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  • I for one welcome our new sorcerous overlords

  • Wait, are we protesting government sorcery, or protesting the end of government sorcery? The flyer has contradictory info. And this affects my willingness to participate.

  • I often refer to the Washington Post as the Daily Prophet and Congress as the Ministry of Magic.

  • Maybe the elves (led by Dennis Kuchinich) are taking on the sorcerors.

  • That freaking scarecrow has been scaring the pants off my dog! Just when she’s gotten over her fears of mostly everything on the street.

  • andy

    Dude, if you’ve got a beef, don’t put a flyer on lamp post. File a complaint in Magicians’ Court.

  • andy

    Stupid spellcheck! I meant surgery, not sorcery! Give me my Obamacare!

  • I’m guessing the protest has to do with the fact that these people are up in arms about our government out-sorcing jobs. Bah dump bump

  • I for one would protest the evil sorcerer who was chasing Peter Griffin’s two Portuguese fisherman coworkers who work as part time waiters at the Drunken Clam.

  • Wait, is it a protest to end government sorcery or are we protesting THE END OF government sorcery? Because the sign says both. I will go with the latter, because there should totes be more sorcery.

  • Fools! You mock what you don’t understand! I will destroy… hey wait, it’s 5:00. I’m out of here.

  • Now I want to show up at the protest. With a big butterfly net and straight jacket for the organizer.

  • that scarecrow creeps me out; walked by it this am

  • The sorcery doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the larceny.

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