Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

This rental is located at 1952 Calvert St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This a Gorgeous & Spacious 2 story 1 bedroom, 1 and a half bath basement apt located in a Historic 4 unit building. Our building is located on a beautiful tree lined street, Calvert St walking distance to all the Nightlife, Restaurants, Starbucks, FedEx Kinkos, Cafes in Adams Morgan. There is a Dog park directly in front of our building as well. Rock creek park is a 2 minute walk and Woodley Park Metro (redline) is a 5 minute walk to our building as well. MUST SEE….. WONT LAST!!!!!

Features include
– Large Bay Windows
-Sunny with lots of Windows
-Central Air
-Washer and Dryer Facility
-Dog park directly in front of building
-Walk to Rock creek Park
-ALL UTILITIES , except electric
-Pets are fine
-METRO – Woodley Park ( Redline)”

$1699 sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Ummm, that sounds like a crazy good deal.

  • That looks like a pretty decent deal to me. I wish I could afford it.

  • Yep, sounds pretty good.

    I constantly see units up for rent along that stretch of Calvert between the bridge and 18th.

  • Wow, that sounds pretty good. I wonder what the parking situation is. Probably street, I guess.

  • Are you kidding me? This is probably the best deal ever. I mean there is nightlife and resaurants but how many places at this price are going to be right near a FedEx Kinkos?!!

    THAT makes it not just a good deal but a GREAT deal.

  • What does two-story basement apartment mean?

  • The dog park is directly in front of the house if you cross the street and walk through the metro bus turnaround and into the park entrance…not a big deal, but truth in advertising.

    I have lots of friends who live on this stretch of Calvert and it’s not all that quiet on a Friday and Saturday night with folks streaming back to the Metro (actually it’s pretty quiet till about 2am and then again after 3:30am). And that may be more of an issue in a basement apartment.

  • Seen it and it’s overpriced, IMO. Been on the market for at least about a month already. Spacious it is not, and has a very strange layout. Pic shows the patio facing Calvert out the front window, except that patio is not accessible to the rental unit. In other words, your upstairs neighbors would be sitting there in front of your bedroom window.

    • Places like this make me laugh that much harder at people (like the vegetarian kitchen folk) who think someone is going to pay them $1200 a month to live in a house with 5 other people and share a bathroom with two others, AND share utilities, AND never be able to have any meat whatsoever brought into their house by them, their friends or family. And I am picking on them, but they are the only ones who have completely delusional expectations.

      This apt may not be the most perfect apt around, but the location is unbeatable, all the utilities (cept electric)are included and you get your own place and bathroom to yourself. Well worth the extra 500 a month

      • I think plenty of people would disagree that the location is unbeatable. See comments above about the noise level between 2:00-3:30am on Friday and Saturday nights.

        Other than those three hours of the week, sure, awesome spot. But for some people, those three hours may be the worst three hours of their week, at which point this place is unlivable.

        • this is actually a really quiet part of the neighborhood.

          • I live on the block with a bedroom facing the road and have no problems with noise. As long as the unit has somewhat new windows, it’ll be quiet enough on weekend nights. Have never woken up due to noise on a Friday or Saturday night – maybe it helps that the metro seeking crowds use the North side of the road. Plus on nights that I care to partake in the debauchery, many friends, good food, and a few decent bars are within stumbling distance.

  • would have to see it, but i would need my own washer/dryer for that much.

  • Seems pretty solid but I would def believe the layout is weird. a two story apt on the ground and 1st floor should have the bedroom in the basement…I’m guessing it was an rowhouse with an english basement chopped into weird apartments.

    killer block though.

  • Way too low. I got $1750 for a tiny 1 bedroom, and closed the deal in less than an hour.

  • Nobody is as excited as I am that this place is right near the FedEx Kinkos!

  • I agree, this seems under-priced, even if the unit is small. My landlord recently re-rented our one-bedroom apartment on the same block for $2,400/month. Granted, it was a large one-bedroom and not in the basement, but it didn’t include any utilities. It doesn’t seem like there should be that much price differential.

  • I think this might be overpriced for where/what it is. I’m in a 2 bedroom on 18th and Wyoming and it’s $2100. $1699 seems a bit much.

  • Considering the odd layout, the price seems about right to me. I rent out my basement unit (more conventional layout, a little larger, includes all utilities & DirecTV, off-street parking, & in-unit washer/dryer) on the same side of the same block for $1950/month, and I was pretty flooded with applicants the last time I had it on the market a few months ago.

  • I believe I saw this apartment two years ago when we were looking in the area. I think it could work for one person who never entertains and isn’t super interested in cooking, but if you want to have more than one person over at a time or if you’re a couple, it’s a bad fit. The upstairs room (bedroom) is nice, large & well-lit, but the downstairs room is narrow and awkward, with the “kitchen” along one wall really breaking up the space. I really liked the place for the location but couldn’t get over how difficult it would be to use the downstairs den/kitchen, which really is the place most people spend most of their time.

  • Agree with sameasiteverwas. I saw this place in spring of 2010. It looks lovely in the photo but is tiny, has a bizarre, awkward layout and the basement space is creepy. You couldn’t pay me to live there.

  • My friend lived here 5 years ago, the apartment is super tiny!!! Small living room and kitchen and then a dark basement downstairs for a bedroom. Im my opinion it’s not that great of a deal!

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