Dear PoP – What is the “Good Food” Restaurant Coming Soon on 9th St, NW?

“Dear PoP,

This adorable sign went up this week on 9th Street NW between L and M (it’s right next door to Corduroy). Can you find out the scoop for us? This block is full of boarded up buidlings, so whatever goes in here will be welcome!”

You’re gonna be very happy! The building was bought by the owner of Corduroy and he will be opening a more casual restaurant. It’s going to be called Velour and should be open in about a year. Washingtonian reported:

He [Corduroy owner Chef Tom Power] says he wants to keep the prices low—”nothing over $18 or $20″—on the menu, which will include soups, salads, maybe grilled cheese, pizza, and a lobster roll. The press release quotes Power as saying he’ll possibly serve “things like hot dogs from the New Jersey shore, pupusas, a steak, crispy salmon with refried black beans.”

We re-judged Corduroy located at 1122 9th St, NW back in Dec. ’10.

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  • In my world, $18 is not a “low” price. Just sayin…

    • Then IHOP or Ruby Tuesday’s might fit your budget. You can get a full meal at either of those places for less than $18.

  • “Nothing over $18 to $20.”

    I should hope so, if you are serving grilled cheese, soups, and hot dogs!

  • This building is crying out for a roof deck

  • This sounds great. That building has a lot of character, and I’m sure it will look great once it’s renovated.

    To me, Corduroy is “special occasion” resturant with prices to match, so I’d definitely appreciate a lower-priced option next door. And regarding those prices, keep in mind that the lobster truck charges $15 for a lobter roll — wouldn’t you expect an actual restaurant to charge a few dollars more?

    • saf

      Have you seen the bar menu? 3 courses for $30!

      • 701 chargees $15 for lunch and a glass of wine. people really pay $15 for a lobster roll off a truck??

        • Yep – the lobster truck charges $15 for a lobster roll. And scores of people wait in line for 30+ minutes for it. (I’ve only tried it once, and I wasn’t impressed. But in fairness, others rave about it…)

  • Pupusas? I don’t think that’ll work well. El Rinconcito is 2 blocks away, has good pupusas, and costs a whole lot less this place will.

  • Price and menu (which really hasn’t been hashed out enough to judge) aside, this will be a welcome addition to a block that should see some significant change in the next 5 years or so.

    With all of the new construction to the south and relatively little competition in the immediate area, this place will clean up from locals and convention-goers alike.

  • Tom Power is an amazing chef; his “lower scale” restaurant will be a treat to those of us who can’t go to Corduroy all the time!! Had one of my best meals ever at Corduroy several years ago, and won’t hesitate to drop $18 on an entree at the new place.

  • Anybody else find it a amusing that Corduroy is going to be the high-scale eatery and Velour the lower-brow?

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