Triple Shooting at 5:20 This Morning at 1st St NW & Pierce St NW

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From @DCFireems:

“Update – (520a) shooting – 1st St & Pierce St NW – EMS evaluated & transported 3 adults – 1 Priority 1 & 2 Priority 2 – MPD investigating”

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  • I’ve always hated guns, and guns have always freaked me out. But now, with all the break-ins, the gang violence, the robberies, and the shootings, I am seriously considering buying a gun for home protection. None of this will stop me from walking the streets or going about my business, but after my neighbor’s house was robbed of laptops and TV, I’m pretty sure I’d feel better with a short-barrel semi-automatic shotgun in my hand than I would with a frying pan.

    • i don’t begrudge your desire to own a gun, but your logic is irrational.

    • I don’t know how old you are, MJ, but I’d bet that the violent crime rate in DC is as low now, in August 2011, as it’s been in your lifetime. You imply that something novel is happening.

      And if you have a short-barrel shotgun, you’d be violating at least one provision of the National Firearms Act. BATFA won’t issue you a tax stamp since you live in the District. You could lie about where you live, or you could have an illegal sawed-off shotgun. Either way, you’d be breaking federal law. I’d stick with a handgun, or a normal shotgun.

    • “with all the break-ins, the gang violence, the robberies, and the shootings”

      Interesting that you have that feeling this year, but last year, and the year before, and the year before, when crime was HIGHER you didnt have that feeling. Only NOW do you have that feeling.

      Just because your awareness of crime has increased doesnt mean that crime has increased.

    • “with all the break-ins, the gang violence, the robberies, and the shootings”

      That’s right, the best way to stem the tide of violence is to BRING MORE GUNS!

      Funny thing is that most of the people getting killed by gun violence in DC are those who carry guns. Personally, that’s a club I’m happy to not be a member of.

      • Someone buying a gun for home protection is going to use it for home protection. It’s not going to create a sudden desire to go out and start hustling on the corner.

        • I don’t remember where this statistic came from, but I thought I read somewhere that handguns end up being used a lot more in suicides and accidents than they are in cases of people defending themselves.

      • “Funny thing is that most of the people getting killed by gun violence in DC are those who carry guns. Personally, that’s a club I’m happy to not be a member of.”

        You’re leaving out a critical element here – the predilection for violence and criminality in those who you describe. Being a gun owner does not lead to criminality.

        • exactly. there are irrational arguments on both sides.

        • What’s irrational is my use of “who” instead of “whom.”

        • “Being a gun owner does not lead to criminality.”

          That is true. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that people who don’t carry guns shoot people 0% of the time, and people who carry guns shoot people >0% of the time.

          My point is simply that every time there’s a shooting in DC, all the gun nuts come out and start saying how great everything would be if we all just had guns.

          Yet, the fact of the matter is that the vast, vast majority of people who are shot are themselves carrying guns, or closely associated with others who carry guns.

          Now I don’t think that should Joe LawAbiding McCitizen suddenly decide to buy a gun, and change nothing else about his behaviour, he would be any more likely to be a gun victim. But now he has a gun. He is certainly more likely to shoot someone (justified or not).

          Would that make him any safer?

          Have you ever heard of someone in DC successfully fending off a mugger or home invader with a firearm? I haven’t but I’ve heard of lots of people getting shot in gang-related gun battles where both sides had guns. If you want to be in a gunfight, then by all means: start carrying a gun.

          But presumably, the only reason you want one is to protect yourself against others who have guns. They still have theirs, too, and you’ve just made both parties a lot more likely to shoot them in the right situation.

          • You’re intentionally conflating carrying a gun, which is illegal, and merely owning a gun, which isn’t. Your point that people who carry guns often shoot people is taken, and I think almost anyone who frequents this blog would concede it. And that’s why very few people advocate a DC carry and conceal law. Certainly on this thread, you’re disagreeing with a straw man.

          • What’s up with this moderation? I’m relatively benign, when I’m not making silly recommendations.

