House of the Day

This one’s a bit obscured by trees but I was digging the distressed paint:

I was also digging this great big window with the plantation (I think) shutters:

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  • I was always told that the skinnier shutters with thinner slats, like these, were interior shutters, whereas the big, fat wide shutters with thicker slats were plantation shutters.

    And I just checked Wikipedia, which does not describe the differences, but does say this about interior shutters: “Shutters that have operable louvres [slats] are described using different terms such as traditional shutters, California shutters, or plantation shutters which typically refers to the size of the louvre blade.”

  • Love this house.

  • Damn, I hope that’s not lead-based paint.

    • probably is.

    • Don’t lick it or eat their tomatoes and you’ll be ok.

      We’ve had lead in our environment and drinking water for literally thousands of years. It’s not great for you, but don’t flip out.

  • They’re just shutters. Plantation shutters are fixed in place, but have operable louvers. These shutters can open and close (swing on the hinges).

    Also, it’s called white-washed brick (sounds less dire than distressed!)

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