Sweet City Ride from the H Street NE Festival

There were a few wild cars at Saturday’s H St, NE festival but this one was my favorite. One of the coolest interiors ever:

Couple more shots after the jump.

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  • OMG, that is pretty freakin cool.

  • SouthwestDC

    Huh, I didn’t even think to peek inside.

    Friday night I was out walking the dogs down by Pennsylvania Ave and happened to catch the procession of crazy cars heading up to H Street. Quite a sight!

  • Honestly, H St Fest is just f’in awesome. To those who haven’t been, put it on your calendar next year. It’s great. Kudos to the organizers!

    • I totally agree. I think it is one of the best organized neighborhood festival in the city. This year was very diverse with a lot of interesting things going on and I saw all different types of people (young, old, families, etc) having a great time. My only improvement would be for permission to drink beers on the streets as the makeshift beer gardens were crowded and a little intense to navigate.

      Im sad I didn’t get to try the DCBrau special brew…did anyone taste it?

  • I think I’ve seen that car in Greenbelt.

  • andy

    Wow, how did these guys get back from Burning Man in time?

  • Hi-
    As maker of the pictured van…thanks for the nice comments…it’s fun (and a bit obsessive) to do but the real fun is the context of a broader public than is usually the case with visual art – almost like a performance. The organizer of H Street do a bang-up job…and I agree about having booze on the streets New Orleans style…let ‘er rip.

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