Climax Sports Bar and Lounge Gets New Signage

Back on Oct. 6 we learned that Bella Cafe was now named Climax Sports Bar and Lounge at 900 Florida Ave, NW (by the 9:30 club.) At that time the sign looked like this:

Apparently that didn’t quite capture the essence of Climax – is this more climactic?

Though it is pretty sweet that the happy hour goes until 9pm…

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  • it’s like some horrible prank.

    • I ran in there one drunken evening and started moaning and shouting, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

      Needless to say, the staff were not amused. But I was!

      They should get together with that jerk chicken chain in town with the obnoxious tag line.

  • I’m still convinced the bar is named this only to make “Blue Banana” sound like a halfway decent bar name by comparison.

  • The surprising thing is that this bar actually had a decent crowd at it last weekend. I didn’t go, but I could see through the window that it wasn’t the ghost town it normally was back when it was Bella.

  • Maybe the Player’s Ball will be held there next year.

  • “I’ll have what she’s having.”

  • smart move covering up the windows–I’d never want to be spotted in a bar with that sign. if it didn’t say it was a bar I would have assumed it was where you go to take those stripper workout classes

  • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go there because I would just spend my whole time snickering like a 12 year old.

  • Very 80’s. Too bad the return to the 80’s style trend is now at its tail end.

  • I went in there before a show at 930 club the other night (duffy’s was packed to capacity) and found it to be quite lowkey and enjoyable. Relatively cheap, friendly staff, no-frills decor…I’d go back.

  • swing and a miss

  • Between this and the Schweddy Balls part of the rant/revel the opportunity for puns is too much.

  • I can imagine Yelp review saying, “G, this place hits the spot!”

  • I went last night with a couple of friends, there were only ever 6 other people, mostly friends of the people who worked there. Beers on tap (becks oktober, hoegaarden, bud light, miller light, and another beer) were $2.50 and bottles were $3.50. I didn’t ask about the 9pm cut off, but they gave us the deals til we left around that time. and they have small ethiopian (and other food) menu. Not the best beer selection, but cheap and friendly.

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