District of Pi Pizza Opens Today in Penn Quarter

District of Pi is located at 910 F St, NW. For those unfamiliar with St. Louis style pizza – you can see their menu here. We’ll be back for a proper judging after they’ve been open a bit.

A press release says:

“The brick and mortar restaurant, at 910 F Street NW, features seating for 200, 2 full bars, a mezzanine with seating for nearly 50, plus a lower level lounge for those awaiting seating or an after-dinner beverage. In a second phase of construction, District of Pi will add lower level “speakeasy” with a focus on classic cocktails.

“While we’re thrilled to have our full menu of eats, we’re equally excited about our 24 draft handles, with a focus on breweries in regions with high numbers of DC transplants. We have some fantastic beers from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri and beyond” added Co-Founder Frank Uible. “Four of our handles are from St. Louis’ largest brewery, The Saint Louis Brewery, which brews the Schlafly beers, including our custom ‘Pi Common’ beer, a California Common, or Steam style beer, which is a first for the DC market.” The impressive cocktail list was designed by award-winning mixologist Adam Frager.

The District eatery, like its St. Louis siblings, focuses on sustainability and minimizing its carbon footprint. The buildout maximizes the use of reclaimed materials, both from the original space and others in the area. The entire wine list is also green, consisting of organic, bio-dynamical and other wines by sustainable wine-makers.

District of Pi will be open 7 days per week for lunch and dinner. The kitchen will stay open till midnight on Friday and Saturdays.”

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  • As somebody who lived in St. Louis and was forced to eat that disgusting abomination known as Provel, I hope this place burns to the ground. Velveeta has no place on a pizza.

    • I’ve never had St. Loius style pizza, but I’m having a hard time imagining how anything involving velveeta can be palatable.

      • It’s not velveeta proper, but Provel is a processed cheese product that is very similar, except it is white and melts slightly better. Someone further down said that they aren’t doing Provel STL pizza, but STL deep dish, so I suppose it might be worth a try.

    • AMEN! +infinitiy

      St. Louis pizza used to be my cautionary example of how pizza in DC could be worse. It makes no sense that a town with plenty of Italian Americans and pretty good Italian fare can make such godawful pizza. Not to mention the audicity of exporting it to other unsuspecting places like its a paradigm to be shared.

      Imos first comes to mind. Think Ledo’s, only much worse. Provelone based cheese blend (plus swiss and cheddar) on saltine-esque crust, sickly sweet tomato sauce, then cut into some bizarre trapezoidal pattern. Just unappetizing. I’d even eat Armands before I’d eat that.

      • This isn’t really St Louis pizza, but a Chicago style imitator from St Louis. And it’s pretty good (from truck experience), IMHO. I’m looking forward to stopping by.

      • Hm. I love Ledo’s. I have dreams about that perfectly crunchy crust.

        • +1
          Yeah, I’m from Chicago and really dig Giardano’s, et al. But since moving here 5 years ago, I gotta say that I’ll rarely do anything else but Ledo’s. Damn good pie.

          That said, I’ll give this new place a try. Why not?

      • Ledo’s is total garbage. It gives real pizza a bad name. Might as well substitute maple syrup and ketchup for the “sauce” that is on those abortions. Ugh.

  • I ended up getting invited to the soft opening on Monday by a friend. We had a deep dish (the Kirkwood), a thin crust (the Hill), and some of the Pi Common beer. All were delicious, I definitely look forward to going back after the opening crush dies down.

  • What is Provel?

  • Pi does not serve St. Louis style pizza made with provel (i.e. Imo’s). It’s deep dish pizza from a St. Louis based restaurant and it is awesome. If you can’t make it to the restaurant, check out their food truck which has been running in DC since March.

    • exactly. i also went to the soft opening, in addition to going numerous times to pi in st. louis. the deep dish is really, really good. they also have a good beer list, including four taps from schlafly, a st. louis microbrew (that we’ve seen around town for the last year or so).

    • That’s good to know. I stand corrected.

    • I’m sorry but to call deep-dish pizza a pizza is an insult to well….whoever the hell invented pizza.

      Just think of all the places in DC that serve pizza. Then count on 1 hand how many places serve “deep-dish”. There are 2 reasons for that:
      1) Deep-dish is not pizza
      2) It sucks

      *rant over*

      • Have you actually tried Pi’s pizza? I have had their pizza via their truck and being from Chicago, it’s actually pretty decent deep dish. It’s no Lou’s but it’s way better than some of the generic crap you can get in chitown.

        I prefer thin slice pizza, but deep dish still has a place in my heart.

