Dear PoPville – Sherman Avenue Construction Timeline?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

“Dear PoPville,

The Sherman Avenue road work – what gives? As a cyclist that uses this street daily, it seems like progress here has come to a halt. I remember over a year ago reading something along the lines of “Completion – Dec 2011″ but here we are in September and about 1/10 of the entire project seems near completion. The sliver of road they HAVE completed is obviously missing a top layer of asphalt, and none of the street lights are lit. It seems like they will work for 2 weeks, get a fair amount of work done, then disappear for the next 2 months or so, before completing another 2 weeks of work.

I was hoping you folks had an insight as to when it might be finished, or a clue as to why the work seems so herky-jerky.”

According to DDOT:

“Construction for this project will be done in three (3) phases. The project is to be completed in 630 days. The anticipated completion date is July 8, 2012.

Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are advised to be alert, exercise caution, and follow the posted detour signs and Variable Message Signs (VMS).”

For the folks that live nearby – are you noticing progress?

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  • I’ll eat an orange cone if it is actually done by then. I expect that street to be messed up for awhile.

  • “as a cyclist who uses this street daily” Why in the world do you use Sherman? Try 11th…or the alleys between Sherman and 11th

  • Could it be any worse than Rock Creek Parkway? That whole construction project has been horribly mismanaged. Heads would roll over a mess like that if it were anyone other than the NPS.

    • 18th Street has been pretty badly managed too – though I don’t know exactly what it takes to do a big construction project.

      I do know that more often than not, I see the construction vehicles simply sitting on the road on 18th. And when work is being done, the crew looks to be all of 10 people.

      Still, and I am agreeing with you, nothing seems as badly planned and executed as the RCP project.

  • I do see progress, although I think a lot of it is hard to see unless you use the street at night – they seem to be ripping up the middle of the street in advance of actually rippling the lane closures.

    And ditto on cyclists avoiding it – please use 11th for everyone’s safety!

  • I live on Sherman and have seen construction workers busy working on the road every day, so it has definitely has not come to a standstill. As far as being bike friendly, it’s not. Take another route if possible.

  • Understand like all road projects in DC, you can count on at least a good year worth of delay. So we will see….

  • July 2012? That’s outrageous. I hope at least the section near my house at Fairmont will be done by then.

  • As for the delay and start-stop nature of the work, most of the fault for that lies with Pepco, which was slow in getting its contractors out to realign manholes on the street, so the rest of the project had to wait for that to be completed. Second the other commenters in suggesting that 11th street is a much better route for bikers during the construction – that’s how I bike to work.

  • on a related note, has anyone else seen the crazy guy with a sledge hammer and thinks he’s a construction worker on sherman ave. he also has a pickup trunk pull of shit that he drives around.

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