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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • msmaryedith

    Rant: AC broken in my apartment since Saturday

    Rave: It’s getting replaced on Thursday, and the weather cooled down enough that I could actually sleep last night.

    • Rant: My AC is also out. And I am 9 months pregnant.

      Rave: At least my landlord is attempting to do something about it; most of the time she just ignores us.

      • Holy hell, H! Stay in there, can’t imagine what it’s like being that far along and sitting there sweating, sure it’s no fun.

      • msmaryedith

        Oh, H–I’m sorry! Once ours is back on you can come visit 🙂 Or better yet, go book yourself a spa day!

  • Rave: Found out I have an acoustic gig tomorrow night. Wish the singer/guitarist I work with told me about it before. He can be a little flakey. I guess he thought he already confirmed with me a while ago.

    Rant: Having to drive in rush hour traffic to northern VA tomorrow night.

  • Rave: Got pre-approved for a mortgage.

    Rant: On Oct. 1, my pre-approval amount with likely decrease significantly.

    Rave: Found a house I like in Shaw two blocks from the metro.

    Rant: The house in Shaw is therefore also two blocks from Lincoln-Westmoreland.

    • i live a block from there and i love the area. i’m a single lady and i feel perfectly safe walking home. obviously you’re the only person who can decide if it’s right for you, but welcome to the neighborhood if you decide to go for it 🙂

  • Rave: Motivated more than ever to go after my passions and try to shape them into a dream job – digital music composition for mass media and copy editing. I’m psyched!

    Rave: Potbelly for lunch.

    Rant: Nothing really, except my bank account amount.

  • Rant: Last night a prospective employer emailed me to ask about my availability for a second interview Thursday with their boss. In my haste and excitement to confirm, I addressed my reply to the person I’d be meeting with, not the person who sent the email.

    Double rant: We live in a job market where you have to sweat something like this. I’m all for accountability and being detail-oriented, but it’s crazy that it’s been this hard to find a job, and now I’m convinced I sunk myself over a typo.

  • Rave: We’re looking much closer to buying a car this Saturday (wife’s is on its last legs for sure)

    Rant: Not looking forward to throwing down this much coin. At least my bank is being nice with a loan since I guess my credit is pretty good.

  • andy

    Rant: I cannot figure out how to save my little sheep laurel seedling that I believe has chlorosis and probably has problems from being placed in a pot with too much peat. I tried giving it some fertilizer with iron and magnesium as notes say it could suffer from deficiencies in these trace elements but I don’t know. I wish I knew what would save it.

  • rant: new roommate brought the ugliest furniture ever, after telling me it was “cute.” now i have to figure out how to tell her that she has to get rid of all her stuff. advice?

    rave: sounds like we’re getting a new co-worker on my 3-person team. i’ve been here for almost 2 years without a raise or even cost of living adjustment and (apologies for the immodesty) i’m really good at what i do. seems to me like they absolutely have to give me a promotion if they bring someone else in at the experience level where i started. any thoughts on how much i should ask for? i was planning on making a strong pitch for a 10% raise (when i asked half a year ago they put me off until performance reviews this fall) before i knew this was happening, but i’m wondering if there’s room to go for more if this is a full promotion and not just an annual raise…

    • Not sure I’m understanding correctly but it sounds like you’re thinking of asking your roommate to get rid of all of the furniture she just bought because you think it’s ugly? If that’s the case I can’t understand where you’re coming from there. Yeah, it would have been better if she consulted you first but it’s her place too and how long will ya’ll be living together anyway? I say deal with it.

      • it’s stuff she (and possibly her grandma previously) had, not stuff she just bought. and when i say ugly, i don’t just mean a little ugly, i mean unholy kind of ugly (old, floral, faded, stained, and uncomfortable to boot). she knew that everything we had in the house was nice (lots of it left with previous roommate, but i said upfront that i was willing to buy new things), but didn’t bother to tell me that she wanted to bring in really awful things that are totally out of character with my beautiful, not-living-like-an-undergrad-because-we’re-out-of-college house. i was very clear that living in a nice home is important to me, and now i’m in the position of either giving up the joy of coming home to a nice place or telling my new roommate that her stuff has to go.

        • I see, at least she didn’t spend $$ on it, so she might not mind as much if you wanted to replace it. I think you would do well to adjust your approach a bit though. You can’t “tell her her stuff as to go” – it’s her house too. But you can say, “Hey do you mind if I buy a new couch for the house? I think this one is uncomfortable, and I can help you sell it on Craigslist.”

        • it may be time for your own place

          • This. I don’t think it’s really your prerogative to tell your roommate that her stuff has to go (unless you own the place and she’s renting from you… and maybe not even then).

            It’s unfortunate that the furniture is (from what you describe) unattractive… but people’s tastes differ. She may also have sentimental associations with it because of its connection to her grandmother.

            I’d say deal with it for the time being.

    • What A said.

      And, no, they don’t “absolutely have” to give you promotion or a raise at all. Different organizations have different raise/promotion schedules and it also depends on your boss advocating for you.

