  • Just when I think D.C. can’t get any more awesome (between the FBI investigating the mayor, one council member after another getting busted with shady money deals, etc.), something like this goes down. In your face, Detroit.

  • Uhh…what!?
    This has to be a joke. Did anyone notice that the next meeting is at The EAGLE?! I kid you not. Look at the link to the site.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a proud,out,honest,gay man but why would you hold a meeting there? Even by gay standards, this place is a raunchy dive!
    My bets are that this is all a joke.

  • Haunted Hos Happy Hour…i’m really just speechless. It’s funny, sad, infuriating, hilarious and confusing all at once.

  • I never thought about moving to the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood… until now. Playas gonna play, hatas gonna hate. Play on, MVSNA!

  • i’ve never been, but i’ve ben told that they have something for everyone there.

  • maybe the buffet is just that good

  • I live in the wrong neighborhood.

  • I think Petworth should start organizing Happy Hours at THE HOUSE! Who is with me!?!?

  • Thats awesome. These are meetings I would attend.

  • I hope the MVSNA gets a chance to respond to this, and that’s appended to this story.

  • What a travesty. All local neighborhood meetings should be dry, dull affairs where we sit and listen to someone drone on endlessly about curb height restrictions. Anyone trying to have fun and engage with their fellow neighbors at any establishment aside from a city approved, child-safe park is clearly outrageous.

    And Haunted Hos Happy Hour? There has never been a greater insult in the history of written language. Surely the organizers should be flogged in the streets, and not asked questions about the event or asked to clarify their position at all before we denounce them further.

    In fact, why should the people who live in these neighborhoods and organize their own neighborhood meetings be allowed to do so without supervision? Clearly they cannot be trusted. I glanced at their invitation for twenty seconds and have never been to one of their meetings, nor do I live in their neighborhood, but I feel I have a much clearer sense on what their priorities should be.

    This injustice shall not go unanswered.

    • I don’t think that neighborhood activities should necessarily be dull, dry activities. I’d go to a bar with my neighbors for sure. But it’s probably a special sort of person that wants to attend a strip club with his neighbors. And this is coming from someone who has been to strip clubs, voluntarily, more than once.

      And Hos is derogatory and sexist, if we’re going to go that way.

      Bottom line: It’s not a neighborly activity.

  • But aren’t they supporting local establishments? I’m just askin’…

  • @NotHere

    Just an FYI, the House is currently undergoing some interior remodeling so it might not be the best venue until early November when the construction is complete. To be clear, it’s still open for business however the space is a little cramped because of the work in the main stage area.

    • That’s alright, I prefer the second stage anyway, where all the hipster girls and young mothers from the neighborhood strip.

  • I live in the neighborhood and support the MVSNA. Some of the commentators obviously didn’t read the description as this is a happy hour AFTER the community meeting. They aren’t holding the community meeting itself in the strip club. The Rogue is a long time, established fully legal neighborhood establishment and the organizer gave a disclaimer so that people would know that it is an adult establishment. If you don’t want to go to a strip club for happy hour, then don’t go. That is one of thing things that makes this neighborhood great, the people and establishments there come in all shapes an sizes. If I wanted to live in a neighborhood where everyone looked like me I know where I would live. In other words, get over it.

    • Ok. Why a strip club? I’m just curious why that particular establishment was chosen.

      • Why not?

        • Well for practical reasons, first of all. Women rubbing their bits in your face doesn’t really give people much of an opportunity to socialize with their neighbors. And I thought that would be the intention.

          • Umm, I would recommend you not get a lap dance, as that is the only way you get close to the bits when they’re dancing on stage. And commenting on activities in the bar are great ways to socialize with your neighbors.

            Some people would not attend a community event in any strip club. Some would not attend a community event in any bar. Some would not attend a community event in any church. Which is why you have various events in various places to get variety in the neighbors that come out to play.

            Other than that, it’s a respectable business in the community. I’m impressed with the MSVNA for being able to respect all the legal establishments in their area.

          • Ha. Clearly the strippers did not like you enough to get that close to you 🙂

            So, “Look at that chick’s boobs” is a great conversation to have with your neighbor?

            This isn’t, I’m assuming, a classy Vegas-style strip club.

          • Ha, clearly strippers get as close as the money and the stage allows them too. Even if you are hideous 🙂

            “Look at that chick’s boobs” says Neighbor1
            “Wow. Those babies should not be covered by pasties” Responds Meg.
            “That reminds me of the time we went to Spain and……” responds neighbor2

            Then 1 hour later…..
            “Look at mild-mannered midwestern Meg, going a tad crazy for the redhead with the marmaduke tattoo.” says Neighbor1

            “Wonder if her gramma taught her to yodel like that” responds Neighbor2

            Conversation can be had and any person with good observational and conversational abilities would be fine… if the nudity is something they can handle, of course.

