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  • Anybody know what kind of plants those are? I would like to put them in my flower boxes.

    • I believe the green one is marguerite. It grows fast and easily in full sun or partial shade. The flowers are either impatiens or vincas.

  • The transformation last year was absolutely crazy.

  • They cut back on the hanging plants this year!

    The lighter green stuff looks like sweet potato vine.

  • Love this with all my heart. I notice this balcony too. Way to go neighbors. You’ve got my full support.

  • Yeah they do a great job there, you can tell they enjoy gardening. The green is sweet potato vine, it grows like crazy in hot weather and comes in lime green, wine color and a variegated version that is green/white/pink.

    Anybody know what the dark green vine in the background against the house is?

  • Every time I walk past I have to check this place because it’s always changing. I wonder which side has the best view of the park.. apartment buildings on Florida or ones on 15th/16th (or Howard dorms)?

  • Thank you for all the great comments about our balcony.

    The green vines are sweet potatoes and the flowers this year are inpatients (the orange main color) and a touch of white using wave petunias.

    The back and side walls of the balcony are covered in English ivy that winter over’s perfectly and continues to grow each year. The ivy is about 6 years old at this point.

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