PoP Pre-Preview of Mintwood Place Coming to 1813 Columbia Rd, NW in mid-October. Chef will be Cedric Maupillier Formerly of Central

Back in Oct. ’10 we learned that Mintwood Place would be coming to 1813 Columbia Rd, NW in Adams Morgan. At the time a liquor license application simply said:

“Restaurant with recorded music and entertainment limited to DJ with no dancing. Seating capacity is 113. Total Occupancy load is 124. Sidewalk Café with seating for 24.”

Last Friday I was lucky to run into Mintwood Place’s new chef and got a brief tour of the space as well as a bit more info about their vision.

So first things first, this is the space underneath Perry’s that used to be a frozen yogurt shop. It’s actually owned by the same guy, Saied Ayoubi, that owns Perry’s. Perhaps the most exciting news is the chef himself – his name is Cedric Maupillier who has previously worked at Central and Citronelle and most recently helped open Medium Rare in Cleveland Park. Central’s Web site still has a bio:

“Chef de Cuisine Cedric Maupillier
Started career at age 15 in a bakery in Toulon
Bachelors degree in hotel and restaurant management
First cooking experience in Monte Carlos at “Café de Paris”
Two years in England working for top restaurants in London and Oxford
Back to France to work in three star Michelin restaurant “La Cotes St. Jacques”
Moved to Courchevel to work in the Relais & Chateaux “du Pralon”

Moved to the US in 2002 and worked under Chef Fabio Trabocchi at Maestro in the Ritz Carlton, Tyson’s Corner
After two years took the position as Sous Chef in Michel Richard Citronelle
In January 2007, opened Central Michel Richard”

As an admitted non foodie even I can realize that this is huge news for Adams Morgan.

Maupillier told me that he is going to try to keep the menu as local as possible and it (as well as cocktails) will change seasonally. This actually keeps with the restaurant’s green build out – where much of the wood used was reclaimed from an Amish barn in Pennsylvania.

The kitchen’s center piece is going to feature a huge wood burning grill. While the menu may be smaller than some are used to seeing – it will still be adventurous. I’m nearly certain I heard him mention frog legs… Of course there will be more traditional items like roast chicken as well. But someone with Maupilier’s pedigree is clearly going to offer up some creative choices.

And here’s more good news – Mintwood Place will be open for breakfast and lunch too. They will make their own croissants and pastries on site. It’s anticipated to be the type of place where folks will come in for a cup of coffee and a croissant and leisurely read the paper in the morning. It is hoped that the restaurant will become a neighborhood gathering spot that will help spur a revival of Columbia Road.

Anticipated opening – mid-October. I can’t wait to see the final menu. Stay tuned.

Old elevator gears reclaimed from 1813 Columbia Rd, NW

Lots of copper outside

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  • Looks and sounds fantastic!

  • Oh great, so that’s why the elevator stopped working a couple weeks ago!

    All kidding aside, it looks great. Hopefully it doesn’t suck. And naming it after a nearby street is a questionable move. It’s sure to confuse a few folks.

  • Hard to imagine this place not delivering the goods.

  • It was actually Todito Grocery w/ only a small portion of the entire space being a yogurt shop in the later years. How quickly we all forget.

  • So, judging by his resume, this is going to be either gourmet burgers or fro-yo, right?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Sounds exciting. I also question the name. Shouldn’t Mintwood Place be on Mintwood Place??

  • notlawd

    Great news! Now if we could only get something like this further up Georgia…

    Speaking of, last weekend there were some moving trucks ouside the space next to the Target Liquors on 5th and Kennedy, I was really hoping something was on its way, but there has since been no activity. PoP, do you know anything about this?

  • I hope by breakfast that means opening at 7:00 am not 11:00 am.

  • Huge fan of the idea. Can’t believe they bagged major talent like that (and hopefully some of his skills rubs off upstairs, no offense).

    Still, not a fan of the name. Maybe they could trade with Napoleon (which actually abuts the street Mintwood Place). Or name it Biltmore Street.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Biltmore would be a good name for it’s location, but I wonder if they don’t want it to look like they have a connection with Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

  • Exciting news. Glad to see these types of places opening up more in Adams Morgan. This, Jack Rose, some other places slated to open up along with the new hotel & street rescaping are helping to move Adams Morgan in the right direction. And away from being a vomitorium for the BaT and thug crowd.

    • Adams Morgan is certainly on the rise. The renderings for the new Mellow Mushroom on 18th look incredible too. Adams Morgans vomitorium reputation is already outdated compared to it’s heyday. Hstreet, 11th street, and the rising bar scene on Georgia Ave have funneled off a lot of the riff raff and Adams Morgan just continues to up its game.

      • I agree. I’d be curious to see those renderings of Mellow Mushroom, would you happen to have a link?

        • I’d also like to see those renderings. I noticed they got the signage up as I biked past today – looks promising.

        • Check out their facebook page. renderings and pics of the construction. Amazing roof deck in the works. I hear the pizza is great and they have a good beer list too.

  • Wow- This place looks like it will far exceed my expectations. I just hope it’s not TOO pricey. It would be great if they at least have an accessible bar menu. If that’s the case I can eat there once a week. If not it will just be one of those special occasion places.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This is exciting; I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Really looking forward to this. Thanks for the pre-preview, PoP.

  • Cashion’s, Perry’s, Mintwood Place, Napolean, Amsterdam Felafel, Pasta Mia, Astor Mediterranean, Super Taco, Meskerem, Jack Rose, Zabb, Cafe Oaxca, L’Enfant Cafe, Himalayan Heritage, Bourbon, The Diner, Mellow Mushroom …
    People might start confusing Adams Morgan for a place to get dinner and not a place to go after dinner for drinks.

    Now I just want Adams Mill to return and my neighborhood will be complete again.

  • FYI: The space now occupied by Perry’s used to be The Biltmore Ballroom. And, the space underneath was the Americana Market, specializing in Latino foods, before it became Todito’s. I still miss the old market.

  • Cedric is really talented I hope this gives him an opportunity to spread his wings and cook his own vision. He’s also a pretty hot Frenchman!

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