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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

And a reader asks for your help to keep an eye out for a vespa stolen last night:

“Last night, our light blue 2006 Vespa LX50 scooter was stolen from our backyard on the 1900 block of Park Road NW here in Mount Pleasant. We parked the scooter in our back yard, right off the alley which runs behind our house.

If anyone sees the scooter here or in the surrounding neighborhoods, please contact us ([email protected]) with the location.”

We talked about locking up a scooter here and other general tips here.

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  • Rant: Mom’s been in surgery since 6AM (supposed to be a 2 hour surgery) and no news yet. Seriously docs?! You’re killing me. I know, I know- no news is good news, but come on!

    Rave: Homemade dark chocolate and orange scones.

  • Rave: a woman on the bus made her teenage son get up to let me have his seat.

    Rant: As he was getting up, she said: “You need to let her sit down, she’s someone’s mother.” I’m not pregnant..nor have I ever been. I don’t know if she was saying I look old enought to be someone’s mother(I’m 32), or that I look pregnant, which I’m not. Yay for Wednesday morning insults!

    • I don’t understand. 32 is more than old enough to be someones mother. Any lady over 16 looks old enough to be a mother.

    • Yikes. I’m sorry about that. Don’t know how I would’ve reacted! Maybe she was just trying to teach her son about giving up seats to women in a way he’d understand, such as reverence rather than weakness.

      • That’s a good way of looking at it. I was thinking that maybe my stomach looked really big, so she thought I was pregnant, or maybe I looked old. I don’t know, I’ve always been mistaken to be at least 10 years younger than I actually am, so I’m more thank likely reading more into it. That plus, I ‘ve haven’t been eating healthy because I’ve been depressed for the past few months and I’ve gained weight.

    • I think the woman might have just been making the point that one should respect women because they are all someone’s mother, daughter, sister etc.

      I mean, I know that we should all just respect everyone, equally.

      But in this instance I would argue that seems like a good sentiment to reinforce in a teenage boy.

      Signed – a husband, son, brother, uncle and godfather!

      • Yeah– I would feel weird being called a mother myself, but I appreciate the point she was trying to get across. In a city where most adults won’t even give up their seat for a handicapped person it’s refreshing to see common courtesy being taught.

    • Its okay I got sad the other day cause I got called ma’am…I hate getting called ma’am.

      • I’ve always wondered about that. A lady ahead of me dropped something without noticing yesterday, and I called her ma’am to get her attention. She was probably in her mid 30s. I felt weird calling her that, but didn’t know what else to say to get her attention. Would miss have been better? Suggestions?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I prefer miss to ma’am, but I may be in the minority on that.

        • I grew up in the South, and we were taught to call anyone older than we were ma’am. Now I’m that age, and I get called ma’am, and it always takes me aback. But then it makes me smile. It is a crusty old vestige of the South that can be somewhat endearing.

          As for suggestions, I just say excuse me to get the person’s attention.

        • I prefer miss too.

      • are you a man?

    • or you could focus on a mother teaching a boy to always respect people.

      and yes to a teenager you are old. and you will continue to get older and older. hopefully.

  • Did the scooter have a license plate?

  • Rave: Today is my birthday and I get to see my lovely boyfriend.
    Rant: Being so increddddibly busy (It’s both good and bad I suppose). Work, graduate school, friends, family, house, pets….How do people that actually have children balance all of this too? I am starting to admire parents more and more each day. I’m single and struggling to get to work, work, get home, get to class, do homework, clean house, cook, take care of my pets, etc. How in the world do parents do the same plus taking care of children and still have the time to sit down on the couch for 3 seconds and let their brain rest.

    • claire

      Re: your rant – I feel exactly the same way! Think I’ve even ranted about it on here before, hah. I imagine with time, you figure out how to better balance everything, but who knows.

    • SouthwestDC

      Happy birthday! I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s that point in the semester where coursework really starts to pile up, isn’t it? I’ve been able to keep up with school and my day job, and still have time to give my pups a lot of attention and cook myself nutritious meals every day, but housecleaning and exercise has fallen by the wayside. It’s sad that I look forward to the weekends because it’s the only chance I have to scrub bathrooms.

    • How in the world do parents do the same plus taking care of children and still have the time to sit down on the couch for 3 seconds and let their brain rest.

