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  • They passed my office going down Pennsylvania Ave toward the Capitol.

    Saw a cop busting a few earlier today out on Freedom Plaza. Maybe some kind of “let us skateboard” protest?

  • Looks like June 21 is Go Skateboarding Day

    Every year on June 21, skateboarders around the globe celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding.

    Just read an article about a similar event planned in Los Angeles.

    • “One of the most influential activities in the world”?

      I really hope they mean that ironically.

      • Me, too. I read that and thought, “Are they serious?”

        I’m glad these folks like their hobby, but a little perspective would be nice. That, and cognizance of traffic laws/common sense.

  • It’s Go Skateboarding Day! Search Palace 5 to Pulaski.

  • Emmaleigh504


  • I just saw these guys cross the junction at New York Ave and 14th and half of them nearly got killed because cars had the green light and they didnt stop!! Sound of it was crazy (i’m on the 12th floor and i couldnt figure out what the noise was). Looked cool – wish i could escape on a skateboard (that of course assumes i could stay on it to begin with).

  • So where do skateboarders fall in the scofflaw rankings as compared to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians?

  • Saw a few of these guys almost get taken out by a car at 14th and Q. They were spread out all over the street and of course not stopping for the red lights. No helmets or other protective gear in evidence.

    • who needs protective gear when you’ve got Vision Street Wear?? skaterdudes will always be sexy

    • I hope you shrieked at them while hopping up and down: “WHERE’S YOUR HELMET!!! WHERE’S YOUR HELMET!!”

      In other news, I saw a man wearing rubber-soled shoes on an escalator this weekend.

      • I don’t think the safety police realize how ridiculous they seem…

        I saw a woman carrying a baby while incessantly puffing away on a cig; way more deadly, way more inconsiderate and selfish, however, not nearly as much outrage…

        Makes me wonder.

        • Not wearing a helmet is actually generous of them. The world needs more organ donors.

          Running red lights in large packs is inconsiderate and selfish, though.

          • Yes, because the streets are simply littered with brain-dead skateboarders and cyclists who wore insufficient head-protection. I hope you wear a helmet when driving your car. Because the odds of you suffering a severe head-injury behind the wheel are much greater than on a bike.

            The whole point of helmet nannydom is that it allows the helmet nanny to delegitimize inconvenient modes of transportation.

            “Now, look! I have nothing against cyclists, but I saw one on the street the other day–and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Just so typical! There oughtta be a law!”


  • Unfortunately, skateboarding is not a crime, nor has it ever been. But sometimes I think it should be.

    • Says the grumpy old man sitting on his porch. “Hey kids, get off my lawn!”

      • Sorry – I actually meant it to be ironic. I should have made that clearer. It was a play on the whole “skateboarding is not a crime” stickers that everyone used to plaster everywhere.

    • I bet skateboarding in road traffic lanes is at least a civil violation of some sort. Even if it isn’t, running red lights on a skateboard certainly is.

  • I can’t believe I missed this. DON’T H8 – GO SK8!

  • There was a make-shift half-pipe set up at 14th and W – lots of kids there. Hopefully, someone is making sure they are safe.

  • This a huge event every year. It’s organized by Palace 5ive skate shop. It has a bunch of sponsors including Red Bull. They have a little contest and give away product to the kids.

  • WWJS? (Where would Jesus Skate?)

  • andy

    at least they aren’t doing it naked.

  • the problem with skateboarders is that most of them barely know how to do it.

  • Oh. god. Disorder.

    Constant order makes for ruined souls.

    Skate. Bike. Run. Crawl. Live.

  • I passed by them on my bike in front of the Smithsonian castle, on Jefferson, around 2-2:15. They must have really explored the city! All the kids were super polite to me (cyclist). I wish I had known about the event before I saw them, I would have cheered them on. They were awesome!

  • Surprised no one has yet commented on the correlation between those who skateboard and those who have nothing better to do (ie. a job) at 2pm on a Tuesday.

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