        • +1000 for Lou Malnati’s. Went to Chicago for the first time recently and, as a lifelong east coaster, I was enthralled. If Lou’s opened in DC it would shatter the entire pizza establishment.

        • As a fellow Chicago native, I totally agree. Nothing beats Lou’s. But I will give Pi a shot to be my favorite in DC.

      • You’d enjoy deep dish a lot more if you just think of it as a casserole.

        • saf


          When we were undergrads at GW, the Rathskeller sold pizza and beer. So we would have pizza and beer night. The pizza was only barely edible if you refused to think of it pizza.

  • Is this the same Pi that’s on the west side of Chicago? Used to love that place. Used to think of it as the only place to get good thin crust in Chicago. (One can only eat so much deep dish, even in Chitown.)

  • i have eaten at their food truck several times and i think their pizza is amazing. chewy cornmeal crust, fresh chunky tomato sauce… yum. i plan to go to the restaurant very soon — i am also concerned about possible lines b/c their food truck always has a huge line and i think it sells out most every day.

  • I’ve had it from their food truck several times. it is Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and is very, very good. I’m a Long Islander and very snobby about NY/LI-style “regular” pizza, and I didn’t like the deep dish pizza I had in Chicago. However, the pizza from their truck was pretty eye-opening. It was very, very good! The crust is crisp, yet light and airy. It’s filling and hearty, but not greasy. Definitely not made with any weird imitation cheese product.

  • Pi is not “St. Louis style” pizza!! “St. Louis style” is widely accepted as an abomination. Perfect example here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Imos_Pizza_in_the_box_1.jpg

    Pi has been so popular in St. Louis specifically because they’ve rejected this disaster and made genuinely good, superior (Chicago-like) pizza. One Chicagoan in particular has really taken a liking to it: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20271608,00.html

  • I lived in Chicago for three years and I think Pi is comparable to Geno’s or Giordano’s, basically a very good, Chicago-style pizza. It is nothing like the “St. Louis” pizza described above.

    We have Chicago style pizza, we have fine brick-over options, but STILL waiting for a single, basic, consistently good NY Style by-the-slice pizza place to open in the District, especially downtown, where it would be MOBBED every day at lunch. Don’t get why this is so difficult. For a city with, seemingly, a new BBQ, burger, or pub food place opening daily, it remains incredible that there are two basic, gaping holes in DC food options (the other being, of course, a half-way decent Chinese place in the District itself).

  • As a native of St. Louis, i have to defend Provel on a pizza: it is AMAZING. Regardless, Pi isn’t using it on its pizza in St. Louis or here. If it is anything like the St. Louis branches it will be incredible. Deep Dish and Thin Crust! The East Loop is a personal favorite.

    • +1 As another St. Louisan I completely agree. Provel is good on pizza – don’t knock it until you at least try it ; ) And, Pi is delicious! Anyone who likes pizza and doesn’t want to at least try out theirs is just being crazy.

      • The more I learn about Pi, I’m definitely interested. But nothing about typical St. Louis pizza is appealing to me, and I know it too well.

  • I hope they preserved the interior of that building. It was awesome… I was in it before Pi took it over.

  • Thank God, a ddep dish place that is not Pizzeria Uno! Also happy to see an alternative to the Neapolitan style that DC seems to eat up (pun intended).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Paradisio, 2 Amy’s, Red Rocks et al but a little variety would be nice, and this place is bringing it!

    Great beer selection and cool bar, too, they squeezed in as many numerals from pi as possible all along the bar…

  • I skipped all the comments after I saw that people feared the “st. louis style” (in)famous for provel cheese. DON’T FEAR… no provel here.

    Their pizza is the best. Also, Obama flew the owner from St. Louis to DC to cook him and the family some chicago deep-dish. So if a Chicago guy flys a Stl guy to make Chicago pizza…. you know its good.

  • Beer list looks great and is very reasonably priced if the drafts are true pints.

  • Why call it “St. Louis style” if every defender claims it’s nothing like the typical St. Louis pizza? I like some authentic Chicago pizza like Lou Malnati’s (at face value, not relative to other preferable sytles), but the only characteristic of St Louis pizza is the Imo’s model. They should just call it Chicago style pizza instead of marketing their St. Louis provenance as selling point.

  • @anon, Pi does not market itself as St. Louis-style pizza. That phrase was used only by PoP and in the comments. Pi calls its pizza “deep-dish” and “thin crust” (the two styles it offers). Its reference to St. Louis in the marketing material mentions the brewery that brews Schlafly beer, which I’m excited will be available on a regular basis at a D.C. establishment.

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