      Based on what I’ve heard from my friends who have young kids, there is no rest. You are constantly tired. The concept of “free/me time” no longer applies. You make the time to take care of your kid(s) and put off a lot of activities that are centered around yourself, and find the energy out of sheer gumption.

      • After the kid goes to bed, that’s the only time you get to relax. And then you may not even get that time to relax if your child decides not to go to bed or wakes up crying. It’s exhausting. And then I think about single parents and I wonder how they maintain their sanity. I am in awe of single parents.

      • Yup. You have to decide what you’re going to let go, because you truly can’t do it all. For most two-working-parent families, the stuff that falls by the wayside first is housework (which is easy to hire out if you have the extra $$) and socializing–both with friends and with your spouse. And even then, you spend a lot of time feeling like nothing is ever getting the full amount of attention it deserves: not your job, not your marriage, not your child(ren), not yourself.

        • andy

          The solution to having time for it all is to never sleep. I get a couple hours with my wife every night after the kid goes to sleep by turning myself into a sleepy zombie during the workday!

  • Rave: JOB INTERVIEW TOMORROW! Hopefully this will lead to me ending my rants about the pathetic job market, etc. All I can say is I am ecstatic, ready to listen and sell myself.

    Rant: Boss expecting me to wear five different hats while my salary is rather crap for trying to live in this city. Good times.

  • Rant – My group of close friends (5 people) talk about nothing but the houses they just bought, or the furniture they bought, or the renovations they are doing. The last of the friends just bought herself a house and so I am the last.

    Every time we get together for any reason, dinner, to hang out etc, it is a primary conversation. I don’t have a house. Would like one, but can’t afford it. I realize thats a part of what is bothering me but I just wish the one topic wasn’t “THE” topic of conversation.

    • Unfortunately, it happens. Buying your first house is a big deal to most. The conversation will change again in the near future and be dominated by discussions of kids/babies when all your friends start having them, so prepare yourself for it 🙂

    • Yeah, I think it’s one of those things that when it’s going on it takes over your life and it’s all you think/talk about – happens to people with weddings and babies too.

      Be grateful you don’t have the headaches and expenses to deal with!

    • i was that friend to people that hadn’t bought houses. i tried hard not to, but it’s such a huge deal. it was the biggest deal in my life at that point.
      and people want to talk about what’s important to them.

  • Rave: Awesome stranger who let me stand under her umbrella during a sudden morning downpour in Silver Spring while I was trying to find mine in my gigantic purse.

    Rant: None so far. Maybe my feet could be a little less wet, if I had to pick something.

  • Rave: I got a job.
    Double rave: I start before the severance runs out on the job I was laid off from!
    Rant: Now I won’t get to apply for unemployment and soak the system. Was kinda looking forward to the experience of a gummint check.

  • Rave: Picking up my rescue dog today!!!

  • rant: Tevez AND Balo on the bench

    rant: Tevez refuses to play

    rant: skins lose

    rant: Pontius out

    rave: Seattle holding down MLS in CCL

    rave: rainfall shower head

    • Was Balotelli not suspended? I don’t think he was on the bench.

      Doesn’t excuse Tevez of course

      • balo was suspended? i didn’t know that! I don’t know what to think about tevez anymore. but he’s def too good to be on anyone’s bench

        • he’s not “too good” if he doesn’t know how to be part of a team. sick of prima donna a-hole diving whiney players. there are too few men that play with any honor these days and they’re single handedly ruining the game.

          rave: tevez’s ugly face.

          • I agree with everything you said (and even more as I really hate that bloke), except about his face.

            He was burned as a child when he pulled a pot of boiling water off the stove. When he signed for Boca, they offered to pay for plastic surgery. He refused, as he said it was a life lesson. He may be a tosser, but that I can kind of admire.

            And he’s now suspended. Citeh can leave him to rot on the bench. They can afford it.

  • rant: I ain’t seen the sunshine since, I dunno when. I’m stuck in folsom prison….and time keeps draggin’ on.

  • Rant: I’m sick of hearing about “the economy” day in and day out. It’s been 3 years, I’m sick of hearing about it, and I’m sick of people blaming random stuff on “the economy”. I know I should care, but I really don’t anymore.

