Props to the Cops Vol. 11 + Helicopters in NE

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There were a lot of inquiries to some helicopters in NE last night. First props to the cops:

“First District units received a call for a robbery of a citizen at 13th and Maryland Avenue N.E. Officers quickly cordoned off the area an a subject was captured and placed under arrest.”

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DC Alerts reports an early morning shooting:

“Shooting-0248 hours-1100 B/O Morse Street, NE – No description at this time DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20110456655”

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  • I’m confused-

    The helicopters weren’t for the robbery were they? If the shooting happened at 2:48 they were out well before that.

  • That is amazing. I was looking at the helicopters last night around midnight and thinking “do they ever succeed in catching the person with the copters?”

    I thought no. I’m very glad to be proved wrong!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I call the helicopters “murder helicopters”, because they always seem to be connected to reports of gunfire. It’s nice to know they are used for more than just shootings.

  • anyone know what was happening on Florida and V between 16th and 17th this morning? LOTS of police (and not the usual force seen at the police station), roads closed off, police tape across sidewalks and roads… can’t find any info on the listservs

    • austindc

      Yeah, that was crazy go nuts! It was like a maze of yellow tape. I would go down another block and then they would herd me in a different direction. Saw a bunch of cops at the corner of 17th and V with dogs. They seemed to be checking out a house there.

  • My street was blocked off due to the robbery, which prevented me from getting home from the H street bars that night. We talked to the cops while waiting for the situation to clear, who said that they caught one of the suspects. They mentioned that one suspect was armed with what appeared to be a bebe gun. They also had dogs out searching for the suspects. A pretty impressive response for a bebe gun, if you ask me. I feel safer already.

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