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  • Mr. Magoo becomes a hearse driver.

  • Standard issue Maryland plate.

  • “Joe was so anxious to get the new Prius listed on craigslist for $3,000, that he bought it sight unseen.”

  • The first time, he rides in the front. All other times, he rides in the back.

  • After he hits you – he will give you a ride to where you are going. Heaven or Hell?

  • ledroittiger

    There was a car parked on 5th NW south of Florida yesterday that had the same thing – a wheelchair and the word EVIL. Also MD I believe.

  • Right “hearse” the spot where Mr. Blind parks.

  • There is a 6 foot tall woman who drives this car. Beautiful and enchanting in every way. The car just adds to the mystery.

    • WOW!!! If this was a perfect world she would ask PoP to post a picture of her standing near the hearse.

  • I’m guessing she made a mistake spelling “Bling”.

  • andy

    1. could be the company’s name;
    2. could be an advocate for the blind;
    3. could be some nickname for the owner for some obscure reason;
    4. also, due to vehicle size, vehicle could be used as a duck blind.

  • My guess is that the back of the wagon opens up and allows for a wheelchair to go into the back, and that the person in the wheelchair is blind, therefore they have a handicap signified license plate with the vanity designation BLIND.

    • Of all the things posted here this actually sounds somewhat reasonable. So this is DEFINITELY not right. 😉

  • Best vanity plate I’ve ever seen (in Farifax): I H8 66. Couldn’t agree more.

  • If I got one that read “DEAF,” do you think that the other drivers would stop honking at me and the cyclists would stop swearing?

  • “Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see.”

  • Marion Barry’s latest Ward 8 campaign slogan “Barry Lives for Incorporating New Development” was a revealing choice for his new Vanity plates.

    • Lame. Marion may have a long list of questionables, but it’s no doubt he had a HUGE impact on the changes that happened RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from where this picture was taken. 14th Street and Logan Circle started its revitalization with the Reeves Center… if not for that, you’d still have hookers on this corner. Recognize.

      • 14th and U is now Ward 8? I missed that update! Thanks!

      • 1st: It’s Ward 8, and Reeves is Ward 1/2.. so we go with Ms. Jackson:
        What have you done for me lately (ooh ooh ooh ooooh yeah)

        2nd: Reeves opened in the 1986 and U Street did not begin to redevelop until the mid 90’s – the Metro had way more to do with rebuilding U than that hunk of concrete known as the Reeve Center. What businesses are in Reeves Center? Any good restaurants? The Reeves Center was hosting stabbyfest dance parties throughout the 90’s… hardly urban renewal. Logan Circle started it’s revival in the middle to late 90’s after the Whole Foods (that was slated to go in at 13th & V) was moved to P street due to Shaw resident hostility.

        So… not so much on the revitalization due to Reeves.

        Now, throw out some history that it was Barry who started the Verizon Center/Chinablock redo.. and people would be gobsmacked. He was a fascinating man, before he became a caricature of uselessness.

        • keep talking as you have that beer at Marvin. That building started the revitalization, as much as you think it’s a slab of concrete. p.s. the same people responsible for Verizon are responsible for Reeves. they’re actually responsible for a TON of DC notables.

          • Keep talking as you dream your never happend dream.

            The Reeves Center is a collosal failure of revitalization. How many restaurants, shops or other retail is in this center, right now? How much has it ever had? How could it start revitalizing… when that didn’t occur until the mid 90’s?

            That wretched dance club was the ONLY thing in the building in the late 90’s that was making any money, as people poured out of it and pissed all over my apartment every friday night on their way back to maryland.

            PS. I know about the people that handled reeves also started Verizon, which is a GOOD revitalization project. That’s why I was hoping you’d log in on it.

            But alas, apparently not. Revise away. It’s a dc thing.

        • you have no soul

          • I was here when both that urban planning disaster the Reeves center was built and when the Metro opened. Metro did more to drive the redevelopment of Logan/U. How’s that unemployment rate in Ward 8 doing BTW?

      • don’t ever let truth get in the way of a good joke.

  • hasn’t anyone seen Six Feet Under? C’mon, kids…

  • There’s a hearse I’ve seen parked on 16th near Columbia Heights and sometimes in Adams Morgan that has a pair of shoes strategically placed up against the back window. Kind of creepy.

  • a hearse is a glorified station wagon.

  • a station wagon is a glorified hearse

  • i was here when the Reeves was being designed and 14th street was a shell…. the head of the firm responsible for the reeves center patrolled 14th when it was being set on fire in the riots… what have you done for the city, soulful?

    • What do you mean “What have I done for the city”

      From your paragraph above… you live here and pay taxes. So do I. You’ve lived here longer than I, I’ve lived here longer than most others on this blog. So what?!?!

      The riots were 43 years ago – it might be time to stop measuring DC residents ONLY by what they did in a horrific destruction of the city. My mom was 20. I wasn’t born yet.

      What exactly has the Reeves Center done? There was an open drug market at 14th & W until 2000, when the police ripped the phones outta the corner grocery (good timing, eh). The block of V between 14th & 15th is still a fascinating place to walk down. The condo’s in the alley between 13th and 14th was a chopshop until 2001. 14th street was still a shell in the mid 90’s, unless you count 20 street front churches and a HIV clinic as great revitalization? U Street was a wreck throughout the 90’s – with restaurants slowly opening after those from the late 80’s/early 90’s closed.

      Nothign really big happened in this area until the early 2000’s… 14 years after Reeves opened, 9 years after Metro opened. I definitely think the Metro had way more to do with bringing people to the area than a 1 restaurant government building ever did.

      But This isn’t a pissing contest. So, let’s get back to the point:

      What has Barry done for Ward 8? Cue ms. jackson

      • but isn’t it?

      • think what you want, soulful, i’ll do the same. my DC is different than yours… it is what it is… i’m sure you’ve had enough of my comments on this thread as i’ve had enough of yours… though i do wish we could discuss (hash this out) face to face, i’m tired of typing

        • No, i haven’t had enough, I could type all day.
          We live in the same city, we just see it differently, as age, life-lessons and race do have very very different lenses. I would love to sit down and discuss the differences. Email pop for my email attached to this post, if you want a sit down.

          History is why I moved here. The city is why I stayed.

  • “Patrolled 14th when it was being set on fire in the riots. . .???” Clearly he was not effective.

    • he was in the army, Victoria…. don’t be obnoxious just to be obnoxious. there were a lot of people in the army patrolling DC after MLK got assassinated. People were pissed and the city was burning. don’t be flippant about a significant portion of DC history.

      • Be clear then Veronika – you made him sound like a valiant leader nobly defending against the riotous mobs. Being a dutiful soldier on patrol as ordered by one’s superior officers is in no way shameful – but not at all the same thing.

        I was a child, but I was here during the riots. It was, like most upheavals of civilizations for 1000 years, a time when the wronged and the vile, the debased and the generous, the violent and the kind clashed in passion and woundings.

  • DOES anyone know the model of Cadillac this hearse is, year?

  • justice in the front, inevitability in the rear.

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