Hill Country BBQ Offers Pick Up and Delivery

From an email:

“The restaurant is excited now to be offering delivery and call-ahead pick up service for their customers in the DC area. Just launched, the entire menu is available for pick up or delivery, including the popular market lunch specials and barbecue combos. Where patrons once had to go through the line to get their barbecue packed up to go, they can now call a dedicated line (202.556.2045) to place their order for pick up at the host stand or have their barbecue delivered to their doorstep.

What’s better, during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, Hill Country will even deliver lip-smackin’ barbecue directly to a customer’s picnic blanket on the Mall or the Capitol steps!

Delivery is free with a minimum $20 order in the immediate Penn Quarter neighborhood (H Street, NW down to Constitution and between 4th and 9th Streets, NW). For a minimal delivery fee of $2.50 and a minimum $50 order, Hill Country will deliver to a wider delivery zone in the downtown area (please find a PDF of the delivery zone attached for your reference – U Street is our northern border).”

HC Delivery Map

Hill Country is located at 410 7th St, NW in Penn Quarter.

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  • “Delivery is free with a minimum $20 order…”

    That will get you about two slices of brisket and maybe two sides.

  • The brisket is amazing

  • That free delivery zone is almost pointlessly small. If you live in the blue rectangle, you may as well just walk to the restroom. I suppose they might be catering to the stoner types who are too lazy to leave their apartment for food. Though they’ll probably be ordering pizza. More bang for the buck.

    • Not at all. They’ll probably get lots of lunch business from people who feel chained to their desks.

    • are there a lot of stoner types in that neighborhood? and why would they just order pizza? are people in that neighborhood really set on bang for buck?

      i’d bet there are more people in this blue box from noon – 7 pm than live in the entire petworth neighborhood.

  • that delivery map is racist. Why cut out the trapezoid formed by 7th, florida, n capitol, and new york ave?

    • well, that’s an intelligent comment.

      • Well, forget the first sentence, and it is a good point. They’ll deliver to 16th and U, but not like 6th and M? I’ve never seen a restaurant delineate an “undesirable area” so clearly before.

        • because tyler house and sursum corda is desirable?

          ask and find out why their map is the way it is before you jump to conclusions.

          • Tyler House and Sursum Corda are in the delivery area.

            Essentially what they’re saying is they’ll drive across town to Dupont-ish, but not 5 – 10 minutes north of their own business. But apparently they don’t follow the map, so who knows what they’re thinking. Map re-do time — otherwise, they’ll lose business.

          • tres, yes, that was my point. it can’t be exclusively about avoiding something undesirable or racism.

  • It’s not very good BBQ.

  • I live at 1st and R and have had Hill Country delivered unaware that I wasn’t in the triangle. Great speed and customer service too. They forgot to bring one of our sides on the initial run. They came back, delivered the side and a comped dessert within 15 minutes.

  • I grew up in Texas and I can honestly say that the only bad thing about this place is the price! Prices are ridiculous. The macaroni and cheese is excellent!

    • Yes, and we you tell them you want a half a pound they invariably make it more like 2/3 of a pound, making you pay more than you wanted to. Guess I have to be more stern next time.

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