            Vegas is not classy.

          • Let’s not pretend that people go to strip clothes to appreciate the girls’ athletic ability. And no, I won’t believe for a second that those conversation ACTUALLY happen, and I’m sure you don’t either.

            Like I said above, I’ve been to strip clubs, and I don’t pass judgement on the girls. I just pass judgement on the guys that frequent them. Any neighborhood that wants to showcase an establishment like this as the highlight of their area…well, I’d question that. It’s like having your social hour at a porn store. “That’s a fine dildo here; I thoroughly enjoy it. Have you used it on yourself yet?”

          • Yes Meg, those conversations DO happen. We’ve actually sat at the bar and discussed baby names for my friend’s kid, with some of the strippers chiming in (apparently Frodo is not a good middle name for a nerds kid). It was great when the dad-to-be’s 8 month prego wife popped in because he had left his stack of ones at home.

            I just pass judgement on the guys that frequent them

            And therein lies YOUR problem. Not everyone has a problem with sex shows, not everyone has a problem looking at naked gyrating individuals. You tolerated going to a strip club. Other people ENJOY going to a strip club.

            This is one out of 12 gatherings. Some people won’t attend this one. I would never step foot in a church because in my judegmental way I think all church people are mentally deficient. Should there be no community gatherings in churches then? Should teetotalers be upset because there is a community gathering at A BAR! Oh the horror.

            By the by, if you are looking at girls… I question the strip club you attended. That is a tad perverted.

          • Like I said, I take no issue with people that go to strip clubs or work at them. But I also take no issue with people who go to porn shops either. But is it something that should a group activity with people you don’t know?

            Per your last comment – I’m sorry. I didn’t realize a girl couldn’t look at other girls. I’ll go back to the kitchen. Next thing you’ll say is that a man can’t love another man.

            In respect of PoP’s call for civility, I’ll refrain from voicing my opinion of you.

          • Girls are not women. Get it now?

            Yes, I find it to be a fine group outing. Yes, i find it a fun way to break the ice with people you do not know – if everyoner is comfortable being in the club.

            First you say you pass judgement on the guys that frequent srip clubs (not passing judgement on the lesbians?) and then you say you are fine with them. If you are fine with it, what are you judging?

            Please do withold your opinion. I am not sure it would make any sense to me.

          • Jeez, you’re a clever one.

            By saying “I take no issue” means I wouldn’t actually want to PREVENT people from going to this. This is America, and it’s a legal business. But that doesn’t mean that I think there might be something wrong with the man (or woman) that goes to them often. Or the one that thinks that it’s a good way to break the ice with people he doesn’t know.

          • Yes, I am clever like that. Your subtle attempt to stick it to me (your last sentence) is not.

            You remind me why I moved away from the righteousness of midwestern thought. Because it fears the unashanmed expression of sexuality; it is two-faced, dishonest and puerile.

      • Why a strip club? Because some people can appreciate the beauty of human bodies.

    • Translation of the above from JohnDnDC

      “I live here and I think my neighborhood is better than yours because we have strip clubs. How dare you criticize these establishments. We’re awesome and so accepting and so diverse and have so many people that arent like us. But the one thing we cant stand are people that disagree with us.”

      Got it, thanks.

      • You forgot to add “And I frequent strip clubs so much that all the ladies know me.”

      • The translation should have actually read: You are welcome to criticize all you want and if you don’t like the happy hour location, don’t attend. I think it is a great idea to showcase the diversity of establishments in the neighborhood and this perfectly legal business is located in our neighborhood. It has been here since the 1980’s and obviously meets a business need, otherwise it wouldn’t have been in business so long. As another person commented, if the happy hour was planned for a burger joint, then the vegetarians may decide they don’t want to attend. DC has strip clubs, they are in our neighborhoods and we should engage with them to help better our communities.

        • Maybe I haven’t seen enough, but I’ve only known neighborhoods with strip clubs to thrive in spite of them, not because of them.

          • Stadium Club in NE has gotten a lot of positive press on their menu, chef, and bringing people to the neighborhood. Of course, there was also the negative press on the developer supposedly using city money to build it, but that was a recent addition to a neighborhood that could be considered economic development. On another note, the City of Cleveland actively recruited a gay bathhouse to a neighborhood there to help spur economic development. There are people who enjoy adult entertainment and this particular club has been in the neighborhood for decades and I applaud the organizers for bucking the PC police and patronizing a legal, established business. If you don’t like it, then don’t go, no one is forcing you.

          • I realize that. And like I said, I’ve only known what I’ve seen.

