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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Happy New Year to my fellow members of the tribe.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to return emails until tonight/tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.

May your New Year (and for non members – may your October) be as sweet as a really good ripe pineapple.

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  • me

    Rant: Thought my company’s free flu shots were today, but they’re being given a month from today, when I’ll be out of town. So, I’ve got to pony up the $35 to get it myself.

    Rave: I’ll be out of town next month for my honeymoon (finally)!

    Rant: Have to get bathing suit-ready (again) within the next month.

  • Rave: JOB INTERVIEW TODAY! Crossing fingers, toes, elbows, you name it.

    Rave: No work tomorrow – taking off for the boyfriend’s birthday and speeding down the ocean.

    Rant: Nothing!

  • Rave: Successfully substituted brown basmati rice for white rice in dinner last night and the husband did not notice!

    Rant: Though he did enjoy the meal, I know it wasn’t like the version he had in Pakistan which is why he requested the meal in the first place.

    Rave: It’s my Friday!

  • Rant: Extremely elderly man (I’d say he’s in his 90s) who parks next to me in my apartment parking garage hit my car yesterday while I was at work. Nothing too serious, but the side bumper is cracked and will need to be replaced. I gave him my info, and he told me he’d been trying to get in touch with his insurance company all day. He was hard of hearing, and maybe a little disoriented (it took me about 5 minutes to try to give him my phone number, until his wife – who speaks broken english – took the phone to get the number herself). I’m having very little hope of getting a call from his insurance company any time soon, and I’m really not wanting to harass an old man. Any recommendations?

    Rave: At least he reported it, although, he parks next to me, and had similar damage on his car – I would’ve figured it out. A good deed is a good deed.

    Rave: Shake Shack for lunch!

    • I think you gotta get a back bone and get what is due you. There is a big difference between doing what’s right (making sure HIS insurance company pays to get your car fixed) and harassment. Don’t just give him your info but make sure you get his insurance info too. Then just call your own insurance company and tell them what happened and let them handle it. Your insurance shouldn’t go up as this was not your fault, at least mine didn’t. But if you are worried just ask before you file the claim. I wouldn’t worry about harassing him, seriously. Freaking 90 yo man shouldn’t be driving anyway.

      Also, please report back about Shake Shack. I have been getting mixed reviews.

      • Thanks for the help. I just got a phone call from the front desk of my building, who was calling on behalf of his wife. She wanted to know what they should be doing, so I don’t think they actually tried to call the insurance company. I asked her for their insurance info, but she didn’t know what the name of the company was, and said she’d call me back around three. Oh boy.

        If I can just get the name of his insurance company, that would be helpful!

        • That would be ideal but you probably don’t even need that. If you have his name and license plate number just call your insurance company with it and let them handle it. The way I see it, this type of situation is exactly why you pay insurance companies.

          • And thank goodness that DC requires all license holders to have insurance. I came from a place that didn’t require that, and this would’ve probably been even more of a mess.

        • ugh, dude. I sort of feel like it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you had to take a hit on replacing the bumper yourself… the much much much larger issue here is that there’s probably NO WAY this 90+ year old man should be driving. ever. at all. why doesn’t the state require driving tests every 5 years after 70 and every two after 80????

      • So Shake Shack was good, but not worth the hype. I liked the super thin bun (surprisingly) but the meat was overly salted. Shake was good, but nothing spectacular.

  • Shana Tova! I’m glad to hear our tribe is being represented in Petworth!

  • Rave: VERY busy couple of weeks is finally over.

    Question: Anyone have a suggestion for a Christmas escape within driving distance? Need to hide out from family where we can’t be found and ambushed, don’t want to fly, prefer a lively, non-Christmassy scene. Thinking of Atlantic City, but not sure.

  • Bear

    Rant: My boss announced yesterday that he is retiring at the end of the fiscal year. As in, tomorrow. There has been no word about anyone–internal or external–taking his place, so as of next week I don’t have a clue who I’ll be reporting to. I swear the management practices of this organization are completely baffling.

    Rave: It’s not raining.

  • Rant: The Sox really blew it last night.

