Ridiculously Awesome Album Cover of the Week

And this week we get a bit of background from WIkipedia:

“In 1989, Guru Josh released “Infinity,” also known as “Infinity (1990s… Time for the Guru),” from the album of the same name. The song achieved widespread success in Europe, especially in Germany, the UK, Portugal and Austria. The song was later re-mixed and re-released on multiple occasions (the most popular remix by Klaas), still receiving particular success in 2011.”

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  • Here’s my key… philosophy

    Great song (kinda). We put it on at the office when we need a laugh. Well, one of the remixes, that is – not sure which one…

    • The one with the awesome horn build up and then the techno breakdown? Yeah, one of my favorite techno songs…very regal/epic.

  • Allison

    Is that “Blue Steel” face he’s making?

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