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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Revel: And this is a bit of a tease but I was so excited about the info I’m gonna post at 10:30am that I couldn’t sleep thinking about how awesome it’s going to be.

Rant: I’m tired.

Revel: New coffee maker.

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  • Rant: More work that I know I won’t be able to finish today.
    The Keurig machine at work ate MY Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee cup this morning.

    Rave: Listening to Daft Punk, Girl Talk and Glee to keep me in a good mood, otherwise I might bite someone.
    Fish tacos and salad for lunch.

    • Rave: Those new Dunkin Donuts K-cups are especially delicious.

      Rant: Wish I had a Keurig machine at my office. I’m limited to the home version.

    • Where can I purchase them?

      • christanel

        Amazon.com, Target, Keurig.com. I had a office Keurig at my old job. I really miss it. Brewing coffee in a normal communal pot, particularly since we’re limited to one flavor, just isn’t the same. Thinking about putting down $100 for my own Keurig Mini Brewer in my new office.

    • Revel: Tareq Salahi exposed not just as a two-bit grifter, but also as a horn-wearing cuckold! Hahaha…

      • How that man has avoided being sent to prison is beyond me.

        • I’m guessing it involves being so annoying and suing so many people that the prosecutors simply gave up thinking about how to get this guy. You know that if he had been taken to court he would have fought every charge every step of the way. While it seems pretty clear he broke several if not many different laws, the evidence was probably flimsy enough that the AG’s office decided it wouldn’t be worth the cost and media circus to try to take these fools down.

      • Revel: The phrase “horn-wearing cuckold”.

  • Rave: My boyfriend!!!!!!!

  • claire

    Rave: Thursday – only two more days until the weekend!
    Rant: Two more days until the weekend . . .

    Rant: Busy weekend.
    Rave: At least some of the things I’ll be busy with will be really fun! Rare Cantillon beer at Churchkey, finally going to make my way to the Takoma Park Co-op.

    Rant: I feel like my raves are always food and/or beer related.
    Rave: I have the money/time/energy to appreciate things like food and beer.

  • Rave: Sent a thank you email to the HR person who set up my interview. She wrote back, saying that she forwarded it to the guy I interviewed with and she’ll be in touch. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    The shelter I sent a dog adoption questionarre to asked me to call them today. Hopefully I’ll get to meet the dog I want to adopt soon.

  • Rave: 30 years after a low-rent first date at the Circle Theater (Orson Wells’ “The Trial”) and Mike Baker’s (Long Island Iced Teas), headed to Rogue 24 for a substantially more upscale celebration with the same girl. In honor of that first date, we’ll go Dutch and kiss goodnight chastely.

    Rant: Crew practice at 5AM, 30 years after I was 22 and could pull off that sort of late night/early morning thing.

  • Rave: I love getting my pictures chosen for pop!

    rant: too much to do, too little time management.

    • anon. gardener

      I LOVE your picture! Love love love zinnias, especially at the end of the summer when the colors get all crazy.

    • Thanks for the photo. I love the loud gaudy tackiness of zinnias. My grandmother always grew them in a big wide border between her house and the fields. When I was little I was in awe of the colors. Today I plant them in my yard in her honor and memory, plus they’re so freaking easy to grow. I think my neighbors are not fond of the wild colors that don’t coordinate, and for that reason I also plant them as a big FU to them.

  • Rant: Horrible service and food at Sweet Mango last night. That’s the last time I will go there and spend my hard earned money.

    Rave: My friend’s birthday today, which means that I get to have a slice of that strawberry cake from WholeFoods. Yum!

  • Rant: NO BOYFRIEND!!!!

  • Rant: It looks like the Firehouse will never happen and Shaw’s Tavern died a bloody death, and surely Boundary Stone will never open, I think they are doing money laundering or something.

    Rave: I am beautiful in every single way, words won’t keep me down, wooo oh ohhhh

    • claire

      +1 to your rant. One of my friends was all excited the other day because it looked like work was being done on Boundary Stone, but I am majorly skeptical now of upcoming Bloomingdale bars. Believe it when I see it . . .

    • are they all under the same management? i thought boundary was someone other than engine co. 12

    • Any particular reason you think the Firehouse will never happen, or just having a moment of pessivism?

  • Rant: Being addicted to caffeine
    Rave: Morning coffee

    • I recently got myself off coffee, there are days that I miss it but on a day-to-day basis it has been worth it. I have less anxiety and jitteriness.

  • Rant’n’Rave – the emergency brake on my car wouldn’t release, fortunately this happened when I was already scheduled to take my car to a nearby car repair shop.

  • Rave (suggestion?) : PoP should do a pet contest with winners from different parts of DC.

    Like This!

  • me

    RANT: After receiving a few emails, it has come to my attention that I have not received a couple of recent bills. And now that I think about it, within the past 6 months, I have received more letters for the wrong address in my own mailbox than I have the rest of my life combined. So, I think our maiilman must really suck, and some of my own mail is getting misdelivered. I figure that if we keep getting random peoples’ mail (whose addresses are not even CLOSE to ours), then someone else must be getting some of mine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Who do I complain to? I have seen a couple of different mailmen, so I don’t know who does it. Or should I just let this go? Then again, getting late charges on some bills (that don’t necessarily come monthly and so I’m not even looking out for them) is not pleasant.