    Rant: Had a falling out with a friend and don’t know how or even if things can be ok again.

    Rave: Planning on cooking a really great dinner tonight.

  • Rave: Boundary Stone! Great new addition to Bloomingdale. Friendly staff, beautiful space, and koozies!

  • I love that my cat cuddles with me in the morning. This really makes me sound like a crazy cat person but she is so adorable how she is immediately by my side when my alarm goes off.

  • A pedestrian was struck on Calvert Street in front of the Omni Shoreham this morning and is allegedly in “grave condition”: http://www.wusa9.com/rss/article/169160/187/Pedestrian-Struck-On-Calvert-St-NW-In-DC

    Very sad. But I drive through there regularly, and that block is constantly an accident waiting to happen. The street is really wide, and there is a dangerous mix of cabs making illegal mid-block u-turns, tour buses and trucks parked practically anywhere, lost, confused tourists driving around aimlessly, and worst of all, tons of jaywalkers. I hate to say it, but I figured something awful like this was bound to happen, sooner or later 🙁

    • I’ve noticed that there are frequently emergency vehicles in front of that hotel. My husband speculates that it’s just the sheer number of people there, someone is bound to be having trouble at most given times. But that seems weird to me. Is it cursed?

      • The one time I stayed there, on a High School trip, one of my roommates came down with stomach flu, neglected to take her insulin, and went into a diabetic coma. We all stood around in our pajamas while firemen wrapped her in a sheet and bundled her out onto a stretcher. I then knocked my forehead against the TV while trying to pick up a sock on the floor and had to be taken to the ER for two stitches. It is a nice hotel, though.

        • Clearly they need to keep an ambulance on stand-by 24/7 just to deal with the accident-prone highs schoolers! =)

          Either that or the place is cursed by the spirit of Gerald Ford.

      • I stayed there when I was temporarily displaced earlier this year, and I thought it was a really nice hotel. The rooms are nice and the staff are terrific.

    • Virginia plates.

  • Rant: My work is beginning to feel like a war zone, with all the departments against each other.

    Rave: Sun, glorious sun!!!!

  • Rant: I am so tired of DC Mosquitoes, they’re so elusive, they sneak into my house when the door is opened and bite me right before bed time through my sheets. If its not

    Rave: Mosquitoes die soon… DIIIIIIIEEEEE!!

    • I am so on board with this. I’m a sweet, sumptuous meal for area mosquitos and my poor calves are riddled with red bites as we speak. Here’s to 50-degree weather and the annual mosquito genocide!

    • I KNOW!!!! Normally my apt (5th floor) is too high up for the mosquitos to get in. But I had my windows open after Irene and got ATTACKED! I don’t have screens, so now I’m stuck keeping the windows closed and the a/c on until this damp weather finally ends, 🙁

  • Rant: Harry Thomas Jr. – how is this man still in office?

    Rave: Off from work tomorrow.

  • Rave: Kitty home from hospital.
    Rant: Unsure kitty future. Next week or two will tell if it will be over or if he’ll have a few more months of feeling pretty good. Don’t know how I’ll possibly be able to put him to sleep but I know I’ll have to.

  • Rave: Come check us out tonight at the Most Eligible DC Date Auction to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!! The auction starts at 6:30pm at Dirty Martini in Dupont. Win a date with me and you get an awesome dinner & beer sampling at Meridian Pint! (Thanks for all the help PoP commenters!!)

    If you want to learn about how we’re helping people visit http://thoughtcatalog.com/2011/meet-your-perfect-match/

    Rant: 10,000 people need a bone marrow transplant, but only half recieve one.

    Rave: My best friend’s husband is part of the lucky half and after 3 years, he is a healthy 27 year old again 🙂

    • I’m not able to head to the auction, but I am registered with Be the Match, and will hopefully be able to donate one day! Hope you raise lots of funds and are able to sign up some potential new donors!!

  • rave: Almost done packing! A new neighborhood tomorrow!

  • Rant: I’ve had too many rants lately, and not many raves.
    Rave: I noticed this trend and am going to try and stop dwelling on stuff that I can’t change. I’m feeling better already!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Red Sox epic collapse last night. Nothing warms my heart more than knowing all the bandwagoners around town are going to burst into tears every time they hear “Sweet Caroline” for the next 6 months.