  • Rave: Got accepted to attend some specialized free Federal training in Florida.

    Double rave: It will be in February of next year so I will get to leave the cold weather for a few days.

    Rant: Now I have to hope that my department will be smart enough to grant me administrative leave so I can actually attend.

  • claire

    Rant: Need some sunlight, I feel like a wilting plant.

    Rave: Work is starting to pick up so I’ll feel less frustrated (nothing worse than being stuck in an office staring at a screen without really anything to do).

  • Rant: people who rant about their job hunt every day — and they’re already employed!

    Rave: I have a job that isn’t perfect, but in this economy I am thankful for it.

    Rant: My inability to help my smart wonderful friend who graduated from law school at the height of recession to find a job. He’s been looking for more than a year, and he’s not picky.

    Rave: My unemployed friend is still fun to be around.

  • Rave: Amazing X show last night at the Birchmere. After Exene was diagnosed with MS, I didn’t think they’d ever tour again and I’m so happy they did. They still rock after all these years.

  • Rave: I just came out of the oven and I look GOOOOOOOOD.

    Rant: Sumbody gonna stick a fork in me. 🙁

  • Rave: Got out of the office yesterday to visit an engineering lab at UMD and hopefully start a relationship with them.

    Rant: While I don’t miss being broke, I really miss the freedom of the college environment.

  • Rave: Going to the beach this weekend! I don’t care if it’s going to be way too cold to get in the water, the sunshine is going to feel so good!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Work is doing some massive hiring this winter.

    Rant: They aren’t hiring my position as feds, only contractors.

    Rave: I’m employed and like my job even though I’m not a fed.

  • Rave: Skins are doing ok this year. Whew! Maybe Rex will pay off and everyone will love me!

    Rant: Everyone still thinks I’m a Toolsack because of what I did to that old lady and the City Paper. Come on, guys! It’s just business.

  • Rant: I’ve been feeling the need to purge a lot of superfluous belongings and have been using FreeCycle and my neighborhood listserv to get rid of things. So far its been harder than expected as I have had to go well out of my way to get the stuff to people. Hey people, free stuff! Come and get it yourself! If you can’t, then don’t reply.

    Rant: I’m wearing my crankypants today.

    Rant: more rain

    • Everytime I put “free” stuff out there, people flake and make crazy demands. If I change $5 to $10 for the lot, someone drives right up, pays, and takes the load away.

    • Freecycle is more trouble than its worth. A better strategy: this weekend (if it’s not raining) arrange everything neatly outside with a sign saying it’s free. If something’s not gone by the end of the weekend either drop it off at a donation center or throw it away.

      • Yup. That’s what I do, usually piecemeal. Last time I put something out it was gone in literally 10min. I think there must be hoarded in my immediate vicinity.

      • In this city, you don’t even need the Free sign.

        • Also, if it’s not total junk you can leave a sign saying something like “pay what you think it’s worth and slip the payment in our mail slot”. I see that a lot in my neighborhood. You never know, maybe you’ll make a little bit of money off it.

        • This may be apocryphal, but I heard that sometimes stuff with a “free” sign would sit on the curb/sidewalk forever. Put a sign that says “For Sale, $10” and it will be gone in minutes.

    • I always had a good experience with freecycle. When I moved recently I significantly downsized and gave away numerous things that were all picked up in a timely fashion. I was always clear on the pickup part of the process. But I was giving away awesome stuff: router, sewing machine, standing closet. Maybe it is the quality of the items…

    • check out purpleheartpickup.org

      they pick up donations!

  • Rave: Loving what I do. I cried at my desk yesterday because I was so moved by one client’s story and so proud to be part of an organization creating a more just world.

    Rave: Being a two income household again! After two months of unemployment, my boyfriend is back to work – and for 112% of his old salary!

    Rant: Grey days. Both from constant rain and from the slowly decreasing amount of sun. I miss summer already.

    Rant: Hurricane and earthquake damage. Our home insurance cut us a big check, but the actual cost of repairs is about 300% what they gave us. Any one have strategies for successfully negotiating an increased settlement?