  • Rant: Three vaccinations = ouchy arms!
    Rave: US vs. Mexico (soccer) tonight!!

  • Rant (on behalf of the guy who got a rude surprise when he returned to his car from the BB tourney at the Park View Rec Center last night): DC’s increased booting of cars for unpaid tickets.

    Rave: Maybe DC will get it’s own version of the hit TV show Parking Wars!

    • maybe he should pay his tickets or learn to park legally? i’m having trouble coming up with sympathy for that one…

      • I too have noticed a marked increase in bootings around U street. At first I felt bad for the people, but I realized it’s their own fault. If you pay your tickets and don’t park illegally, it’s not an issue.

        It’s like people who complain about red light cameras and speed traps. If you don’t run red lights or speed, you have nothing to worry about…

        • Except that tickets are given erroneously and unjustly ALL the time. This is the biggest racket and nothing is ever done about it. A smart mayor would address this very fix-able issue.

          • Yeah, but it’s easy to get out of erroneous tickets.

            It’s even pretty easy to get out of legit tickets if you’re a DC res.

          • It’s not that easy, and it takes both time and money. Who wants to take a day off of work to fight a stupid ticket? I’d rather not get an erroneous one in the first place.

      • Well, I was a bit sympathetic for the woman with the baby carriage (and the baby in it) standing next to the car who clearly had to find another way to get home since the ride she came in had been booted. But who knows, maybe she is the one who piled up the tickets and didn’t tell him. (I’ve seen that on Parking Wars too.) Now that I think about it, I’ll just limit my sympathies to the baby.

    • Got an email from the DC DMV yesterday that they are doing ticket forgiveness so those with unpaid tickets should take advance to avoid the boot

      • But the point is… that tickets are given in error and there is often no way out other than to basically take a day off from work or pay the stupid thing….. you are missing the point altogether. I don’t care if they are being so generous that I only GET to pay $25 instead of $50…. they need to stop giving so many incorrect tickets. PERIOD.

        • You can’t just ignore something cause you don’t think it’s right, and not expect them to come to collect. That’s irresponsible.

          But I agree, incorrect tickets are a pain in the ass.

        • Yes, they need to be more accurate with giving tickets… but (knock on wood) so far I’ve always been able to successfully appeal my erroneous tickets by mail. Never had to take off any time from work.

          I’m sorta with Boss on this one. You don’t get booted until you have two or more delinquent tickets, and tickets aren’t considered delinquent unless you go 60 days without either paying or contesting them:

      • This only applies to tickets issued before January 1, 2010.

        All the details:

    • Love the Parking Wars show! The people who drive around Detroit all day and boot cars are some brave people. Its defintely not a job I could do.

  • Whats with all the freakin GARBAGE all over Columbia Heights? The sidewalks, street…its constantly all over. U St, Logan, even Shaw and Bloomingdale seem cleaner.

    What Can We Do???

    • austindc

      Agreed! Want to organize a neighborhood cleanup? We could do it every month and then all go grab some beers or something. Could be fun!

    • +1

      Aside from 311, I’m not sure what else to do? Maybe contact the businesses/buildings that their sidewalks are filthy? Then again, the area near the metro is always a mess.

    • We just got ticketed for having trash in front of our house. I spent an hour cleaning it up and filled an entire bag with trash. The very next day it looked exactly the same due to all of the human “trash” that lives next door to me!

    • I also noticed this on my walk to the Metro this morning and was thinking “how dirty are we in Columbia Heights??!!” All kinds of stuff from half-eaten food in styrofoam to wrappers and bottles. Although I wanted to stop and pick stuff up, there is just too much garbage to make a dent and I was in my work clothes. BUT, I did resolve to come back and clean it up this weekend with a trash bag and gloves. 🙂 Would anybody join?

  • BIDS. Every tenant in DC USA should pony up! 14th Street is an embarrassing mess!

    • +1. Wasn’t there some discussion of the BID situation (or lack thereof) on PoP not long ago?

      But in the absence of a BID, gathering community volunteers to clean up the trash sounds like a good idea.

  • Rant: Vacations end
    Rave: 2 weeks at the beach

  • rave: Philadelphia mayor’s comments on crime and parenting

    rant: DC mayor’s lack thereof

  • Really wish I could get over this depression and move on with my life. I’ve gained 10 pounds, have no joy for things anymore. and the source of my pain is more than likely dating it up and going to get married by the end of the year. Boy I hate life…

    • andy

      Most people’s lives aren’t really that awesome, objectively, they just don’t live them that way. So you too can have an awesome life, subjectively!

      Also, watch Sesame Street. Always puts me in a good mood.

    • La Bella Donna, are you being treated for depression — medication and/or talk therapy, ideally both?

      If not, please seek treatment. It sounds like you’re having a rough time of it.

  • Rave: 14th St bridge construction finally completed!!!

    Rant: They did a shitty job. The surface is a lumpy, bumpy mess.

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