Your Afternoon Animal Fix

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

Photo from Adams Morgan Day by PoPville flickr user idit.

“This is Junior from Columbia Heights. He’s a huge DC United fan.”

“Molly from Capitol Hill”

“Schweppes (cat) and Cody (dog) in Dupont

We “think” Cody is a Lab/Vizsla mix. People often ask us what kind of dog he is. We adopted him from Labrador Retriever Rescue, but he does seem to have a Vizsla-look. We decided to do a DNA test for after getting a lot of questions and for our own curiosity, but the results do not seem entirely plausible – 50% Lab, 25% Dalmatian, 25% Border Collie. In any event, he is a super-friendly, wonderful guy, as is the cat.”

After the jump – found dog and info on Empty the Shelter event at Washington Humane Society

“Today, I found an older dog at 5th and Missouri Avenue, and I want to share the pictures and video I took of this little lady in the hopes that her owner(s) might be located. I hate to think she was dumped or abandoned.

She had only her dog license tag and rabies tag, which will hopefully track her owners, but I’m not sure. When I got to school, my mom kindly came and picked her up and she will be dropping her off at the Georgia Avenue Humane Society Shelter which opens at noon on Fridays.

If you know anything or are interested in adopting this sweet, playful dog, she will be there. It was very cold last night, and I think she had been out all night because she was shivering when I found her.”


“Dear PoPville,

I volunteer at the Washington Humane Society and we are having an
event this weekend that I think you might be interested in:

The Washington Humane Society (WHS) will host a special Empty the
Shelter event Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18, at its two shelter
locations, on Georgia Avenue, NW, and New York Avenue, NE, to promote
the adoption of more DC animals. WHS will waive all adoption fees on
all animals during the event! (Regular matchmaking procedures still

In addition, vitaminwater zero™ is pitching in to help WHS by keeping
adopters hydrated from September through October by sending each
adopter home with a case of vitaminwater zero™!

Potential adopters are invited to visit WHS shelters to meet their
potential new companion and help us “empty the shelter” to end pet
homelessness in DC!

Weekend Adoption Hours:

1201 New York Avenue, NE:
12-5 p.m.

7319 Georgia Avenue, NW:
12-7 p.m.″

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  • What the heck is this? Sexy animal day? And cross-species, to boot! Cody looks like he was caught in the act!

    Oh, but what beautiful babies they would have!

    By the way, how much does pet DNA testing cost?

  • The look on Junior’s face says, “get this thing off of me or I’ll murder your children”

  • that found dog is so sweet-looking! I hope if she doesn’t go back to her owners that she finds some great new ones.

  • Holy shit….Cody looks EXACTLY like our dog (Maggie). We too have always thought her to be a lab/vizsla mix. I’ll have to submit a pic for a future Afternoon Animal Fix.

  • I’m afraid in the case of Junior, black is not slimming.

  • Junior=Spider Transporter

  • I think it is in really poor taste, given the epidemic of childhood obesity, to post an obviously doctored photo of the cat with a DC United scarf. A walking advertisement for Diabetes!!!!!!

    • Clearly the jaundiced eyes are a symptom of neglect and probably abuse. The owners should be ashamed if not arrested.

  • Junior the Cat somehow Slunk from the pits of hell. WTF is up with his eyes? There is nothing cute or cool about those? They ruin the inflated sense of self esteem I get from being the only person I know to have broken the ultimate taboo.

  • I think what the cat with the soccer banner is trying to say is “I am the god of hellfire and I being you …………FIRE!!!”. He is not HALLAH!!!!

  • Ok here is my theory on the “soccer cat”. It’s a test to see if we form ourselves into roving gangs to search the streets with one goal-to eliminate the devil in feline form. I live on 11th street and own that dune buggy with tiger striped seats that you love. I’d be happy to go mobile… know how it is. You’ll recognize me cuz I’m wearing my severed finger is a jar of baby food around my neck

  • I was just faxed a photo of the “soccer cat”. I looked it over with a wry smile. There are rumors that he is more than a “cat” that somehow in and of himself he is literally a “shamanic initiation ritual”. This could be true yet this cat could somehow be ansymbol too-of our fears, at night, as a child-just watch the eyes glow. “there’s no escape”, they say, as you finger a crude weapon waiting for the beast from the basement to clomp, clump, clomp. That’s why we work hard to afford more sophisticated weapons, and cameras and mercenaries from Nepal-why we worked so hard to start a chain of Christian nightclubs all across the south. Nightclubs where it was all rights to scribble our nightmares in a notebook bound by rabbity skin. We HAD to-Gerald Ford was president and we didn’t h e a choice.

    This “soccer cat” awakens all these conflicting feelings in me, in different parts of my body, in regions of my brain that I would usually only use when face down in te mud wrestling something that might not be there in the morning.

  • Junior is awesome.

  • Junior sneaks in my room and whisper horrid things to me in Finnish.

  • Junior IS awesome … in the same way Jabba the Hut is awesome. Do you find lots of mice trapped in carbon freeze around your house?

  • Let’s et this straight-an emissary from the Vatican will scoot that cat into a hidden cave complex high above room. I command that he never e photographed again-for the sake of the children. The god damn meekly children.

  • Junior is shooting lasers at me from his eyes. Evil lasers…not nice lasers.

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