    • This is happenign to me as well. Our mail has slowed to mostly junk mail with the majority being bills, alumni mailers, etc for other people who’s address is not close to ours. What part of town are you in ? Im in Cathedral Heights.

      • me

        I’m near U St, so I don’t think we have the same carrier. I could understand if it was the neighbor’s, or some other person’s name with our address, but nope, nothing even close. :-/

      • I live in the same area and have the same issue. How hard is it to match the address on the envelope with the one on the mailbox? I’d expect a few slip ups but when it happens almost daily, its the postal worker being sloppy.

        • Welcome to the new normal. USPS is in a bad, bad place right now and it’s only going to get worse.

        • My mail has gone missing several times in the last 6 months! It’s horrible. I estimate about 1/4 of my non-junk mail isn’t being delivered. It’s at the point where I’ll sometimes refuse to purchase from companies who don’t offer a reliable mail service, like FedEx.

    • We had to put down a deposit with Washington Gas because we didn’t receive a bill from them for so long. Yes, it should have occurred to us that we weren’t getting a gas bill, but I still don’t know whether they were being mailed and not delivered or what.

      We also still get mail to the people who lived in our house more than 5 years ago, including tax forms. I have no idea how to make it stop or how to get this guy to update his address.

    • Given all the comments and different neighborhoods, this appears to be a systemic problem. I am drowning in other people’s mail in Adams Morgan. I know junk can’t be avoided but I routinely receive mail addressed to my apartment for about 7 different people. I assume these folks were prior residents over the years but the amount of mail that makes it into my place for sorting and then ‘returning to sender’ is a weekly chore that I am truly tired of.

      • I feel your pain… the house I bought used to be a group house, and for the first several months I was deluged with mail for former tenants.

        For a while, I forwarded the mail to the former owner, but I don’t think she relayed their mail to them.

        In desperation, I ended up looking up a bunch of them on Facebook. I sent them messages letting them know I was receiving their mail and asking them to change their addresses; I was getting way too many of their cell phone statements, student loan mailings, etc.

        Maybe you can try the same with the people whose mail you keep receiving?

        • I average one piece of mail per week that doesn’t belong to me. What I find disturbing is that it is not mail from past residents, it is mail that belong to my neighbors.

      • saf

        Maybe you are getting our mail?

  • Rave: My brother is visiting this weekend! Taking him to H St. Festival and Ray’s the Steak for dinner! Yum!

  • Rave: Got a job I really, REALLY wanted!
    Rant: They want me to start with less than 2 weeks notice and I HATE telling people I’m resigning.

    • It doesn’t seem reasonable for a new employer to expect you to give less than two weeks notice at your current job.

      Although every situation is different, still I think it’s unprofessional for them to expect you to leave your current job without giving notice. It might affect any future recommendation from your current supervisor.

    • Your professional reputation is more important than any single job, give the two weeks.

  • Rave: Having a very patient and calm school year thus far. Loving my students. (I give it 2 more weeks…)

    Rant: I just had my haven’t-dated-in-three-years anniversary. 🙁

  • anon. gardener

    rave: found a cute black cotton shirt that goes with everything for ten bucks at talbots outlet.
    rave: husband thoughtfully did the laundry for me this weekend.
    rant: he didn’t read the label and threw the “lay flat to dry” tshirt into the dryer.
    super-rave: it didn’t shrink, and is still cute as a button. talbots is awesome!

  • @me, 10:59am. I would suggest having as many bills set to auto-pay as possible.

    • me

      Thanks, but those that can be set for that are currently set for that. I’m talking about things like I go to the doctor and pay my copay, but then insurance doesn’t cover all of the remaining, so the doctor sends a bill out the next month. And then I don’t get it. But believe me, internet/tv, phone, gas, all that crap- all automatically.

      • claire

        Uh-oh, now I’m worried, I went to the doctor and the dentist something like nine months ago and never received bills for what wasn’t covered by insurance (although my insurance mailed me with what they were covering – and believe me, it definitely wasn’t everything) . . . I thought the offices might be behind on billing, but it never occurred to me that the bills might’ve gotten lost in the mail!

        • I had a routine blood test done during a yearly checkup. It was supposed to be covered as part of the exam, but it wasn’t filed properly so I was getting bills from the lab that did the blood test. I wasn’t opening the bills at first, because I didn’t think I had any association with a lab and assumed they were junk, but after I while I started to wonder why I kept getting them. I’m lucky they didn’t report it to a collection agency.

  • Rave: Had the toughest workout of my life last night at a class called Firm and Flexy. Haven’t sweat like that in years!

    Rant: I can’t move today!

    Rant: I was the weakest one in the class. Defintely need to work on upper body and core strength.

