Capturing Sweet City Signs

Kennedy Street, NW (east of Georgia Ave) is like passing through a time warp.

And I just liked this one:

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  • Ironically, Tony’s place and Mac A’ Licious Soulfood are both fairly new businesses. Rocket has been around my entire life, and I’m 35.

    • Me, too.

      Along that Kennedy Street corridor, you could have a full breakfast (and a good one) with coffee for a dollar and a half, leave a quarter tip and leave filling full for the work day.

  • In the same vein, I’ve been following a tumblr that’s been documenting typographic choices around D.C.

  • Whee! That’s my liquor store! The guys there are so nice.

    Tony’s has been around for a long time. Not since the 40’s or something long, but it’s definitely not new.

  • I love love love Tony’s.

  • Mac-a-licious! I wish this place would open up for more than catering!

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