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  • Wow, where can you get mason inlays like that made these days?

  • Way back when (late 80’s), when I didn’t have money I lived in that house as it was a group house. Huge rooms, even the smaller rooms were big, huge closets, but small kitchen.

    Paid $250 a month…oh those were the days. Then again there were sex workers around, and it was a good area to score heroin.

    • If you lived there now do you think the neighborhood is safe enough to take the bars off the windows?

      I always love seeing houses like this but think living in one would feel a bit prison-like if my view always included looking through bars.

      Still, a beautiful house. And that top-floor balcony/terrace is something I’ve always longed for, living as I do in an apartment with no outdoor space.

  • I walk past that house at least once a day going to/coming from work and point out those inlays to anyone that I may be walking with. I love that stretch of houses.

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