  • Daaaaayum….I miss the old ‘hood, and it hasn’t even TWO months since I moved outta M St.!

    (please take this for the sarcasm that it is. MVSNA does a lotta good things).

  • I only have one thing to say to this supposed organization … Mercedes to the main stage … Mercedes to the main stage.

  • I live in the neighborhood and actually got this flyer left at my front door a couple days ago. First I wondered if it was a joke…and then I found it kind of hilarious. But the Rogue is a local neighborhood business, and attendance is obviously voluntary, so I don’t have a problem with it. The only thing that bothers me is the “Haunted Hos” tagline. That’s a derogatory term. (Are they referring to the dancers as hos? Not OK.)

  • This wouldn’t be a problem with this if it were a couple of guys meeting up, I might even join them. The problem here is that they are holding a community event at a place where roughly 50% of the community is going to feel uncomfortable (give or take some adventurous or sensitive souls on either side). Holding an event where a major portion of the community is uncomfortable going is effectively excluding them from the event, making them unable to meet, socialize and further discuss community matters. It would be exclusionary (and unprofessional) to hold a work happy hour at Louis’ and I think a neighborhood association should be held to a similar standard in this regard.

    I don’t think people were trying to exclude others, in spite of that moronic “Haunted Hos” tag, but this was the effect.

  • They are not holding the meeting at the strip club. They are just saying that people have the option to join them there after the meeting.

    It was probably the wrong choice to broadcast that invitation formally rather than informally as to avoid the e-drama this is causing. But I know several of the MVSNA officers and I think I have some understanding why they are organizing this. Louis Rogue is a notorious establishment in the neighborhood but nearly none of the residents have stepped foot in it. People aren’t comfortable going in there. I think organizing a group outing is just to allow those curious to see the establishment to do so with safety in numbers. Secondly, I think there is some ironic element involved.

    I won’t be joining b/c I’ve been to strip clubs enough to know that place can’t be anything but severely depressing.

  • “We just wish that more people would get up in arms about the shootings, murders, prostitution and other crimes, poor-performing schools, badly timed crosswalk lights, and homelessness in our neighborhood as they have with a group having a social meeting in a strip club.”

    Well said.

  • houseintherear

    This whole post and comment thread is making me kind of ill. 🙁

  • Very, very well said. Now I miss MVNA 🙁

  • I can get behind all of what you said. I support local business. I even *gasp* support strip clubs, and peoples’ right to frequent and work in them. But when you referred to women as “Hos,” you lost me. Clearly it’s not about the community; at the very least, not respectful.

  • But why did you specifically call it a “Haunted Hos” happy hour? Because that really is pretty derogatory and disgusting. Are you calling the women employed by your neighborhood business hos? That’s not very neighborly of you and while you say you’re not discriminating against the business, it clearly sounds like you’re judging the women who work there, which isn’t a whole lot better.

  • its kind of a joke referring to our neighborhood which has been a hot n nasty area for prostitution. and dildos. many dildos.

  • +1 Rob.

    Next time Rob, call it Haunted (panty)Hose, so you don’t annoy the people. If that had not been there, I am sure no one would have complained about the naked women.

  • Keep in mind that this is what the neighborhood can enjoy without entering a club.

  • If you could turn self-righteousness into $1 bills, this comment section would pay for the outing itself. It’s a legal business & nobody’s forced to go. Look at it this way, this bar is the kind of place where you’d normally go for all those beers like PBR, Stroh’s, Busch (pun intended), etc. that have become such hipster favorites. If you want to drink dive bar beers, don’t be afraid to go to dive bars.

    • Well said The Heights! With the recent popularity of pole dancing classes you’d think learning the moves of a professional would be worth the price of entry.

      Agreed that Hos was a poor choice of wording because it implies an illegal activity – those dancers make an honest living and I can respect anyone with that level of self confidence.

  • An update:
    Bags, including purses, are not allowed – so you will have to check them in the door
    No photography – including the media

    See y’all at Yale, 7:30pm then on to the Rogue at 8pm!

  • At first I thought this was a moronic thing to do, and maybe the “Hos” thing was a little over the top. However, after reading your comment and others here, why not? The MVSNA is a neighborhood association, not a church (not that church-goers don’t sneak in there), it’s a legal establishment, and as far as I know, a good neighbor.

    Sorry I missed it. You all at the MVSNA really have some moxie.

  • I wish I knew about this earlier. At first I thought it was crazy, but you know what? I see their point. Establishments like Louis Rogue & the Eagle would be far less intimidating if we could see what’s on the other side of it – for those of us not gay and not dirty ol’ men, it’s a LOT less intimidating to go as a group. I like that MVSNA is demystifying these establishments. We’re moving to Mt Vernon Sq in 2 wks, I look forward to all the social outings!

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