Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park

The rental above is located at Tunlaw Road NW at 37th street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

All utilities/internet included – beautiful, bright English basement in heart of Glover Park, a community just north of Georgetown.

 At the cross street of 37th and Tunlaw Road NW
 Easy walk to Georgetown University (.6 miles) and a 15 minute bike ride to American University
 In the heart of restaurants and bars on Wisconsin avenue. 5 min walk to Whole Foods, CVS, Starbucks, and many other stores; “social” Safeway is about a 10 min walk
 Easy access to numerous bus lines (D1, D2, Circulator, 32, 36 buses). Direct bus commute to Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Federal Triangle, Friendship Heights, and other stops
 Unit has been recently renovated and includes: large 20×10 ft bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, hall and access to patio
 Fully above ground and separate entrance
 Shared washer/dryer in separate laundry room
 Ample space and storage
 Includes internet and all utilities (energy, water, gas)
 Rent is $1250 per month – reduced this month
 Can furnish for $1500 per month if you sign a 1 year lease
 For 1 person only
 Sorry no pets”

$1250 sound right for this 1 bed, all utilities/internet included?

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  • i’ll also furnish it for you for $250/ month.

  • It certainly isn’t fancy, but probably a fair deal.

  • so in this part of town .6 miles is an “easy walk”.

  • austindc

    Seems pricey–can’t you get a real studio for this much? To me, something about this basement hints at “hobo graveyard under your feet.”

  • gahh that looks mad depressing.

    friday fun fact: tunlaw is walnut spelled backwards. you’ll find a lot of walnut & tunlaw streets throughout america!

  • Here’s what I’m seeing:

    a) It’s got no living room
    b) There’s a shoddy wall and door (you can see light coming from above it) placed between the kitchen and the bedroom.
    c) This place looks TINY, with that considered.

    This probably qualifies more as a studio than a one bedroom. Probably why they require it be for only one person. I’d say it’s about 100 too much, especially considering that when compared with the rest of the city, it’s in the middle of nowhere.

    • yeah, it looks really freaking depressing. I wouldn’t pay more than $800 for that, and that’s only if I were desperate for housing.

  • That place looks depressing. “Beautiful, bright” is really pushing it.

  • Glover Park is awful

  • yesterday’s got mocked for being way too expensive, but I’d rather get a friend and rent the H Street house for 1250 each, than this. Also I hate the comment, “you have to take a bus to downtown” which is the equivilent of saying “you have to go some downtown or NW to be out”…which is complete bullshit. H Street has enough places that you don’t have to go downtown or West unless you really want to. I haven’t been downtown in 4 months.

    • “H Street has enough places that you don’t have to go downtown or West unless you really want to. I haven’t been downtown in 4 months.”

      This is the exact mentality I’ve heard from a lot of people and never understood — you don’t have to go downtown or west unless, like very many of us, you work downtown or west. I have to go downtown every day to get to my job, and I have for three years. It seems rare for most people to work around H Street, Columbia Heights, etc. I’d much rather live somewhere convenient to work and less trendy than have an hour-long commute but live close to cool bars. It baffles me how many people make a major decision like that based on going-out options.

      I do agree that yesterday’s H Street house looks much more appealing than this one.

      • Obviously the H Street place doesn’t work for you. Which was my point. Lets stop being so egocentric, it also baffles me why people make a major decision based on going out options..yet we have the suburbs where people have made the same calculations about yard/space/house and commute 1-2hrs, I couldn’t live like them, but I’m not going to mock their mentality. My post wasn’t about work commute, but about why people claim that downtown is the only place to be. My commute doesn’t take me downtown. My nightlife doesn’t take me downtown. I simply saw a better deal with the H Street House than the one above. Said people claimed it was too expensive because of location..mostly what was said was too far from downtown-yet this place would probably take longer to get to foggy bottom or dupont.

        While there may be many of us that work downtown, there also are many of us that don’t and NE/SE is more convient for commute and nightlife.

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