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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Recently announced budget cuts. Job is tenuous right now.

    Rave: I actually like the cold. Yay Fall!

  • Rave: Pumpkin pie frozen yogurt at FroZenYo topped with pecans. Made my night yesterday.

    Rave: Warm clothes, cool weather.

    Rant: Bomb threats.

  • Rave: Mayor Gray reversed his decision on the Lower Georgia Great Streets funding reprograming. Yay!

  • claire

    Rant: Too cold for me – bring back summer!

    Rave: The cold weather means I’m reluctant to leave the house so I end up spending much less money!

  • Rant: The guys that I express interest in on Plenty of Fish are never interested in me. It shouldn’t bother me I know, but it sucks to send out a message, see that they viewed my profile, but never respond.

    I give up–single and childless is my fate I gues…

    • This is just a suggestion, but perhaps you should spring for Eharmony or something of that nature. Perhaps guys with more skin in the game (that had to pay for it) would be as serious as you are for a relationship.

      Also, have a friend look at your profile. Perhaps you’re giving off the wrong impression of yourself, and a friend would know how to accurately describe you.

      My two cents. Also, being single and childless is not the end of the world. 🙂

    • I hear you, I think it’s rude for someone not to reply to a direct message, but then again I think the majority of people in this city lack good manners! I agree with others’ comments on getting someone to look at your profile, I was too self-conscious to do that until recently but I just sent mine to a (male) friend for feedback. (He hasn’t had much luck with online dating in this city either, come to think of it)

      • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. A large portion of the female crowd will simply hate you for rejecting them. No sense trying to please a stranger.

        • Better to politely say something like “Thanks for your note, but I don’t think we’re a match” than to not reply at all.

          • Different standards I guess. I wouldn’t feel any compunction about ignoring a stranger on the internet that I wasn’t interested in talking to. The second you open up and say you’re not interested, that psycho is asking why not, what’s wrong with them, maybe you can just be friends, calling you names, etc.

            Maybe it’s just very Asian of me, but people need to learn to take clues without being beaten over the head with a direct confrontation. It wouldn’t kill people to pay attention to non-verbal clues once in a while.

          • Thanks anon, I was searching for the right words to email a guy right now, and I think it will easier if I go with exactly what you said. I recall one guy emailing me on match wondering if I was real b/c he was convinced that match put up fake profiles for the purpose of inducing people to sign up as a paid member.
            And just to clarify, if a guy who is clearly not what I’m looking for emails me (he lives far away, is more than 10 years older, or writes me something stupid like “hey good looking, how are you?”) then I ignore him. But if he makes the effort to write an email that reflects that he actually read my profile, I at least acknowledge it with a response.

      • “(He hasn’t had much luck with online dating in this city either, come to think of it)”


        • lol – he has completely unrealistic expectations of women (although if he ever finds a woman to live up to his expectations, good for him). However, he has shown me the profiles of women he would be interested in dating and they have great profiles (I’d want to date them if I were a guy), so I figure he might be able to give me some good feedback!

  • Rave – Baby girl coming oh so soon.

    Rant – she is probably going to want to date before age 30.

  • Rant: Too many people in this city now, I miss 1998 in DC.

    Rant: Bicyclists that peddle in front of me at stop lights only to block the road while they peddle leisurely while I’ve got to get to work.

    Rant: People that complain, but don’t generate ideas to fix their issues. Just run over the bicyclists.

    Rave: Happy my roof is fixed, no longer leaving me to worry about when the next storm is coming.

    Rave: Going to Miami in December!

  • Rant: So hungry. So very hungry, all the time. It’s kind of scary.

    Rave: Cooking dinner for my partner tonight, and taking him on the DC Ghost Tour. Should be a pretty awesome night. Anyone been on the tour?

    Rave2: Fall! Love it!

  • Rave: Oxygen

    Rant: Scurvy

  • Rave: Won another PoP t-shirt!

  • Rave: I get to see Neon Indians tonight, yay!!! 😉

  • Rant: People who enjoy cold weather.

  • RAVE: pablo.raw’s photo that heads this post. Awesome image….poignant capture of some elegant and dignified folks with that great, provacative quote in the background. Nice work!!!!

  • Rant: I was pretty disappointed to find out that the six-pack of Bass I bought last night was brewed in Baldwinsville, New York, and not Burton-on-Trent. All these brewing company consolidations mostly suck.

    • Now there’s a WPP if I ever saw one!

      • +1

        And I think that discovery is a rave! Beer brewed in the US is bound to be fresher than beer brewed in England. It’s not like Bass is some crazy microbrew that can only be done correctly when a certain group of French monks tend to it day and night for months.

      • I know! That would be like the opposite of someone finding out that their Colt 45 was now being imported from Belgium.