    RELATED: We live in DC, so NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE YANKEES OR RED SOX! Stop talking about it, and stop wearing their jerseys to Nationals games, its not cool, and you look like a tool.

    Rave: I’ve been married a whole month now and we haven’t filed for divorce yet! Have to count the small victories in life.

    Rant: I’ve officially been priced out of my neighborhood and still don’t have enough down payment to buy yet. Am I allowed to complain about gentrification now?

    • me

      That reminds me: Rant: I hate how the new Pitt thing is “Sweet Caroline”. Bring back the old fight song where we sang about how much Penn State sucked. While I know why they stopped the old fight song, I have no idea whose idea this song was. But they need to be slapped.

      • I just hate the song in general. Particularly when drunk people sing it to me when they find out my name.

        • SouthwestDC

          I actually like that song, thankfully. But you’re right about drunk people wanting to sing it! The funniest time was when my ex and I encountered a Marine on Barracks Row who claimed he was straight but wanted us to take him to Remmington’s. He used my name as an excuse to stand on the bar and do a kareoke striptease to “Sweet Caroline” (much to the delight of the four or five old men at the bar).

    • I’m priced out too!

      DC is so frustrating for home buying. You either get high cost or high crime. Nothing really in between. Sometimes you are even lucky to get high cost and high crime! (sarcasm)

      Also, I wonder if there is anywhere else in the entire world where homes (i.e., not condos) cost more than a million but you can’t send your child to the public schools.

      • +100000000000000000000

      • have you really looked?

        • Depends which question you are referring to.

          Yes, I’ve really looked for a house in DC and have been for about a year. No luck yet.

          I haven’t looked for the housing price/schools stats. But I’d guess there are similar problems in NYC and other major metropolitan areas.

          • I sometimes think DC is uniquely bad in this respect. NYC is more expensive, but at least they have much better public schools.

          • My sister didn’t pay a million for her house but she did pay significantly more than we did in Petworth and she can’t send her kids to public school.

            And she lives in a crappy town in FL.

          • what was your price range?

          • It took us two years. I wanted to relax our requirements, but my partner wouldn’t budge. Eventually we did find something that actually exceeded our expectations as far as what we thought we could afford. So hang in there- it will take some time but the all the pieces will fall into place if you keep at it.

      • This is precisely why my partner and I are moving out of the city and to Howard County. We can get a house and better schools. DC falls short on the perks of living in the city.

    • saf

      In 1988, I was priced out of my neighborhood and didn’t have enough to buy.

      We ended up in Petworth in 1990, and it has worked out beautifully.

      Oh, and AMEN! This is DC. Nationals play here. Go away with your stupid out of town team fandom.

      • me

        Meh, just cause you move here doesn’t mean you have to cheer for the local team. Hometown teams = okay. Jumping on bandwagons = not okay. There’d be no other reason for me to be a Cleveland fan, unless I liked being disappointed all of the time!

        • +1 I don’t get how just because I’ve lived in a particular city for a few years I’m supposed to adopt the sports teams and give up the sports allegiances I grew up with, and that go back generations in my family.

        • saf

          Are you planning to go back?

          I’m not. I’ve lived in DC since I was 17, and will be staying.

          Becoming a local it not the same thing as jumping on a bandwagon.

          • me

            I’ve only been here for 6 years and frankly, if there were any jobs in Ohio, I’d move back in an instant. But I have no idea where I’ll be another 6 years from now. I’ll just always have a little special spot in my heart for Bernie Kosar.

    • I’m sorry but all the bitching (not specifically yours) about how people are priced out of DC is completely silly. How much are you willing to pay? Cause anything you are going to pay for a house in MoCo you can get a condo in DC.

      The only way someone can be “priced out” of a neighborhood is if they are expecting to pay 300K for a 4 bedroom row house. You just have to be willing to look and wait. You may not get something PERFECT but you know what, get something that is a *slight* fixer upper and do it over a period of years.

