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  • Wasn’t there a Subway a couple doors up from this years ago that had bullet-proof glass and a lazy susan that was too small for the large subs? This must be the gentirified version of Subway that allows direct contact witht eh staff and serves “real” fake crab meat!

  • Nothing wrong with having a Subway nearby. Glad to see it’s there.

    • except for the fact there is another Subway 2 blocks down. No one eats that many cold cut subs. Not even Jared.

    • or the 12 other Subways within a four block radius.

      • Yeah – seriously. What a sad result of a halfway decent building restoration!

      • Yeah… don’t people realize that Jared had to walk like 1.5 miles for his subway. There is now a Subway at 16 & U (technically New Hampshire), 14th & U, and 12th & U. Looks like 1.5 blocks is the distance you have to walk now.

  • Why would you ever go there when Fast Gourmet is one block away?

  • @DCD

    I’d go to Subway because it’s cheap, fast, and did I mention cheap? You can’t beat the 5 dollar foot long.


  • I’d be curious to know whether subway is still one of the most profitable franchises around for franchisees.

    But yes, very interesting contrast. Not as cool as ESL over Mattress Discounters (back in the day, anyways).

  • After your $100 meal upstairs turns out to be heavy on the boutique and light on the steak, you can grab a footlong steak & cheese to satisfy your amazing appetite. Eat Fresh!

  • Yuck. Subway is the worst.

  • Honestly, Lost Society is just as low rent. I went there once and will never go again. I ate my dinner with tons of people standing right next to my table waiting for drinks at the bar and screaming at each other. Food was decent, but not good enough to deal with the crowd and noise. Don’t be fooled by the web site, this is one big bar with tables around it, not a separate bar and dining area. I can only eat for so long while a person’s butt keeps bumping into my table right next to my food. At the bar, the TVs were showing sports. It seemed to me that the owner must really want a stream of young, hot people there more than a good restaurant. Horrible atmosphere. It is to a good steak place what Subway is to a gourmet deli, a weak imitation. Perfect match.

      • +3 It is much more a lounge/bar with DJs and young sceney types, short skirts, jeans with button down spikey hair crowd. Good match if that’s what you are in the mood for, terribly match if you want a nice steak dinner.

        • bfinpetworth

          Yup, they’ve made an awful design decision to have the dining area so closely integrated with the bar. Yo seriously can’t hear while eating. The bobe in ribeye was really quite good but the ambience for dinner sux!

    • Wow, I am surprised to see this opinion. I ate there soon after they opened. Maybe it hadn’t evolved into the bar scene on the second floor that it is now though. The food was fantastic and actually a good value – I mean by no means cheap food, but who goes out to a steakhouse in the city expecting not to drop a few bones. The size of the steaks was enormous for $30. The quality wasn’t quite as top as Morton’s, but it was definitely a value for the money. I didn’t have any of the issues with the bar crowd on the Saturday night I ate there. I will definitely be back so I guess I’ll have to watch out for that.

  • The gigantic Subway sign on what is a charmingly restored historic building is a big F-U on Subway’s part.

  • Who cares about a Subway. I want to know when DD opens. How long does it take to build one of these things? They need to bring into Massholes and raise that thing like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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