  • Ooh! The caterpillars I got my daughter for her birthday are spinning cocoons! Butterflies in T-minus 10 days…

    • Did they eat through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, one pickle, one slice of swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon? (Sorry, been reading A Very Hungry Caterpiller waaaayyy too much lately!)

  • Rant: Loud person in my office expounding on the details of a lawsuit against their HOA. It seems like someone is complaining about their HOA every other day around here.

    Rave: I live in DC and don’t have to deal with an HOA.

  • Rant: Kitty back in hospital. Extreme sadness. It doesn’t look good.

    • me

      I am so sorry- I went through that last month, thinking he wouldn’t come out of it. Thankfully he did, and I’ll be hoping that yours does as well. Your kitty is definitely in my thoughts.

    • I hope your kitty is going to be okay. My thoughts are with you.

  • Rave: Went under contract on our first place!
    Rant: Loan officer is a procrastinator.
    Rave: No more ridiculously high rent!
    Rant: Because we’re moving to Baltimore…

  • Rave: Finally resolved my lease renewal with the landlord. Decided to go with a longer lease term to take some of the pressure off finding a place to buy.
    Rave: Slept so much better last night for having this resolved.

  • Rave: Going to visit my parents in their brand new house this weekend. They’ve been waiting for it to be built (and living with my very patient, saint of an Uncle) for many, many months now and are so happy to be moved in.

    Rave: My sister and her husband are giving me a ride so I don’t have to spend money on renting a car.

    Rant: I have to sit in the backseat of their small car for 4 and a half hours between their very anxious/fearful of other dogs dog, and my spazzy/overly friendly to other dogs 70lb puppy. It’s going to be quite the adventure.

  • Rave: Flowering fall plants, I always forget about all the plants that wait until fall to be pretty and it is always a pleasant surprise

    Rant: Nancy Grace

    • Oh no! Why are you ranting against Nancy Grace?

      • Because she and others of her self-righteous ilk exist.

        (funny how such someone who was sanctioned by the Georgia courts for ethical violations when she was a state prosecutor, including presenting known false evidence in criminal trials could be so self-righteous.)

  • Rant/Rave: I’ve been off of work for 6 days and have accomplished absolutely nothing.

  • Rave!!!

    I contested a photo enforcement ticket by mail 6 months ago and finally got the outcome letter. I owe $0. Cha ching! I just saved myself $300. So worth the time I spent writting that letter.

    The man = 0
    Me = 1

    • Nice! I find that’s usually the outcome with small parking tickets but not the high value ones (I once had a $250 parking ticket that I tried and tried to get dismissed to no avail).

  • Rant: My ex-boyfriend loved me a whole lot more than the new boyfriend I left him for. Oops.

    • But who do you love more…that’s what is really important, isn’t it?

      • meh, sounds like s/he should do without either.

      • Obviously not the ex, or s/he wouldn’t have dumped him for the new guy.
        But I suspect s/he knew that when the ex was left.
        Sometimes what people really want, or need, is not to be in a “better” relationship with someone else, but to be single – not forever, but for awhile.

  • Rave: Finally found an apartment!

    Rant: 2nd bedroom is tiny, not 100% sure how I’m going to find someone to rent it, even at 8th and T.

    • how much??

    • It’s a little more effort, but I would furnish it nicely and rent it out as a temporary sublet. People that just need a place to crash for a while won’t have as much stuff to store, and it solves the problem of would-be renters turning the place down because their furniture won’t fit.

      • I think that’s going to be my plan – I’m just concerned cause it’s really small. When I go to sign the lease, I’m bringing a friend and a tape measure, and if it’s not big enough for a twin, I won’t rent the apartment.
        But with a twin, and a dresser and maybe a small desk, I’ll be able to get students/interns, etc.
        Maybe $900? I don’t really know what’s fair/reasonable to ask.

  • Seven more cucumbers today! I guess that’s a rant and a rave – since after 100 so far this season I’m a little tired of cucumbers.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Tried to get reservations today at minibar for my fifth wedding anniversary and despite calling right at ten and then 46 times afterwards, didn’t make the list OR the wait list. Crap.

    Rant: Wicked bad headache hanging out in the back of my head, waiting to strike. It’s messing with my vision too, which is freaking me out.

    Rave: Getting bangs at 4pm. Need to do something fun with the hair and figured that wasn’t too drastic.

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