  • Rave – There was a beautiful breeze last night when I was sitting out on the deck drinking beer. It blew across three bottles with different fluid levels and made a chord. Too cool.

  • Rant: I just found out I didn’t get a job I really wanted. I’m pretty sad, especially since I am facing the fact that I will be stuck at my current job with my horrible boss for the time being.

    Revel: I’m taking off Friday and Monday to see my family! My mom always manages to cheer me up when I’m bummed.

    • Rant: Your rant is exactly what mine is today. I found out on Wednesday about not getting my dream job. le sigh.

      Revel: I have a current job and amazing family/friends to help deal with aforesaid horrible boss.

  • Deflated rant: So sad to hear about Gaurav Gopalan’s passing. And angry at myself for not clicking through the jump on PoP’s post earlier in the week — thought to myself “Very sad to hear, but I’m sure I don’t know the person.” He was a tremendous talent, brilliant in both of his fields (theatre and rocket science — YES, true rocket science!), and one of the warmest, friendliest people I’ve ever encountered. He was a calming, peaceful force in an otherwise challenging rehearsal process on a show I directed several years back. He will be missed.

    Rave: Gaurav’s spirit will live on in all of those with whom he ever interacted.

  • Rant: Went outside to talk to a neighbor and was immediately attacked by a thousand mosquitoes. When are the damn things going to die?!

    Rant2: Recent weather has caused mold to grow in my basement for the first time ever. Who gets rid of stuff like that?

    Rave: DC govt sent a crew to clean up the illegal garbage someone’s been dumping in the alley. Thanks to the PoP reader who told me to complain to our Ward rep. The response was quick.

    • I have the mold problem too, in the house I’m renting. The tenants discovered it the Sunday after Hurricane Irene, so as you can imagine I had a hell of a time getting someone to come out and inspect it. The problem’s being rememdiated now, but it’s costing a fortune because the entire basement needs to be redone. Plus I’m losing rental income because the tenants are using it as an excuse to not pay September rent and move out mid-lease.

    • Not sure if that was me (I frequently recommend complaining to your councilmember, as that really seems to light a fire under D.C. agencies), but in any event, I’m glad to hear it worked!

    • saf

      Wow, that’s a nice rave.

      I got cited for illegal dumping that I had already reported. I can’t get a response from DPW, and Muriel’s person has stopped responding to me.

      Making me nuts.

  • Rave: Weekend is almost here. Fall temps. Bring on hoodie season!

    Rave: My boyfriend rocks.

    Rant: No success yet on the job hunt. Still looking, still applying, still nothing.

    Rant: Creating a 12-page document for my boss and all he has to do is sign it to make it look like he put in three days of hell.

    • OK, here goes:
      You need a new rant. You routinely keep us updated on the mutli-varied ways in which you hate your job and your boss. Of course, your raves/rants are totally up to you but I recall your having queried PoPville for any ‘creative’ or ‘writing’ positions out there (what you are after, no?) and I was reluctant to suggest openings to you given your persistently peevish comments. If your only goal is to blow off steam on the blog, my apologies. But if you are actually interested in using this forum to find another job, I’d leave out the whining or leverage those writing skills to rant a bit more eloquently.

      -Meant with the best of intentions.

      • No worries, UA – but it is what you mentioned.

        I am just blowing off steam and I know something good will come down the road eventually. I can say that my current situation isn’t the worst scenario in terms of job hell, but when I come to work for 9.5 hours (normal length of my day) and cater to a CEO who should, honestly, not be a CEO – I tend to want to rant.

        I’m not using this forum to look for jobs by any means. I just like to rant. And rave. And ask for advice. ‘Tis all.

  • rave: the weather! love the fall.

    no rant today 🙂

    ps. does anyone know good movers? just moving from arlington (rosslyn) into the district (columbia heights)

    • me

      Try Gulliver’s Movers. I’ve used them a few times and have been happy each time. The cost isn’t expensive, but it’s not cheap, and I’ve used cheap movers before. I have cursed myself after using those cheap movers. But I wholeheartedly recommend Gulliver’s.

    • Congrats on the move to DC! Once you’re here you’ll never go back. 🙂

      • thanks! been looking forward to it since i moved to Arlington from Brooklyn last year 🙂

        • Arlington’s the safe cushy landing pad for people that are new to the area. You stay there a year until you know DC well enough to move there. I did the same thing myself– I figured paying a little extra in rent to live in an area with no culture was better than taking a chance and living in a bad city neighborhood.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I moved into DC from Maryland about 4 years ago I used Flatrate Movers. They were nice, professional, fast, and cheap. A+ all the way around.

    • I liked HaulZing. It did end up taking longer than expected, and since they charge by the half-hour, it was costlier, too. But they did send an extra person at the end (it was rushed since there was someone else who’d reserved the elevator right after me), they were really nice despite spending a 95-degree day hauling my crap around, and not one single thing broke.

  • Rant: $2,000 in fixes for the car.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: It’s That Day!
    Rant: That Day makes me a little homesick.
    Rave: This long horrible week is almost over!

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