Good Deal or Not? “2 BR/1 & Den (you decide)” edition

This condo is located at 1020 Fairmont St, NW:

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The flier says:

“JUST REDUCED $15K! Be first one to enjoy this 2 BR/1 & Den (you decide). Gorgeous Hrdwds, stainless steel, gas cooking, stunning cabinets, spacious layout complete with breakfast bar, low condo fee & space for in-unit W/ D (Comm Laundry in Basement). Compare with the competition! Just steps to 11th St. restaurants, Col. Heights/METRO and U St. ! Buy BB & T w/ zero down!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

So what are we deciding whether or not it is 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom with a den? Anyway, $309,900 ($212 monthly condo fee) sound realistic?

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  • I think it’s just a 1BR… I can’t find a den OR a 2nd BR. Price is probably ~20k high.

  • There’s basically that nook created by the half wall in the bedroom; I think that’s what they are calling the den. Price isn’t terrible but not great.

  • I think the den is supposed to be that little seating area with a single wing chair & bookcase. But yeah the 2nd bdrm is MIA.

  • seems cheap even for a 1 br withOUT den.

  • The first bedroom doesn’t have a door, and from the photo’s the “den” is off the bedroom, so… 1 bedroom with den/sitting area/small nursery is my opinion.

    And, I think it’s a pretty ok deal.

  • yeah I think the “den/2nd br” is that weird sitting room attached to the master. which is a cool little spot but not useful for anything but an office or something.

    still I could see something like this as very solid first place. I feel like it would seem like a steal at 299 given the rarity of anything under 300 in CH proper. reasonable fees for once as well.

  • nice clawfoot tub, tasteful. but $443 psf? too much for that area.

  • There’s not even one bedroom in here. A giant archway between the bedroom and living room? Yeah, that’s going to work when the baby is trying to sleep. Not! This is a junior one bedroom with a reading nook. Pretty good price, but I think you could find a real one bedroom a little more west for a little more $.

    • +1. I’m surprised they can legally say it even has one br. I thought a br had to have a window, closet, and door. no wonder it hasn’t sold even at this cheap price. bad deal.

    • +1. It’s a junior one-bedroom with a little sitting room.

    • I have been in this unit and it is not a Jr. 1 BR. There is a door between the bedroom and the living as well as a closet and windows, everything you need for a bedroom. The “giant archway” divides the living room from the entryway.

  • That’s the most depressing bathroom I’ve ever seen.

    • I agree! I have a clawfoot tub currently, and while it is attractive, it’s not very comfortable to bathe in.

  • You can buy a whole house for that down the road. . .

  • over priced by 9k. My condo was has same square footage. it went for 299,999

  • Can’t imagine paying that with no washer/drier.

  • As others have pointed out, calling this a 1 bedroom, let alone a 2-bedroom, is an effing joke. Bad deal, bad realtor.

  • They will be lucky to get what they paid for it back in March of 2008, $290,450. I wouldn’t pay it.
    No laundry in the unit, no central AC (window unit put into a hole in the wall is not a wall unit), definitely not a two bedroom, the “den” is a stretch too.

  • Price aside, I’d pass on the BUILDING itself (any and all units). I know things. . .

  • The archway is between the bedroom and the sitting area with the chair and bookcase. It looks like there is a doorway between the bedroom and living room.

    • Agreed, I think that’s the case. Another reason to make sure you take good photos, or better yet use Mouse on House.

  • The ad says there’s space for a washer/dryer in the unit.

  • Bad deal. This is a jr. one bedroom. Looks to have electric floor heaters too, which is just about the most expensive and inefficient heating system possible.

  • This is a studio with a really inefficient layout and too many walls. Its too small for me to live there for half that amount, even if it were on top of the empire state building.

  • Great deal if you like living in a part of town where they regularly find dead bodies. My friend lives at 11th and Fairmont – they have found 2 behind his house in the last year. No way.

  • We paid a little more than this for our REAL 2 bdrm 1.5 bath that was brand new and has a W/D on Sherman and Park. They should reduce by 10k, at least.

  • Seems overpriced at first, but after looking at the photos, I find it comes with Red Rocks, Meridian Pint and the Columbia Heights metro. Now that is a deal!

  • Seriously, who hasn’t had a dead girl in their alley? Nobody who belongs on a Petworth blog, that’s for sure. Dead-people free condos in DC start at $500K. Less money equals more dead people, it’s the American way.

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