  • Rant: Forogot my lunch when I left the house this morning.

    Rave: I have almonds and a plum to hold me over. Soons as I get home I’m making jalapeno cornbread and a pot of meatless chili.

  • Rant: A group of about 5 bicyclists blew through the crowded crosswalk at 16th and Park while making a left turn, nearly hitting me. I yelled at them, but only one apologized. I guess that’s a lot more than I should expect in this city. Follow goddamn traffic laws.

  • Rant: A guys Bikeshare bike fell against my car leaving a pretty heavy scratch/dent

    Rave: He left a note

    Rant: All it said was ‘Sorry’ no contact info.

    • how do you know it was a bikeshare?

      • Because bikeshare ppl crash more, they have no training.

        I’m amazed how often I see ppl crashing or not obeying normal rules of bike conduct on these bikes. I think some sort of basic skill test should be performed before granting them permission. Its borderline dangerous to put people with no experience on a bike in traffic, they should change bike lanes to be on the sidewalks, where ppl will have to stop at intersections. The mix of rental bikes and cars on the same roads was a bad call. Kind of like how Zip Car renters have no clue on how to drive.

        • Funny, I didn’t go through any sort of training course to ride my bike in the city. I get what you’re saying about the Bikeshare users, but most of them do seem to be following the rules and the rest will learn if they bike often enough. Of course there’s always going to be a small contingent who don’t bike properly no matter what, but I think that group is evenly split between Bikeshare users and people with their own bikes.

        • I don’t think any of us have ever had any training beyond the day that our dads took the training wheels off our Huffys. But you raise a good point. With the influx of cyclists on the streets these days, maybe it’s time to implement licensing and registration. A decent safety course wouldn’t hurt anybody.

        • what happened to the old adage… “it’s like riding a bike”?

        • i see. you don’t know and are just looking for a reason to vent about something that may or may not be related.


  • Rant: OMG will this work project ever freaking end. Experience says probably not. Must find rock to crawl under.

    Rave: on hourly contracts, checks for projects that never freaking end are larger than the so much more pleasant ones. Guess I’ll be able to afford the rock to crawl under.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Friend is helping me fill my free time with interesting stuff I can write to my grandparents about.

    Rant: I can only take off Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Thanksgiving would be spent with the aged grandparents in sunny Florida. Christmas would be spent with brand new baby cousin in sunny New Orleans and Mississippi. Decisions!

    Rave: I don’t really like babies, so it’s not a big deal to me if I don’t meet baby cousin until she’s a toddler.

    Rant: If a certain agency in DC would lift their hiring freeze there would be a good chance that new baby cousin’s parents would move to DC.

    Rave: I’m wearing super cute shoes today.

  • rant: this column in the Post yesterday about random violence in DC, stories like this are kind of frightening (and not the first anecdotal story I’ve heard about random assaults – a friend of a friend of mine was randomly targeted to be beaten up by a bunch of girls at the Meridian Hill drum circle last year): http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/bus-stop-assault-highlights-continuing-urban-violence/2011/09/13/gIQANsQwSK_story.html

    • Yikes. A friend of mine was also mob attacked a couple years ago in Petworth. They just wanted his wallet.

      It’s a shame – I swear this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in other cities. At least not at such a frequency that it doesn’t even make the news.

    • WHAT?!? A friend got beaten up AT the drum circle and no one stopped it? Did everyone keep on drumming?

      • Agree – I don’t see this happening at all at the drum circle in the park. There are 500+ happy easy people, many with kids.

    • Rant: A friend of mine was subject to a similar attack by a bunch of girls at Metro Center and nobody helped him. Instead, some passers-by videotaped it!!!

      This happened several months ago, but it’s like the post column points out – random gang violence that appears simply to be the result of being in a city. Ugh.

      Keep an eye out for yourselves, people.

      • It’s not a result of being in a city no more than being cut with a knife is being a function of being in the kitchen.

        It’s a function of anti-social parenting where you get your jollies off of your kids messing with people who you’re angry at.

  • Rants: Bitter people; passive-aggressive people.

    Rave: I saw a rainbow while walking home from work last night.

    • I saw a rainbow last night, too! And I for real spotted a beautiful tree this morning. It’s on 7th St. NW on the south side of the national portrait gallery and I think it’s a hackberry tree (so says gf, and she’s a botanist…)

      Further revel: it’s my first anniversary this weekend and we have lots of fun activities planned.

  • Rant:
    Good lord is it hard to get an apartment in this town! I’ve offered extra money, I’m having my (relatively wealthy) parents cosign with me.
    All I want is a halfway decent place to live where I can have a cat.

    Rave: Spa World this weekend!

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