More Tales of Nature in the City – Hawk Takes Out a Squirrel

“Dear PoP,

pologies for the awful Bberry Phone resolution, but just saw a red-tailed hawk in the park at 19th and Pennsylvania and H NW slowly make it’s way via some low-hanging branches and park benches to a squirrel that it must have already killed, drag it off and begin eating it (pictures are in chronological order). Pretty cool to see something like this up close – quite a majestic bird, although it did seem to have some issues getting the squirrel off the ground and back into the trees.”


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  • andy

    Score one for the good guys! That’s for destroying my plants!

  • ah

    This one ranks on the excitement level of watching a homeless person pick through a trashcan for food.

    Nature in *action* requires the hawk to divebomb a living squirrel, pick him up, and disembowel him while in flight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Go Hawk, Go!

  • Put a bird on it.

  • Shouldn’t PETA be protesting against the hawk? Squirrel rights!!!

  • We’re in northern Columbia Heights and occasionally have a hawk visitor the plucks rats from the back alley. I love her dearly.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the rats standing at the edge of our carport looking nervously up at the sky. The squirrels are just too full of themselves to worry.

  • There used to be a peregrin falcon that lived in the steeple of the church on Thomas Circle that helped with pest control. Anyone know if it’s still there?

  • Well, that’s what you get for flipping the bird the bird.

  • Dear Hawk,
    I love you. Will you please move in with me?

  • I can haz squirrel burger?

  • I like the hawk looking at the OP in the 1st photo.

    “you looking at me?”

  • This is some innocent, National Geographic-type fun, until one of these bloodthirsty predators swoops down into someone’s back yard and makes a large meal out of their fluffy kitten or Chihuahua. Then it’ll be open season!

  • I’ve witnessed a hawk scoop up a rat and a squirrel (at the same time! – Ok- so that I made up) on the 12th Place alley that I share with 12th Street. Pretty spectacular stuff.

  • Do they attack housecats? If not, I’m offering a heated penthouse bird apartment with free cable.

  • Poor Nuts the Squirrel…

  • OP here. Best part was when the homeless guys in the park told me I should take the bird home with me. It sounds like a few of you would’ve taken him up on that suggestion.

  • From my 8th floor office on 11th & E, I have several times seen a hawk dining on pigeon on a rooftop across the street. There’s a large flock of pigeons that regularly pass through the area, and I’m just hoping one day to see an aerial take-down.

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