          • “Your point that people who carry guns often shoot people is taken”

            I only said that if you don’t carry a gun, you will *never* shoot someone, which cannot be said for people who do carry guns. As far as who wants concealed carry, I think that you will find most people who typically argue in favor of any kind of handgun ownership also support concealed carry. Owning long guns has never been illegal in DC, and I can’t think of many reasons why a handgun (which is much harder to actually hit someone with than a shotgun) would be better for “home defense” than a nice double-barreled shotgun.

            For reference, from my (dead) blog a long time ago: debunking the idea that Texas got safer when they started their concealed carry law.


        • Prince Of Petworth

          Mr. Poon I apologize about the moderation. It is not because of you but someone else who is on your same IP address. I try to approve your comment as fast as possible. Again, I hope to get most of these issues resolved next month. But I do apologize for the inconvenience.

          • Certainly no inconvenience. I just thought you were anti-Poon. And that seems so unlikely, since I’m so reasonable and likeable.

      • Carrying a firearm is illegal in Washington, DC. I don’t think the guy above was proposing we change that rule.

        It’s probably time people stop getting apoplectic over the idea that some PoP commenter would want to keep a firearm in his or her home for protection. These people aren’t contributing to the gun violence that we read about on PoP, either directly or indirectly. The issue of DC gun registration is so marginal, and effects so few people, but it evokes these intense emotions that involve unprovoked capital letters.

        • I agree with you that the issue often devolves into capital letters, but I have to say, the comments on this threat have been pretty lower-case and non-apoplectic. Here’s to civil discussion and conflict avoidance!

      • Now that we know it was an off-duty cop shooting transgender prostitutes, how again is owning a sawed off shotgun going to help this situation?

    • There are a couple of really good shooting instructors in the area and some good classes on guns and the law. You should take the first step and take a class and get some range time. It will help calm your nerves and give you a sense of empowerment instead of feeling like a potential victim.

      It’s amazing that people who consider themselves fairly liberal and progressive accept violent crime as an acceptable way of life.

      • austindc

        Agree with this point: GET SOME TRAINING. You don’t want to be one of those folks who has a hammer and starts thinking everything looks like a nail.

        I myself will never own a gun (I’m more of a bow and arrow guy), but I understand that some people really want them bad. I just ask those people to get the important training they need and to never forget that they have a machine that is designed for making holes in people.

        As for the other point, I don’t know many liberals who think violent crime is an acceptable way of life. I’m as far left as I can get before falling over, but most of my liberal friends are into peace and civility. That being said, they are just a few people. It would be interesting to do a survey correlating political beliefs and perceptions about violence.

        Oh right, I also hope that the victims mentioned in this post are okay and pull through. My thoughts are with you guys and your families.

      • The NRA offers the best courses in shooting and safety.

    • You think you need a tactical shotgun? This comment is so ignorant. You should take a gun safety class before you even consider buying a gun. If you don’t, I hope you get a welt on your shoulder from shooting your tactical shotgun.


    • Sawed off shotgun hand on the pump, lalalala la la la

    • in a lot of cases, a gun in the home is used AGAINST the owner in a potentially hostile situation. be careful.

  • Isn’t this an officer [MPD off duty] involved shooting?

  • Is anyone else overly concerned with the rash of shootings in a gun “controlled” city that DC claims to be? Not to mention all of the other assorted shanigans that happen?

  • Sounds like it was an off duty officer and it involved 3 transgendered individuals.

    • I complete support not shooting transgendered prostitutes (or anyone for that matter), but have a question: why on earth aren’t they arrested every night for plying their trade?

      I mean, hell, I just read an article where someone interviewed a couple of them who readily admitted what they do for a living.

      • To be fair, the transgender prostitute that is commuting back to home on Saturday mornings through my neighborhood is extremely friendly and nice. Has a sense of humor too.

        • I agree, I lived on 2nd and K NE for years befor ethey got kicked out of the area. The girls were always real nice. Funny too. They admitted they move to more fringe places cause the pimps who run the non-transgendered girls attack them, so they have to keep moving.

