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  • bfinpetworth

    Would love to know what the cascading purple flower is.

  • That’s dope. Looks great.

  • Maybe some kind of phlox? I may need to try and find this house to confirm..

    • too late in the year for phlox to be blooming (plus the blossoms seem too large, unless it’s a mutant)

  • Nice garden Ross. I live over your way as well but my yard is dying a slow and painful death despite my best efforts to water during this heat wave. I will have to check out the purple plant next time I am at HD. I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting things to live that close to my retaining wall. Im inspired now!

  • These abundant and long-lasting flowers will remain in bloom from July through September. The plant is sun-loving, and thrives well in very dry and hot environments. While it adapts well to various soil types, it will suffer under water stagnation, and thus prefers well drained soils, or even rocky terrain.

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