Judging Buildings (Additions) – Vida (former Results) on U Street, NW

Aug. 2011

April 2011

We last talked about this building when the proposed Penthouse Bar applied for a liquor license. The former Results building at 1612 U St, NW is looking pretty good.

How do you think the little side addition next to Stetson’s turned out?

I’ll be sure to follow up on the new restaurant concept coming in Spring 2012:

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  • Anyone know what the deal with the Results/Vida at City Vista is? Seems like it shouldn’t take that long to reopen a gym if it was already a gym.

    • I’ve heard Sept. Apparently, they completely redid the inside, which is why it’s taking so long. Plus, Results had a ton of water damage b/c the upstairs units kept flooding into their space, so I’m guessing they had to deal with all that, too.

      • How? It was all industrial concrete (with the exception of the offices which comprised 5% of the building)

        They did major work on the building, but not so much because it needed it.

        • from what i have heard, so it could be wrong, they redid all the locker rooms and the layout – like the offices. they definitely redid the staircase entrance, too. it does seem like it should have been done sooner, but given the dc permitting process, i’m not shocked it’s taken this long.

  • Well, it’s better than the vacant lot that used to be there. That’s about all I can say….

  • I thought they were putting a Capital City Brewpub there?

  • saf

    OK, who else remembers when the big building was EB Adams>

  • They had to do a lot of work to the foundational support in order to put a pool on the roof. I always thought Results was cool inside but Vida has taken it to a new level.

    This is a gorgeous gym now. I’m not sure how the rooftop pool is going to change the whole “scene” of it – but for now, its a great place to work out. I have to say I was incredibly skeptical of the takeover, but I do like what they’ve done so far.

  • The pool area sounds like a major D-bag hangout

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