Shooting in Columbia Heights Thurs. Night, Mt. Vernon Square Wed. Night

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“Dear PoP,

This Thursday night, around 10:15, I heard a round of, what sounded like gunshots, outside my apartment. Within minutes, Police and EMS were at the scene. Firstly, I want to commend the quick response of the Police – it was no more than five minutes before police were on the scene with guns drawn.

Finally, I was hoping you had any information on what happened. Despite all the emergency responders at the scene, I am not quite sure what happened.”

MPD confirms at 11:01pm Thurs. night:

“We are working a shooting at Clifton and University Place.”

Unfortunately I have seen no more details released.

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“Dear PoP,

Last night [Wed.] around 3:30 am, I heard 5 gun shots followed by some screams on N St. NW between 7th and 6th streets. Shortly afterwards, approximately 10 cop cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck showed up on the scene. I haven’t seen anything about it today. Anyone know what happened?”

MPD writes:

“Early this morning [Thurs.] a 5th District Officer observed an individual shoot from a vehicle in the 2300 block of New York Ave, NE. The officer pursued the vehicle in to the 3rdDistrict, where the occupants bailed out of the vehicle in the area of 6th and M St, NW. After a short foot pursuit officers apprehended three suspects and recovered two firearms and ammunition.

At approximately 3:40 am an individual was in the 600 block of N St, NW when a dark colored vehicle pulled in the block and began shooting at him. The victim received non-life threatening injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident please contact MPD at 202 727-9099.”

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  • I wonder if these thugs actually have bullet delivery service?

  • Does anybody know what was going on at 13th and Lamont last night, starting around 8PM or so? There were cops, ambulance, fire trucks, but that’s all I could tell…

  • I guess these kids want to get their beef settled before school starts back up.

  • In before people start saying “I’m fed up with this crap and leaving Columbia Heights”

  • I live on this block and heard the shots. This is the first time something has happened on my street in about a year. If you moved away because of violence then you belong across river in VA.

    • +1 Hello neighbor – cops came awfully fast last night. About a minute after I heard the shots I saw two cops heading down the block locked and loaded.

    • Maybe they moved away because of the rampant theft?

      And only one shooting per year is not a good standard for saying a place isn’t violent. It’s just not normal for people to go around shooting other people.

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