        • I have no doubt that some (or all) may be extremely nice people. But what they doing is illegal and seems to create a hotbed for violence. It seems to be a simple solution would be to send over the paddy wagon every night until the problem goes away.

          • Really? Hotbed for violence? I would have to see the data on that. Most of the violence tends to be aimed at them, not the community at large.

          • 1. it’s hard to prove someone’s a prostitute. and there’s no loitering law.

            2. why not arrest the people who patronize prostitutes? that’s a crime, too.

            3. mass arrests in one location would likely move any prostitution elsewhere, not eliminate it.

            4. perhaps you could wait just one day after three transgender people get shot to suggest they all be arrested. In this case, it seems it was the off-duty cop who was actually doing something illegal and creating “a hotbed for violence.”

        • Excuse me, but not all trans people are prostitutes. Nowhere does it say these three victims were sex workers, that assumption is extremely offensive and bigoted.

          Furthermore, the police can’t just arrest people for “looking like hookers” or giving interviews about what they do for a living.

          • I get it. I get it. We are all assholes for assuming that a group of transsexual persons gathered at 5AM in an area known for attracting transsexual prostitutes are, in fact, transsexual prostitutes. It was a very silly assumption to make. Thank you for pointing out how offensive and bigoted we are for making this clearly illogical assumption.

          • don’t be a fool. it’s not bigoted, it’s street smart.

      • ever had jury duty? or talked to a cop about the effectiveness of arresting people?

    • Hate to be nitpicky… but it’s “transgender” not “transgendered”

  • ah yeah, this will go over real well. Off duty cop shoots transgendered. Way to go DCPD.

  • The self defense fantasy is something of a canard. A handgun is inherently a weapon of ambush when paired with concealed carry, legal or not. The only reason criminals carry handguns is because it allows them to ambush people who would be wary of someone openly carrying. The only way to defend against an ambush attack is to ambush back with a faster, more lethal response, again with concealed carrying being important for this to work.

    So the self defense fantasy works something like this: Mugger/rapist sticks you up, you are quicker on the draw than they are, and a better shot, and you blast them instead since they weren’t expecting you to have a weapon (counter-ambush). Addendum to the fantasy: you, the lawful gun carrier stumble upon an assault in progress, determine who the bad guy is quickly, and are able to subdue them or blast them, thus rescuing the victim.

    Of course, in the fog of the moment, its often very hard to determine what’s going on, who is the bad guy, if they have a gun, if they are a cop, etc, so there’s a high likelihood that even if this fantasy were to play out, that the person shot would not be the perp. And in the process of doing all the instant calculus, the lawful gun owner is susceptible to themselves being shot, either by the perp, or their buddy who was playing lookout, or by the cop who sees you holding a pistol from around the corner.

    While it doesn’t fit into our John Wayne ethos, the safest thing to do if ambushed by someone with a gun is to submit and try to defuse the situation. Most random gun crime perpetrators want the situation to be over as soon as possible, and want to get away. While Law & Order/CSI/Without A Trace show images of depraved psychopaths who want to revel in cruelty and torture, the common criminal just wants to take your valuables and leave. If you’re ever a victim, let them have your valuables and remember any identifiable features about them so the police can find them later and incarcerate the bastards.

  • Dear Dumb Off-Duty Shitbag:

    Get stuffed. Seriously. You’re already dumb enough to possibly get in an altercation prior to this incident that night according to media reports. You’ve already had at least one prior incident that has been written up in the media which should have lead to termination. You graduated the academy in a year full of shitty cops. You’re then dumb enough to be so drunk that you’re getting in accidents in Streetwalker central and then somehow the situation escalates to the level where you pop off some rounds, likely into a car full of people. You’ve already fucked up driving drunk while carrying it and compounding it with carrying a weapon. Next time call, take your medicine and get locked up for DUI and whatever gun charges you’ll get. You’ll save bystanders from death or serious injury and your fellow officers from more embarrassment.

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