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  • Emmaleigh504

    What ever it is, it looks pretty cool.

  • I would imagine it’s an inventory number for DDOT.

    • Pretty close to on the nose. They’re inventory markers for bridges, from an agency that existed before DDOT came into being.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Are they on all or most bridges?

        • I’ve seen them on all older bridges. Not sure about stuff that’s been built more recently (like the replacement Taylor Street bridge over the tracks north of Brookland or the new 11th Street bridges over the Anacostia).

      • What is an “inventory marker?” Can you elaborate? Like an identifying number for maintenance or repairs? (Bridges don’t usually go missing, so I don’t see why one would need to take an inventory.)

        • There are probably hundreds of such bridges across the district, so the number is simply used as you said, for maintenance and repairs.

  • I’m gonna be that guy that says “I think it is one of the original boundary stones that maps out the borders of DC.”

    I know it is not, but thought I would add for humor, as anytime there is a post about a marker, boundary stone always comes up….

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