      Oh and the down payment. 3% with an FHA loan. For a 300K place that is 9K. If someone doesn’t have 9K for a downpayment on a 300K place they really shouldn’t be buying.

      Just my $.02

      • with an FHA – nice qualification.

        And without at 20% down that comes to $60,000.

        Feeling righteous are ya.

        • Why can’t you get an FHA loan?

          • I don’t think they menat that you wouldn’t qualify for FHA, but that you’d be saddled with mortgage insurance if you go that route. I was advised to avoid FHA if at all possible (asking parents for money to make the downpayment if I had to) for that reason.

          • What I said was this self-righteous comment is predicated on getting the FHA… so without that the amount goes from “Affordable” to out-of-the-world.

            There are many reasons that an FHA loan would not apply, and many reasons why a person would not be approved – most especially the debt to income ratio.

            How much one is willing to pay is a far different cry from what one is able to pay, and what one is able to be loaned.

      • besides we need people to buy in sketchy hoods to help make this city better.

      • I tend to agree. There are certainly really expensive areas of DC, but unless by “priced out of DC” you mean “priced out of upper NW, Columbia Heights, and Capitol Hill” there are still plenty of places that are affordable.

        Have you looked in Eckington? Park View? Congress Heights? Chillum? Shaw? Brookland?

        I don’t know your budget or your expectations about schools, but those neighborhoods are pretty middle-class and generally pretty safe. And the houses for sale there are listed at way less than $1M.

    • You’re a douchebag.

  • semi-Rant: Still haven’t heard back from the company I interviewed with two weeks ago. My friend who works there told me they haven’t hired anyone yet. And they invited me to a recruitment open house tonight.

    Rave: New dog did pretty good the first time she was left home alone. She mananaged to escape from the kitchen, but she didn’t chew or destroy anything. I found out last night that she’s a “Borador.”

    • What an interesting combo! Super-smart, super-loyal, and super-hyper I’m guessing?

      • She is smart and loyal, but she will need a lot of training. I’ll probably start obedience school with her next week. She has bursts of hyperactivity, followed by lots of rest. I really need to take her somewhere off leash and really let her run.

    • But they invited you to something- so they’re still interested in you!
      And sometimes it just takes a ridiculously long time to get offered the job, through various reasons that have nothing to do with you.

  • Rave: Work finally beginning on falling down country investment property that did NOT fare well during recent rainstorms.
    Rant: Paying for renovation work.
    Rant: House I actually live in is still a fixer upper 3 years later. Do NOT move into a fixer upper with small kids or if expecting one.
    Rant: Major appliances are all crapping out at the same time and no truck/time/handcart to deal with Craigslist. MMMM, warm milk.

  • Woo Hoo! The picture I took with my iphone of the rubber duckies was posted today by POP for this post. I feel so special. 🙂

  • rant- work is insane

    rave-just sold my car to carmax yay to biking &

    rant- depending on metro

  • RANT: I am unemployed and can’t afford to try all these places that POP features like Shake Shack, the fish and chips place, Boundary Stone and the list goes on. I’m a skinny guy but a FOODIE. When I was employed I would go around trying food places in DC and write about them. Depressing with all these postings about this place and that place when I can barely afford the dollar menu at McDonalds. I’m sure most people’s response is, “stop whining and get a job.” If it were only that easy.
    RAVE: A friend took me to Mortons Steakhouse last night

    • SouthwestDC

      What do you mean by foodie? I’m obsessed with food but you practically have to force me to eat out because I love cooking so much. Maybe now would be a good time to hone your culinary skills.

    March 28, 2006 Urban Word of the Day
    A person that spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of food, the proper preparation of food, and finds great enjoyment in top-notch ingredients and exemplary preparation.
    A foodie is not necessarily a food snob, only enjoying delicacies and/or food items difficult to obtain and/or expensive foods; though, that is a variety of foodie.
    “Because he was a foodie, he liked to collect menus from restaurants which prepared food he enjoyed.”
    Though I disagree with this definition in that I do not require anything to be expensive or a delicacy. I just love food and trying new foods and being around food. I am a horrible cook and you are right that I need to hone my culinary skills.

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